Great hair starts with great care’ – this saying stands true in every aspect. Today, with a dynamic lifestyle, long, lustrous, and healthy hair seems like a dream. But what if we said this is achievable using natural solutions? Keratin is just what you are looking for. This article will discuss what Keratin is and all you need to know about this great ingredient to maintain healthy hair.

Naturally beautiful hair and high confidence go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, your tresses are delicate and one of the most exposed parts of you to the external environment. Continuous exposure to pollutants and aggressors may damage your hair in more ways than one. If you do not have a nourishing backup, you are likely exposed to intense hair damage possibilities. 

When finding harmless solutions for hair nourishment and care, nature has some of the best ones to choose which shampoo is best for hair. It has everything you search for, from treating hair troubles to soothing your scalp. So let’s look at one of the most efficient hair care solutions that have been persistent enough to take the lead. 

Damaged hair? Split ends? Put an end to these hair care issues with Mamaearth’s Rice Water Shampoo. Enriched with Rice Water and Keratin, it adds volume and prevents excessive breakage.

What is Keratin? Meaning and Significance 

Keratin is a natural protein found in the epithelial cells of the human body. They are lined in the inner and outer layers of the skin. It helps form tissues of nails, hair, and skin. In addition, the body naturally produces Keratin and helps develop the structure of the skin tissues we mentioned above. 

Thus, it is an antidote to treat rough, dry gently, and damaged hair and skin. Moreover, it comes with amazing benefits that are long-lasting and reliable. Today, keratin hair treatments help accelerate hair repair processes with minimal effort. Let’s understand the concept and its advantages one by one.

Keratin hair treatment: Healthy hair is just a few moments away!

Keratin hair treatments are a boon for hair suffering from climatic stress, over-styling, and internal damage. It is a semi-permanent straightening solution that ensures healthier hair and better manageability. 

The process comprises applying a specially formulated solution to the hair. This mixture breaks the hair bondage and reseals them in a better and straighter position. Then, it is blow-dried to your hair and sealed with a flat iron. This versatile hair fixer works well on almost all hair types and gives lasting results for up to six months!

Various kinds of Keratin hair treatments are provided in salons per your needs. So let’s take a look at them all!

Types of Keratin Hair Treatments

  • Brazilian blowout: This is the first kind of keratin treatment that originated in Brazil in 2005. In this method, the frizz in your hair is eliminated, and your hair cuticle is smoothened to give a nice, bouncy look. A protein layer coats your hair strands, and the results last up to three months. 
  • Cezanne: Keratin, meaning the protein of skin nourishment, gets a better implication in this treatment. It is the safest among all the others and nourishes hair deeply. However, if you have color-treated hair, it is not ideal to give it a shot. You can always follow up with Cezanne after a hair color appointment. 
  • Trisolla & Trisolla plus: The quickest to apply among all, this one is a star. It is a savior for those who have thick but damaged and colored hair. It does not lighten your hair color, improves its texture, and makes it more manageable. In addition, it works well for hot or humid weather.
  • Keratin Express: The shortest treatment, where Keratin is applied as a leave-in serum into the hair strands. It is then sealed by blow-drying and flat ironing. It is perfect for curly or wavy hair and lasts up to six weeks. 
  • Japzillian Keratin: It’s an innovative combo of Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening methods. This treatment offers fairly long-lasting results than the Brazilian blowout. The most expensive yet effective of all the above, this treatment gives your hair the nourishment and nutrition it deserves. 
what is keratin treatment on hair

As amazing as it sounds, Keratin hair treatments have a defined set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore each of them below:

Advantages of getting a keratin hair treatment

  • Accelerates hair repair: Environmental pollutants, styling products, overheating, and many more factors lead to damage to your hair. If not treated properly, it might result in excessive hair loss and breakage. A keratin treatment accelerates the process of hair repair smoothly. 
  • Improves manageability: This incredible hair treatment procedure straightens your hair. Keratin treatment makes your hair soft and smooth with an added bounce. In addition, it improves hair manageability and doesn’t tangle easily. 
  • Reduces frizz and dryness: Insufficient moisture and nourishment cause your hair to look frizzy, tangled, and dry. Sometimes, your hair might turn brittle and result in severe breakage. A good keratin treatment ensures healthier hair. It dials down the frizz and dryness and gives your hair a voluminous look. 
  • Offers intense protection: Sun damage from harmful UV rays is always a concern. Keratin coats your hair strands well to shield them from the harmful external environment. It keeps your hair shiny, soft, and healthy, no matter where you are!

Disadvantages of a keratin hair treatment

The pro list of keratin hair treatments looks well and tempting. But isn’t it important to know all your cards before you make your ultimate move? Here is what your list of caution and concern looks like:

  • Time-consuming: As complex as the procedure for a keratin hair treatment is, it requires equal time to show the results. So, if you plan to get it done, make sure you do not have plans for at least four hours after you begin. 
  • Very expensive: These hair treatments come with versatility and diverse quality. However, since the results last three to six months, it takes a big blow to your budget whenever you wish to get it done. 
  • Late-settling: The results of these treatments show up more slowly than a good haircut or a nice blow-dry. It makes your hair look awkwardly straight for some time. So, if you have to look good because a big day is coming up, you should get it done on your hair at least three days before. 
  • Too overwhelming: Soft and silky hair may be the cherry on the cake for you, but you should be a little careful of the rules arriving with the after-results. For example, you might need to sleep on a silk pillow cover, avoid washing your hair for at least three days, and not tie or style it as it might create dents on the strands. 

