If you have healthy and radiant skin with no dark spots, it probably means that your skincare plans are working in perfect sync. But, if you cannot achieve a youthful glow even after cleansing, moisturizing, and regular exfoliation, you might be missing out on a crucial step: ‘Toning.’ Using a toner for oily skin is one important step that cannot be ignored if one wishes to get youthful and healthy skin. 

Irrespective of your skin type, skin toners are necessary for achieving healthy and radiant skin. A facial toner is quite effective in controlling oil production and preventing acne. We have many options available in the market that claim to treat different skin care concerns. This overwhelms users as they can’t pick the appropriate products for themselves. 

There are innumerable ways in which a toner benefits oily skin. It contains several nourishing ingredients which provide soothing benefits. This write-up will cover everything you need to learn about toners. We will also discuss why they are essential for oily skin and how you can make them an essential part of your skincare regimen.

Let’s get to know the basics of a natural face toner ahead. 

Do you know? Massaging your skin with Mamaearth Vitamin C Toner helps you to tighten the open pores and purify the skin.

Decoding Facial Toner for Oily Skin

Known as the second most important step in your skincare routine, a face toner is a non-sticky liquid that is generally made of plant extracts and essential oils. It is used to address various skin concerns and to remove makeup or toxic particles. This face care product should be an essential and non-negotiable part of your daily skincare routine. It would help remove grime, dirt, and toxic impurities that get stuck in the skin pores even after you wash your face. 

It thus makes sense to note that using the best skin toner for oily skin will help eliminate residual impurities and reduce enlarged pores. Different types of toners are designed to treat different oily skin concerns. For example, some toners help in deep cleansing, some control excess oil production & acne, and some maintain skin pH balance. In addition, these toners are infused with different ingredients that help target different skin problems.

How Is a Toner for Oily Skin Beneficial? 

Even though a face toner might look like water to you, it is more than that. Being a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, it looks like a skincare product that can be ignored. But one should not, as it performs the essential functions to keep the skin healthy and glowing. 

Here are the following functions that a toner performs.

1. Deep Purification: Who doesn’t want clean and hydrated skin? Unfortunately, your skin might get clogged with particles of dirt, oil, and makeup even after washing it with a face wash.
Using a toner for oily skin helps you eliminate the harmful build-up that does not easily get off your face, enabling easier absorption of other products. Also, a natural and toxin-free face toner helps prevent dryness and irritation by supplying enough hydration.

2. Restores pH balance: Generally, the pH balance of our skin varies between 5 & 6, but it gets disrupted due to exposure to harmful elements of the environment and other harmful products. Incorporating a face toner in your daily skincare routine helps quickly restore the skin’s pH balance.
This change keeps the skin healthy and enables smooth functioning. In addition, this keeps the skin healthy by protecting it from germs and bacteria while moisturizing it. 

3. Controls Oil Production: If you have a greasy and slippery feeling on your skin, chances are you’ve oily skin. To keep the excess oil at bay, you should use a toner for oily skin that helps regulate sebum production.
One of the best toners for oily skin consists of Green Tea extracts. So if you’ve got oily skin, check out Mamaearth Green Tea Face Toner. Filled with the goodness of Green Tea, Niacinamide, Collagen, and Coconut Water, it helps regulate sebum production, evens skin tone, and hydrates the skin. 

Recommended Product

Green Tea Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Maintains Skin’s pH Levels

4. Minimizes Pore Size: A safe and gentle toner gently exfoliates the facial skin and eliminates toxic build-up. A toner contains natural plant AHAs that gently exfoliate and reduce the appearance of blackheads and large pores. 

5. Combats Skin Breakouts: Skin breakouts result from unpaid attention to clogging of unnecessary sweat, dirt, and excess oil, leaving the skin prone to acne and pimples. Toners prevent skin breakouts by removing unnecessary build-up and lending other essential ingredients to the skin.

6. Nourishes the Skin: The moisture content in the toner enables better absorption of other products by making the skin moist and nourished. In addition, toners are enriched with hydroxy acids and essentially antioxidants that’ll help reveal a smoother surface by improving skin elasticity. 

Which Skin Toner Should You Use?

