Your scalp may dry out faster due to a consistent lack of adequate hydration in the winter season. It may be followed by several problems because your hair gets extremely dry, brittle, and more prone to breaking. Left untreated, it may also lead you to weaker roots and consequent hair loss. We are thus discussing some smart ways in which you may avert the disaster. We shall top the discussion by explaining why coconut oil is good for hair, especially during the winter season. 

Taking care of the hair should be our top priority, especially if we are prone to itchy or dry scalp and/or damaged hair. Several good-quality products are available in the scalp and hair market, but what if you want a more natural method to treat your damaged hair? Why not start with something as ubiquitous as coconut oil? What are the advantages of using this fatty acid-rich oil on your hair and scalp? 

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Haircare Plans

Coconut oil can help improve your hair’s overall health and texture. This is because it prevents the loss of protein and other nutrients from your hair cells. Coconut oil is good for hair in the summer and winter seasons alike. It is also beneficial for your hair both before and after washing. 

There are several advantages of coconut oil for hair. It treats dandruff, revives dull, damaged hair, reduces frizz, and protects hair from styling damage. It is suitable for most hair types. In addition, fatty acids in coconut oil can help your hair grow longer and stronger. This plant-based oil works as a natural conditioner that deeply nourishes your scalp.

This is why it is a common ingredient in many good-quality hair shampoos, hair conditioners, styling gels, and hair serums. As a prewash treatment or conditioning hair mask, coconut oil may be used directly from the kitchen jar. Being rich in fatty acid makes it quite effective on dry and chemically-treated hair.

What are the Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Hair? 

1. Deeply moisturizes the scalp and hair- Are you wondering, “why is coconut oil good for hair fall control?” According to the experts, it’s ideal for deep conditioning your hair strands. In addition, it’s one of the most effective ingredients to give your hair an additional dose of hydration and nourishment. 

It is a natural moisturizing powerhouse, as it acts as a barrier by keeping any past moisturizing treatments you might have used from evaporating off your hair shaft. This helps your cuticle maintain moisture, even during the winter season. The result is protected hair that is smoother and less frizzy. Who wouldn’t desire that? 

2. Encourages hair growth- Coconut oil is good for hair growth as it penetrates deeply into the hair shaft to stop protein loss. This toxin-free hair oil reduces breakage and slows down frequent hair loss. In addition, it also hydrates the scalp and helps clear debris from your hair follicles to stimulate faster hair growth.

3. Treats dandruff- The oil is quite effective because of its moisturizing properties. In addition, the fatty acids in coconut oil help minimize itchiness and flakiness on the skin. They are unaffected by your dry scalp. However, it’s not a short-term cure. Coconut oil thus provides deep hydration to the local skin cells to drive out dryness.

4. It provides amazing results- In addition to preventing split ends, applying coconut oil to the ends of your hair can help add shine and luster to your hair. This helps smoothen the hair strands and makes them easier to style. It’s an excellent (and healthier) alternative to hair gel. Even a small amount of coconut oil added to your hair care regimen may offer excellent results.

5. Helps prevent split ends and hair breakage- Did you know it can also help reduce split ends and hair breakage? Coconut oil for hair is lightweight and gets absorbed more quickly than other oils. Recent times have seen a significant rise in demand for coconut oil as a natural remedy for various health issues.

Applying this toxin-free hair oil keeps the hair hydrated and prevents split ends. This oil also contains many vital nutrients that help make hair strands stronger, healthier, and well-nourished. Therefore, coconut oil can help you avoid split ends and hair breakage to maintain a healthier and shinier appearance.

6. Helps prevent frizziness- If you have frizzy hair, you know how difficult it can be to manage. Fortunately, coconut hair growth oil can make frizzy hair more manageable by helping to control it. Squeeze it a little bit and run it through your hair. It will control frizz and give you smooth, lustrous hair.

7. Helps protect your hair from environmental damage- Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which helps protect hair from oxidative damage from free radicals. It also helps protect the hair from environmental factors, including pollution and harmful UV radiation. You may apply coconut hair oil and leave it in for the night. Then, follow your usual morning hair care regimen of shampooing and conditioning to see results.

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Tips & Tricks to include Coconut Oil in your Hair Care Regime:

All hair types may benefit from coconut oil. It works incredibly well on colored, dry, or damaged hair. However, for people with coarse hair types, there is some worry that frequent usage of coconut oil may cause hair stiffness. Here are a few tips which will help you get the maximum benefit from using coconut oil for hair care:

1. Apply warm oil: Before using coconut oil on your hair, we advise you to warm it up a little. Hot oil penetrates into the scalp and roots easily. Moreover, it relaxes your brain activity. One teaspoon of the oil should be poured into a dish and soaked in a container half-filled with hot tap water. 

Within a short period of time, the coconut oil will become fluid. The oil can also be melted by rubbing your hands together and placing it in your palm after it is frozen. The oil should not be microwaved to avoid the risk of it being too hot.

2. Create a blend: Mix a few drops of essential oils like lavender or peppermint with coconut oil for additional aromatherapy benefits. In addition, natural hair-nourishing ingredients like yogurt, honey, or avocado may be combined with coconut oil.

3. Use it at night: If you apply coconut oil in the morning, your hair may seem oily since it takes time to absorb. So apply it in the evening rather, and shower in the morning. You may also use a toxin-free hair shampoo for the best results.