Keratin Treatment Vs. Smoothing: Which One is Better?

Hair smoothing is when your hair is saturated with a solution permeating through your hair’s cortex. Your tresses are then dried out and straightened using heating rods. The result is soft and smooth hair that lasts for three to six months. It is a highly preferred method to treat thin hair. Also, if you have opted for keratin smoothing, the process uses a comparatively different solution.

Keratin treatment works on building protein in the hair cells. It is applied as a non-sticky solution to the hair strands. First, it shields your hair cuticle for seamless protection. Then, your hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed to give the desired look. Finally, it focuses on replenishing your hair with essential nutrients, giving it a healthy feel. 

Judging by the two different hair treatments, the latter is better as it focuses on damage repair and rejuvenating your hair strands with complete care. Keratin hair treatment ensures that your hair is adequately hydrated, doesn’t tangle, and works well toward hair repair procedures. 

Try Our Bestsellers for the Best Keratin Hair Treatment at Home! 

We know how exhausting it can be to rush to a salon to achieve healthy hair goals quickly. Isn’t it always better to wait this period out for some time? Mamaearth brings you home to natural, effective solutions that offer long-lasting results. Let’s take you through them all:

1. Mamaearth Onion Range: Nothing beats hair troubles the way a good shampoo and conditioner can. Mamaearth’s Onion Range mostly consists of the following:

Mamaearth Onion Hair Shampoo: This hair cleanser has super nourishing benefits for your tresses. It helps reduce hair fall, improves hair strength, and adds a natural softness and sheen to your hair. So if you wish to know Keratin’s goodness for hair and its results, try this shampoo today!

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Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask: In a rush but need your hair to look impeccable? It is time you feed your hair with the urgent nourishment from the keratin-loaded hair mask by Mamaearth. Our Onion Hair Mask locks in essential nutrients within your hair and gives it a nice bounce and volume. 

Mamaearth Onion Hair Conditioner: If you need better and more manageable hair, apply this Keratin conditioner or Mamaearth Onion Hair Conditioner on your hair strands. It adds moisture and makes your hair naturally healthy inside out. 

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But, before using these products, make sure you use Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil (or onion-based keratin oil) to give your hair the best nourishment from nature. A good head massage with this magic potion can truly revive your hair. 

2. Mamaearth Rice Water Range: Are you tired of dealing with hair breakage and other troubles? We are here to your rescue! Using the East Asian techniques of fermented rice water, we have formulated hair care products that offer nourishment and repair naturally. It includes some of our popular products like

Mamaearth Rice Water Shampoo: Escape rough, dry, and brittle hair with this amazing hair cleanser. It is loaded with the goodness of Keratin, Wheat Protein, and Fermented Rice Water. This shampoo reduces hair breakage and split ends and fastens the damage repair procedures. Our paraben sulphate free shampoo range is just amazing for all types of hair.

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Mamaearth Rice Water Conditioner: Say goodbye to dull and tangled tresses with Mamaearth Rice Water Conditioner. It has the goodness of Fermented Rice Water, Keratin, and Coconut Oil. Not only does it boost your hair texture, but it also improves your hair’s elasticity. In addition, it makes your tresses smooth to the touch and feels better without frizz. 

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Mamaearth Rice Water Hair Mask: If you wish to lock nutrition from nature to your hair quickly, this hair mask is meant for you. Crafted with the inside goodness of Keratin, Fermented Rice Water, and Milk Protein, it repairs damage very efficiently. In addition, it improves the appearance of your locks and reduces split ends naturally. Adding adequate moisture also accelerates hair growth. 

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What’s the best part about using these hair care products? First, they are completely devoid of harmful chemicals, toxins, and artificial fragrances. In addition, Mamaearth is the first Asian brand to be MadeSafe Certified; hence, all our products are not tested on animals. 


Hair troubles range from dandruff to intense breakage and hair loss. While these troubles can be genetic, wrong, or unhealthy food habits and lifestyles, they lead to self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Today, everything is readily available at the tap of a finger, but are they reliable? Think again.

With the modern technology that aspires to bring comfort wherever we are, forgetting natural solutions isn’t the right way to go about it. Keratin for hair is the most efficient way to improve damaged hair. Today, various keratin hair treatments are diverse to meet your requirements. 

What if we offered you the same results at home? Doesn’t it sound fun to get everything under the sun without any harm caused to the environment or yourself? That’s how great natural and traditional solutions can be. So take a break to reminisce about those times again, and you will find happy hair days closer than ever!


  1. What is hair keratin?

    What is hair keratin? Or What does Keratin do to your hair? or Is Keratin healthy for hair?
    Ans: Keratin is a specialized protein that the human body cells produce naturally. It helps keep our skin and hair cells healthier and stronger. However, its production may be affected by some nutritional or dietary deficiencies. This often results in hair breakage. In such a case, it is advisable to opt for keratin-based hair care products to cover up for the loss. Applying keratin makes the hair softer, smoother, stronger, and frizz-free.

  2. What is keratin smoothing? 

    Keratin is a specialized protein that our body cells produce to make our hair and skin softer and shinier. Our hair and skin start losing their natural shine if it is deficient. The best way to reverse this loss is to apply keratin-based products or to follow a keratin treatment for hair. This is called Keratin smoothening and experienced hair care professionals do it.

  3. What is better, Keratin or smoothing? 

    Keratin treatment and Smoothening help make hair softer, smoother, and frizz-free. However, Smoothening (a surface-based process) stays on for about three months, while Keratin (more of a therapy and works at the cellular level) works for up to five months. 

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