While we have already discussed the toner for oily skin, many people still need clarification and guidance on the variety of products available. Since it has to be used twice every day, we are offering some qualified insight into the best toners for each skin type. We will also share some expert tips for picking a skin toner. 

1. Picking a Toner for Oily or Acne Prone Skin:

If you’ve acne-prone or oily skin, you need a skin toner that helps you eliminate the stickiness without leaving behind any toxic residues in the skin pores. Apart from Green Tea, you could also trust a face toner rich with the goodness of Vitamin C and Cucumber. 

We advise you to opt for a natural, toxin-free toner such as Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Toner. Crafted with the goodness of Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Witch Hazel, this face toner will help you get rid of excess oil & dirt in the skin pores & tightens them, restoring skin’s pH balance, giving you clean, flawless, and healthy skin.

Recommended Product

Vitamin C Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Restores Skin’s pH Balance

2. Picking a Toner for Dry Skin:

People with dry and sensitive skin should opt for toners loaded with naturally hydrating ingredients, such as Glycerine and Hyaluronic Acid. In addition, Aloe Vera, Grapefruit seed extract, Cucumber, and Vitamin E are some of the ingredients that will keep the skin hydrated by keeping it moisturized all day. 

3. Picking a Toner for Combination Skin:

As you know, combination skin comprises two types: oily T-Zones and dry cheeks. Thus, applying two different toners for the targeted areas is recommended. For example, for oily skin, you can pick a natural toner for oily skin that contains the goodness of Green Tea, whereas, for dry skin, you can opt for a toner that backs up essentially hydrating ingredients.

4. Picking a Toner for Sensitive Skin:

If your sensitive skin instantly reacts to new ingredients, selecting a rose water-based natural skin toner will best treat your sensitive skin. Rose water is a natural astringent that helps balance and restore the skin’s pH. Backed by antiseptic, antimicrobial, and skin-soothing properties, Rose water is one of the best and most effective anti-acne ingredients.

We suggest you pick a rose water toner that contains natural rose water only. Picking Mamaearth Rose Water Toner will help you attain a natural and healthy glow by detoxifying and hydrating your skin. In addition, it backs up the goodness of Witch Hazel and Cucumber that helps tighten enlarged pores, giving you improved skin. 

Recommended Product

Rose Face Toner

Detoxifies Skin | Tightens Open Pores

Did you know? Are you aware that approximately 300 to 450 rose petals are used to make less than 300 ml of pure rose water?

How to use a face toner?

Applying a face toner seems to be an easy step for the ones who’ve been doing it for a long time. But when it comes to beginners, they can take up some time to adapt to these essential steps. So, here are some of the following steps through which you can easily apply a face toner.

  • Begin by cleansing with a gentle face wash formulated with natural ingredients for oily skin. 
  • Dampen the cotton ball with natural toner for oily skin and apply it to your face. 
  • Let it dry. 
  • Then, follow the rest of your daily skincare routine. 

Skincare Routine You Should Follow:

Toning is considered one of the most important steps in a skincare routine as it helps better absorb other products by making a smooth and even base. Let’s look at your skincare routine to get healthy and glowing skin.

Step 1: Washing your face: This is the first step in following a skincare regimen. No skincare product works well without cleansing your skin with the best face wash. It helps remove all the dirt, impurities, and oil on the skin. Also, it delivers a boost of hydration to make your skin glow. 

If you have oily skin, one of the best face washes recommended for your skin would be Mamaearth Tea Tree Facewash. It contains the natural goodness of Neem, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil to eliminate clogged skin pores, fights acne & pimples, and calms down skin inflammations. 

Recommended Product

Tea Tree Facewash

Controls Acne & Pimples | Removes Excess Oil

Step 2: Exfoliation is necessary: Scrubbing your skin helps remove all the dirt and impurities that remain in the deeper layers of the skin, even after washing it with a face wash. Hence, a face scrub for oily skin is recommended as it deeply exfoliates the skin’s pores and allows seamless absorption of other products. 