4. Apply in a small amount: Despite being very lightweight, coconut oil can weigh down your hair if you apply it in excessive amounts. Start with a tiny quantity of oil (not more than a teaspoon) and gently massage it into your hair from the middle to the ends. Depending on your hair thickness, you might be able to use a little bit more.

5. Avoid clogging your scalp: Some people realize that applying coconut oil on their scalps helps relieve dryness. However, others may complain of irritability and clogged pores using this oil. We thus recommend starting with a small amount of coconut oil to see how your skin responds to it.

6. Use hair shampoo twice: When washing the coconut oil out of your hair, consider that slickness might require a second cleansing. It would also be advisable to back it up with a toxin-free hair conditioner.

Trying Rice Water and Choosing a Good Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

We recommend trying coconut oil with rice water for the best results. However, preparing rice water with the goodness of coconut oil at home is a task. The rice water should be kept in a container and used within a week. However, some professionals believe that homemade rice water may have lesser nutrient content than a specialized hair care product.

Another issue is that fermented rice water could smell bad and spread that fragrance to your hair if kept longer. It is easy to solve these issues with ready-made rice water hair care products, such as the Mamaearth Rice Water hair packs. Finally, you should try out our Rice Hair Oil with the goodness of coconut oil for the best results. 

Mamaearth Rice Hair Oil– The fermented rice water in Mamaearth Rice Water Hair Oil guarantees that it has all the nutrients found in rice water and the natural goodness of coconut oil. This is the perfect oil for hair loss since fermented rice water also contains more antioxidants, which combat cell damage and promote healthy hair growth. 

Mamaearth’s Rice Hair Oil boosts the pH of the rice water to the same level as the scalp’s pH, improving nutritional absorption. In addition to rice water, this hair pack includes milk protein for more shine and stronger hair. Additionally, the keratin in the oil offers an extra protein boost that combines with the rice water to increase fullness and volume. Coconut oil is good for hair growth, and you will get a good experience trying it this winter season!

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Key Ingredients:

Mamaearth Rice Hair Oil works well to maintain the hair’s health, elasticity, and flexibility. Its regular application results in less hair breakage and split ends.

  • Rice Bran Oil: Its strong antioxidant concentration strengthens the hair’s natural protection of defense against UV radiation and other external aggressors.
  • Castor oil: It is high in Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, which help to moisturize the hair. It supports healthy scalp blood flow and circulation.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil naturally contains vitamins and vital fatty acids that nourish your hair. Your hair grows thicker and quicker as a result.

What are the benefits of using this Mamaearth Rice Hair Oil?

Rice water is a useful remedy for thicker, healthier hair since it contains several powerful ingredients. The key benefits of these nutrients are that they can enhance your hair growth.

Here are a few advantages of using Mamaearth rice water oil, which may enhance your hair and scalp growth.

  1. Rice water acts as an excellent conditioner for all hair care regimens. It is so because its high vitamin E content helps moisturize the hair and scalp.
  2. Long hair needs nourishment to promote hair thickness and scalp health. Rice hair oil includes starch, which strengthens hair by giving the scalp and hair proteins.
  3. Regular hair coloring results in frizzy, dry hair. These colors can damage hair if not treated correctly. Applying rice hair oil to the hair improves suppleness and lessens friction and breakage.
  4. Rice Hair Oil can help control frizzy, dry, and knotted hair. Additionally, it can help your hair become stronger, shinier, and smoother over time while increasing its elasticity.
  5. According to popular belief, using rice water on your hair will help repair any damage that stress and the environment have done to your hair. Supported by vital antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins B, C, and E, this solution helps strengthen the hair shaft and makes hair thicker.
  6. The antifungal qualities of rice hair oil can be used to treat flaky scalp and dandruff. You may fight the problem by applying rice water hair oil once or twice weekly.
  7. Regular usage of rice hair oil helps repair previous damage while preventing internal cell renewal.

Summing Up

Everybody experiences hair problems at some point in their lives. A sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary practices, and a lack of a consistent hair care routine bring it on. People who are experiencing hair loss seek to turn every rock they can. 

However, rice water might assist you in achieving the ideal outcomes for your at-home hair care regimen. Therefore, we advise selecting Made Safe Certified products made with natural ingredients. For instance, the finest Face Gel from Mamaearth is good for your skin, and you may choose rice water for your hair.


  1. Is coconut oil good for hair?

    Coconut oil nourishes your hair in addition to being healthy for your scalp. In addition, it repairs damaged hair more effectively than other oils because it absorbs quickly. But if used as a pre-shower treatment, coconut oil will condition hair even though it may not be as powerful as shampoo.

  2. Why is coconut oil good for hair?

    Coconut oil offers therapeutic qualities. It is rich in fatty acids and lauric acid that nourish the hair cells to help reduce frizz and repair damage.

  3. Is it OK to leave coconut oil in your hair?

    No, it is not harmful to use coconut oil on your hair. However, your hair becomes thicker and more lustrous due to coconut oil staying in it. Therefore, leaving it on overnight and washing it off the next day is advisable.

  4. How long should coconut oil stay in my hair?

    After using the coconut oil, let it stay on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. You can keep it on longer if your hair is thin or dry; some individuals like to use it as an overnight treatment. Next, massage your hair from root to tip after mixing it with equal coconut oil. Finally, to lessen hair loss and nourish the hair, let it on for an hour before washing it off with a natural shampoo.

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