We all have seen those makeup video tutorials and wondered how the people in them do their makeup so effortlessly. While it may seem like something that comes naturally to them, the truth is that even you, a makeup beginner, can ace any look you want. All you need is an influencers’-recommended, step-by-step guide that lists some proven makeup tips for beginners.

We talked to some beauty influencers and combed through the coolest beauty hacks they would spruce to create a minimalist yet photogenic makeup look. All you need to get started are the right products and information. Here are the details!

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15 Must-know Makeup Tips for Beginners

If you are a newbie to makeup, this post is just what you are looking for. It is a mine of information that can help you get started if you are looking for the coolest beauty inspiration.  

1. Always prep your skin

The first and foremost hack everyone swears by is starting with a clean base. When your skin is clean, and the surface feels smooth, the makeup is easier to apply and looks more flawless. Next, start with a cleanser suited to your skin type, and follow up with a toner. A toner tightens pores and gives a smooth finish to the skin. 

Finish with a moisturizer to protect your skin; your makeup adheres better. When prepping your face, don’t forget your lips. Keep them hydrated with a good quality lip balm enriched with natural oils and Vitamin E for soft, healthy lips. 

Pro Tip: Follow the entire CTM routine before starting your makeup products. This will allow your makeup to look smooth.

2. Use a primer

A step most beginners tend to skip is applying primer. Primer is essential since it smoothes out pores and fine lines. The result is an even canvas, making products easier to blend and last longer.

Choose a primer suitable for your skin type, especially if you have oily skin. A primer helps soak excess oil and evens out skin texture. So, influencers suggest applying a thin layer of primer all over your face, focusing on the T-zone – the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

3. Know your shade

One thing that can make or break your makeup look is the shade of makeup. The right shade can enhance your natural complexion and make you glow, while the wrong ones can make it look artificial. You need to know your undertone and choose your makeup shades accordingly.

Here are some thumb rules for choosing makeup shades:

  • Foundation – Go with a shade that matches your skin tone the closest. You can pick from Mamaearth Glow Foundations, available in 7 shades best suited for Indian skin tones. They offer buildable coverage for up to 12 hours.
  • Concealer – Choose a shade that is either the closest to your skin tone or a shade lighter.
  • Bronzer – You can go for a shade or two darker than your skin tone.
  • Blush – Choose a shade that matches your skin’s undertone.

4. Choose the correct formulation

Makeup products are available in various formulations – powder, cream, liquid, etc. Always consider formulations for your unique skin type. For instance, mousse foundations work well for oily skin, while cream foundations are suitable for those with dry skin, and liquid ones blend well on normal skin. 

Those with sensitive skin may prefer powder-based foundations. Here is what the influencers suggest- looking at the ingredients list. Too many oils mean it’s not for oily skin.

Formulations also depend upon the purpose of your makeup; for instance, dark black eyeliner is excellent for creating bold looks, while kohl is ideal for smudging.

5. Get the right tools

Getting the right products and the right tools for the job is important. When you’re a beginner, using the wrong tools to blend your makeup can completely throw off your progress and not get the look you want.

Here are a few must-have tools for beginners:

  • Foundation brush or blender – Makeup experts may apply foundation with their fingers, but if you are a newbie, it’s better to blend using a brush or a beauty blender – for foundation and concealer.
  • Large fluffy brush – For powder and bronzer
  • Medium fluffy brush – For blush
  • Small brush – For eyeshadow
  • Angled or precision brushes – For eyeliner and lipstick

Pro Tip: Clean your brushes with shampoo at least once weekly, so as to avoid clogging your pores which might lead to acne and pimples. 

6. Follow the correct order

Yes, using the correct order to apply your makeup matters. The confusion most often centers around foundation and concealer. Foundation is meant to make the skin tone even, while concealer covers any pigmentation or spots like dark circles, acne scars, etc. So, which one goes first?

Here is what you should do: Use the concealer only in places that need color correction. It is better to apply the concealer first, so you get an even layer that’ll hide some of the discolorations. This works great when you use a concealer that offers 100% spot coverage and twice the glow. Now apply your foundation and finish it off with a setting powder. 

7. Hack your eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is one thing most beginners struggle with, and you can make it easier with our influencer-recommended beginner makeup tips. Instead of attempting a straight line from one end of your eye to the other, start from the middle and draw to both ends. Look down into the mirror when applying your eyeliner for the best access.

If drawing a straight line is too tricky, draw some dots or small dashes and join them. To get the cleanest look with your eyeliner, we recommend you try Mamaearth Soothing Waterproof Eyeliner, which has castor and almond oil. It is MadeSafe Certified, which means no harsh chemicals or toxins, just the goodness of nourishing ingredients. 

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8. Use a spoon

One of the best eye makeup tips for beginners is to use a spoon. Place the spoon’s handle against the outer edge of the eye, and draw a line with your eyeliner. Then turn the spoon over so the scooping end is against your eyelid, and now use the curved edge to draw another line. Now all you need to do is to fill in the space between the two lines.

A spoon can also help with mascara; simply hold the spoon above your upper lid as you apply so that any residue will land on the spoon rather than your face. You can ensure the mascara stays put and doesn’t rub off later by using a waterproof mascara like the Mamaearth Volumizing Mascara that lasts 12 hours. 

