There is a popular saying that a fragrance perfectly sums up the character of any individual. The perfume we choose to wear is an effortless act of giving a little sense of our personality. It delights our sense of expression and heightens the aura we carry. This is why people who love wearing perfumes are always on the hunt for that perfect fragrance. A popular search query like ‘which perfume is best for men (or women)’ is often a result of the same untiring effort.

People often endlessly explore different scents before finding their signature scent. However, finding such a kind of scent takes work. Therefore, we have provided details on choosing the right perfume to aid you with your search. In addition, the sense of smell evokes nostalgia by taking you down memory lane. Thus, a perfect fragrance remains intimate and personal. 

However, getting to the scent that suits your comfort and personality always requires a little research. According to experts, it is critical to choose one with gentler and skin-friendly ingredients that make you feel good about yourself. This blog will discuss perfumes or parfum, including their concentration, importance, and recommendation. If you want to find which is the best fragrance perfume for men and women, this blog might help. 

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Why do We Need to Wear the Right Perfume? 

All beauty care and skincare experts believe that applying a good perfume is crucial for self-care. It contributes hugely to elevating our personalities by impacting the people we interact with. If worn smartly, such a fragrance can be quite influential and may enhance the positivity in the person wearing them.

In general, the scent is often used to spark the charm of the individual. Masking the bad odor makes your persona enchanting. Not just for neutralizing body odor, it also polishes your personality. Let’s unfold the benefits of wearing the perfume: 

1. Boosts self-esteem 

A great smell boosts your personality and makes you feel good about yourself. If we sense that we smell good, we feel confident to put our best foot forward. Putting on a signature scent is a way to emit confidence and act better when we may feel nervous. It displays self-assuredness and powers confidence in you.  

2. Uplifts the mood

A pleasing scent is linked to our moods. Psychiatrists believe perfumes greatly impact the human mind and can uplift our senses. Even a slight hint of an enthralling whiff can instantly lift your mood. If you do not like loud or strong fragrances, we recommend using Eau De Parfums. They enhance your smell and add a tender touch to your personality.

3. Paint a picture of your personality 

Whether in your professional or personal life, a pleasant fragrance is a strong case of your charm. It is because our mind draws associations with different types of smell. Therefore, wearing good perfume acts as a catalyst when we try to appear bold. Moreover, it spells reliability, positivity, and confidence. Hence, it is advisable to wear the best long-lasting perfume for men and women with a pleasant smell.

4. Adds uniqueness to your overall appearance 

 How we smell is a part of our personality and is how people perceive us. Moreover, lousy and weak notes may not be the right way to define you. So, you need a scent with a stronger and neat base that speaks volumes about you. The great scent will make you look class-apart and unique. In addition, if you choose to make it your signature scent, it will elevate your overall persona.

How does concentration matter?

Fragrances are packed in four different levels of concentration. Typically, colognes or perfumes are prepared with a high concentration that lasts longer and has a powerful scent. However, they are a bit pricey, and the price mostly relies on the concentration they usually contain. The higher the concentration, the costlier the perfumes. 

If you wish to make the fragrance last, we recommend applying it to the wrists or pulse points. While perfume and colognes come with a higher concentration, Eau de parfum has a slightly lower concentration. These kinds of fragrances usually last about six hours after application. Then, the bit lower concentration is assigned to Eau de toilette and is usually affordable and accessible in stores. 

These fragrances typically require more than one application to stick around for an entire day. Moreover, Eau de cologne has the fourth and lowest concentration, which only lasts about two hours.

Fun Fact: The ancient Greeks claim to have developed the first liquid perfume. However, it is believed that Arabs developed the distillation that made perfume manufacture viable.

which perfume is best for men

How to Find the Best-Suited Fragrance?

While looking for the world’s best perfume for men and women, there are a few things you should consider. Among hordes of options you can pick your favorites from, it is difficult to know which one will suit you the best. It is not always necessary that a fragrance works for an individual and delivers the same result to you. 

It may differ based on body chemistry, skin type, cultural preferences, lifestyles, and climate. So, it is better to know the factors that affect the decision to choose the best fragrance. 

Research well

The first step is to research well. Before going for any fragrance, we should be aware of different fragrances, their notes, and whether they have natural or synthetic fragrances. In addition, after knowing about the fragrance, it is advisable to know about a fragrance that goes well with your personality.

Choose a family 

Fragrances are categorized into specific types or families. These include woody, gourmand, floral, oriental, and fresh. Of course, it depends on our natural instinct regarding what we wear on our skin. Besides, there is a chance that most of the types may overlap.

Understand the notes

Every perfume blends notes like top, middle, and base. Top notes usually stay on our body for 5 to 15 minutes, while middle notes last 30 minutes. However, base notes stick around until the perfume usually wears off. So, understand these terms before buying perfume gift sets for men.