We suggest you pick Mamaearth Green Tea Face Scrub for getting even-toned skin. It backs the goodness of Green Tea, Collagen, Rosehip, and Glycerine. It gently exfoliates the skin, tightens pores, and smoothens skin, giving you clearer and more radiant skin. \

Recommended Product

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

Step 3: Here comes Toning: A toner is a magic potion for your skin. It does more than you’ve ever imagined. Toning with a natural and gentle face toner helps in providing several benefits to your skin by purifying the skin deeply, making the skin oil-free, tightening it, balancing the skin’s pH levels, and controlling acne breakouts.

If you’re finding the best skin toner for oily skin and can’t get that yet, let us help you by suggesting Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner, which backs the goodness of Niacinamide and Witch Hazel. It gives you smooth & clearer skin by tightening enlarged skin pores, reducing acne marks, controlling excess oil production, and repairing damaged skin. 

Recommended Product

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

Step 4: Pampering your face: A hydrating face mask will help your facial skin by nourishing your skin by supplying essentially-rich nutrients and giving smooth, clearer, and healthy skin by attracting all the impurities from the skin. 

We recommend pampering your skin with the goodness of our natural and gentle Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Mask every week for the best results. It backs the goodness of Vitamin C and Kaolin Clay, which gives you an even skin tone by combating aging signs, firming & brightening skin, and giving you a naturally radiant glow. 

Recommended Product

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

Step 5: Now comes the serum: Applying a natural face serum helps hydrate the skin, reducing premature aging signs, protecting the skin, eliminating blemishes, and soothing any skin inflammations, giving you flawless skin.

According to experts, if you’ve got oily skin, you should apply Mamaearth Rosehip Face Serum. Backed by Rosehip and Gotu Kola, it gives radiant-looking, hydrated skin and nourishes it deeply by delivering a dose of deep hydration. 

Recommended Product

Rosehip Face Serum

Makes Skin Glow | Non-Greasy | Deeply Moisturizes

Step 6: Don’t forget to Moisturize: Delivering a daily dose of hydration with the help of face moisturizer with SPF is essential if you want to keep your skin healthy and nourished. It also helps improve skin tone, reduce pigmentation & blemishes, strengthen your barrier, and make the skin glow all day. 

Oily skin needs an oil-free moisturizer. With Mamaearth Ubtan Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, you can make your skin glow brighter without being sticky and keep it soft all day. It absorbs fast into the skin and is lightweight.

Recommended Product

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

Skincare Tips for Using Toner:

  • Apply the toner for oily skin to clean skin only. 
  • You can apply toner by dabbing it with a cotton pad and spraying it directly onto your face. 
  • Do not over-apply toner than you need; otherwise, it may cause an imbalance in the skin. 
  • Opt for ingredients carefully that suit your skin type.

Summing it Up 

Although toners have become an essential part of the skincare routine for everyone, they’re even more essential for those with oily skin. The best toner for oily skin in India will go the extra mile to cleanse and tighten pores. Also, it will keep the excess oil production levels in check.

We advise you to opt for natural skincare products that will thoroughly take good care of your skin. We are Asia’s first MadeSafe Certified brand, creating products with all-natural ingredients that promote clear and healthy skin. Also, at Mamaearth, we aim to spread goodness in India through its sustainability actions.


  1. Which toner is best for oily skin?

    If you’re finding the best toner for oily skin, you should check out the one with natural ingredients such as Green Tea. They’ll help you deeply cleanse as well as make your skin healthy. Therefore, we recommend using Mamaearth Green Tea Toner, which balances your skin's pH levels while removing excess oil and clearing your pores. The toner prevents free radical damage, reduces acne, and makes your skin more radiant and evenly toned, thanks to the antioxidant power of green tea. Additionally containing collagen, the toner tightens open skin pores and firms the skin’s texture for a better appearance.

  2. What is the use of toner for oily skin?

    A face toner helps remove grime, dirt, and toxic impurities that get stuck in the skin pores even after you wash your face. It also helps eliminate residual impurities and reduce enlarged pores. Different types of toners are designed to treat different oily skin concerns. For example, some toners help in deep cleansing, some control excess oil production & acne, and some maintain skin pH balance. 

  3. What does toner do for oily skin?

    A toner for oily skin helps control and regulate oil production while imparting other benefits, such as deep cleansing, managing pH levels, and fighting skin breakouts.

  4. When to use toner for oily skin?

    The toner for oily skin should be used twice daily, morning and night. 

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