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 Don’t skip the lip liner

We often tend to skip a lip liner, focusing only on lipstick and lip gloss. However, this can be a rookie mistake, as a lip liner can make all the difference between a well-defined, beautiful pout and a messy one. Lip liners are applied along the border of your lips to create a shape to fill in with Nude lipstick

Lip liners also prevent your lipstick from bleeding through to the skin outside your lips and keep it looking neat. Using a lip liner can also create a better definition; for instance, you can draw an ‘X’ on your cupid’s bow to make it more prominent and to make your lipstick application easier. 

Recommendation: We recommend choosing from Mamaearth’s lipsticks, which offer 8-hour hydration and 12-hour staying power. Made of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, they stay smudge-free through the day and help you have the best appearance ever!

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9. Don’t forget your eyebrows

For many beginners, eye makeup often gets restricted to eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. The eyebrows are often ignored, but they give your makeup a finished, polished appearance and really enhance your eyes. 

Use a spoolie brush to comb the eyebrow hair in place, and if they’re very unruly, you can set them with an eyebrow gel. If you have sparse hair, use a pencil or powder to fill it in. The powder is recommended for beginners since it’s easy to apply. 

10. Make the most of your powder

Using powder is important if you want to try some oily skin makeup tips. Your compact isn’t just helpful in setting your base makeup but also comes in handy for everything else. Dust some translucent powder on your mascara to increase volume and prevent it from clumping. 

It also helps to set liquid eyeliner and prevent smearing. After applying lipstick, lay one layer of tissue over your lips and then dust some powder. It will keep the lipstick in place without smudging. So, a compact powder is a house of benefits for your makeup. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you use a good quality setting powder to maintain a fresh, matte makeup look.

11. Make your products do double duty

If you’re an absolute beginner and don’t have an endless budget, you can buy a few products that can perform multiple functions. A tinted moisturizer with SPF does the job of a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. 

An eyeshadow palette can work as an eyebrow powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. If you want a smokey look without eyeshadow, you can use a kohl pencil or kajal with good pigmentation, like the Mamaearth Kohl Kajal Pencil.

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12. Keep Q-tips handy

As a beginner, you’re bound to make mistakes while applying makeup, so you must have some fixes ready. Keep some Q-tips and micellar water handy to quickly correct a stray line. Keep blotting sheets to dab away extra moisture, and use a face mist if the makeup looks too dry or cakey.

13. Finish with a setting spray.

You’ve worked hard to apply your makeup carefully; it would be tragic to see it all wear away in a short time! Make your makeup look last longer by using a setting spray. It also helps keep your skin hydrated so your makeup will look dewy and fresh all day.

To apply a setting spray, spray towards your face in an ‘X’ motion, keeping the spray a few inches away. Another option is to spray it into the air and walk into it so the particles of the spray land on your face. Also, keep some blotting paper in your bag to dab at any excess oiliness throughout the day.

14. Ensure good vision with the proper lighting

These makeup tips will only work if you can apply them properly, for which you need good light. As far as possible, apply your makeup in natural light to get the best idea of the final look. If you need to use artificial light, use soft, white light in a cool tone, and let the light fall on your face so you can see everything. 

Pro Tip:  It’s a good idea to put on your makeup near a window. But you can also use a magnifying mirror with at least 5x magnification to see every angle of your face clearly and avoid any makeup mistakes.


Once you get the hang of it, creating any makeup look will come effortlessly to you. We hope you like these influencers-inspired beauty makeup tips and tricks for beginners. You can try our makeup range to create flawless makeup looks with the goodness of nature. Our MadeSafe makeup and Colorcare products are specially crafted to prevent any allergic reactions on the skin. 


  1. What is the best makeup routine?

    The best makeup routine begins with your CTM routine. Always prep your skin before applying any makeup product. You can begin with primer, foundation, and concealer and finish with a setting spray to help the makeup last longer.

  2. How can I get better at makeup fast?   Or How to look beautiful with makeup tips?

    Getting better at makeup requires proper research into the right products for your skin tone and techniques for makeup application. It usually begins with knowing your desired result, skin type, tone, and weather conditions. Next up, you should focus on prepping your eyebrows and eyelashes. Use eyeliner or mascara. Be sure to select a well-lit place for your makeup. Opt for safe and gentle skincare products. Opt for a tinted moisturizer, a concealer, a blush, lip gloss, and compact powder at the very least. Keep them in a handy vanity bag.

  3. What is your best makeup advice for a beginner?

    The best makeup advice for a beginner would be to start with basic products and practice frequently. Knowing the correct skin tone, skin type, and the right shades and formulation of a skincare product is also important.

  4. What are some dos and don'ts in makeup tips that one should follow?

    Start with a clean base, use primer, get the right products, and clean your tools. 
    Don't rush through the process; never sleep with your makeup on. Cleaning your skin at the end of the day plays a huge role in healthy skin. A simple cleanse with micellar water can work wonders to remove traces of the makeup. Follow up with a face wash and moisturizer after the cleansing process.

  5. What are the makeup items I can use for my skin?

    Your makeup essentials will depend on your skin tone- so you should know if you have light, dusky, or dark skin. Choosing skincare products that work well with your skin tone is important. We usually include foundations, concealers, compacts, lip balms, lip serums, lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, and kajal in the essentials. One should also opt for elementary skincare products like face wash and face toners to cleanse the skin so it becomes ready for makeup. The same goes true for face moisturizers and serums too.

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