Did you know? Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum has a pleasant blend of citrusy scent and floral notes with a subtle earthy hint. While its top notes merge petitgrain oil and neroli to offer a sense of calmness, the middle notes contain the floral goodness that refreshes your mood. In addition, base notes are a mesmerizing mix of Musk and Cashmeran to deliver a woody undertone. So, if you are keen on boosting your fragrance without wearing any synthetic scent, this could be for you.

Concentration is key

No matter which type of fragrance you wish to buy, you should always be mindful of the concentration of the product. Perfume gives prominent results as it stays all day. Eau De Parfum lasts for around six hours and Eau De Toilette usually stays on for about four hours.

Skin test

Skin tests play a critical role when choosing skin perfume for men and women. You will get a sense of the best-suited fragrance once it sits on your skin. In addition, you may magnify its results by applying Vaseline to those areas where you spray your fragrance. 

Lifestyle check

Yes, you heard it correctly! Our lifestyle and daily habits greatly influenced the decision to choose the best fragrance. The foremost thing you need to be sure of is your hygiene. No fragrance can deliver a lasting effect if your skin is not clean and moisturized.

We recommend using quality skin care products to keep your skin rejuvenated, dirt-free, and healthy. In addition, it is better to include body lotions, hand creams, and sunscreen in your skincare routine. Using these products will enhance your personality and your fragrance.

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1. ME Oud Deodorant

Unleash your charm with our Me Oud Deodorant. Blending top notes, middle notes, and base notes, this deo is made to complement your personality. While the spicy notes of pink pepper and berries add a citrusy hint, the mystical blend of oud and patchouli make this scent one-of-a-kind. Besides, the floral notes featuring geranium and rose keeps your warmth intact. This deodorant adds a beautiful scent to your body that stays up to 8 hours without being harsh on your skin.

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2. ME First Rain Eau De Parfum

 Here’s to a trip down memory lane to experience that tempting smell of first rain. Our First Rain assimilates fresh aqua notes with a delicate hint of jasmine. On the topping, a blend of patchouli, amber, and musk lets you enjoy the allure of earthy scent. We have crafted this unique scent that is MadeSafe-certified and free of harmful chemicals. So, soak your soul in the refreshing scent that delights you wholly!

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3. ME Floral Eau De Parfum- Live in the moment

Exude your charm with our ME Floral Eau De Parfum Live in the Moment. Featuring earthy notes and citrusy and floral scents, this mesmerizing fragrance will let you define your feminine energy like a pro. This ME Floral fragrance spells a lush, alluring, and refreshing scent that calms your soul and mind. With its creamy floral scent anchored by musk notes, this is a perfect scent to wear to have lasting effects.

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4. ME White Musk Eau De Parfum

Leave a little glitz wherever you go with our ME White Musk Eau De Parfum. This might be the best pick for you if you enjoy musky fragrances with hints of floral notes. While the top notes have floral notes, the middle notes convey a subtle hint of a musky scent. Base notes, on the other hand, are an earthy blend of Tonka, Guaiacwood, and Amber. This luxurious perfume stays on your body for about 12 hours and works well in every season.

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In a nutshell 

Perfumes are not a recent discovery but a tradition traced back centuries. Earlier, people used to wear fragrances made with essential oils. So, smelling good has always been a thing among people. Now, with changing preferences and lifestyle enhancements, the composition of perfumes has greatly evolved. The trick is understanding which fragrance goes well with your skin texture and other preferences.

Choosing a nice fragrance always elicits a response of your individuality, making you appear unique and presentable. Thus, flaunt your signature scent with our elite collections of fragrances. At Mamaearth, we have designed a calming range of fragrances that defines the real ‘You’ and lets you smell expensive. These fragrances are MadeSafe certified, hypoallergenic, and toxin-free. So, enjoy the comfort of being you and spread your charm wherever you go! 


  1. Which perfume is best for men?

    There are various perfumes available in India. However, if you wish to have skin-friendly perfumes with natural fragrances, we recommend going for ME Eau De Parfum. It is designed with delicate floral, fruity, and earthy notes that bring out the natural fragrance of an individual. It lasts for about 12 hours and is MadeSafe certified. So, if you don't wish to put synthetic scent on your skin, this could be the best for you as it is hypoallergenic with skin-friendly ingredients

  2. What are men's favorite smells?

    In most cases, men prefer a floral and earthy scent. Therefore, ingredients such as patchouli, peppermint, jasmine, lavender, musk, etc., are the most shopped when it comes to choosing the scent for men.

  3. Which Mamaearth perfume has the best smell?

    Mamaearth has a wide range of Eau De Parfum, including First Rain, Live in the Moment, a Wave of Freshness, etc. These fragrances are rich in floral, musky, and fruity scents. All of them are made with calming ingredients to lend you a musky, unique, and alluring scent. You should consider taking a quick skin test to find the best fragrance. By doing this, you will get an idea that complements your personality. In addition, these hypoallergenic fragrances are MadeSafe-certified, meaning they are safe to be worn on the skin. 

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