Do you prefer to go subtle and classy than the glam that keeps the night going? If yes, then nude makeup looks would be your favorite pick. It is a skin-like makeup that looks classy and requires a minimal application. From a casual coffee date to attending a wedding, this no-makeup look gives you the hype. It is the most sought-after beauty products trend and makes it easy for anyone to achieve a flawless no-makeup look at home!

Minimal makeup is easy to perfect once it becomes second nature. However, this makeup look is about attaining a flawless finish and requires more attention toward the right shades. In contrast, some people need their blush and lip tint to complete their nude makeup looks, and some believe in going with the entire process. Whatever your preferences are, you should never outdo them. Let’s learn more about it through this blog!

Quick Tips for Nude Makeup looks

  • Give time to prep your skin
  • Do your skincare thoroughly
  • Buy a nourishing, well-formulated primer 
  • Keep yourself hydrated 
  • Less is always better in nude makeup looks
  • Always for soft and nude colors 
  • Go easy on the eyes
  • Choose a foundation with dewy-finish
  • Lightweight concealers and foundation.
  • Glossy finish or soft tint for the lips 

Steps for Minimalistic Nude Makeup looks

Step 1: Cleansing and moisturizing

We advise you to follow your skin care regimen well. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are critical to flawless makeup. To wash your face with a good face wash, you should take a pea-sized amount of it in your palms. Next, apply all your face in a circular motion and wash it off nicely. After you cleanse your face, coat your skin with a thick layer of moisturizer. 

A consistent lack of moisturization is the major reason your foundation fails to cover your dark circles. So, take your time with every step. Instead, give it a minute or two to settle the moisturizer into the skin before you move to the next step.

Recommendation: Try Mamaearth new makeup range of nude lipstick.

Step 2: Primer

After moisturization, it is time to apply a primer. It is designed to help your makeup sink into your skin evenly and prevent a cakey and ashy look. In addition, you can achieve a no-makeup look as it prevents dry patches and under-eye grayness. Thus, invest in a good primer and watch it transform your makeup like magic. It will soothe fine lines, fill in pores, control excess oil secretion, and even the skin’s texture. 

As a result, it lays a smooth canvas for concealer or foundation to blend in smoothly. Whether nude makeup looks or a bridal look, wearing a primer is a necessity in makeup. You may choose it according to your skin type so that it deposits in your skin completely.

Step 3: Foundation

A proper and consistent application of foundation is the most critical step in creating a nude makeup looks. First, you need the right shade to match your skin tone for a minimal soft look. Next, ensure to pick a lightweight formula that gives full coverage. While some trust foundation coverage, others use a cream for a dewy finish. So, the key is to pick the formula that suits your complexion and coverage. 

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The ideal shade is always the one that matches your skin and prevents an ashy base. While applying, take a small amount of foundation on your hand and mix some moisturizer. Then, apply it to your face using a damp makeup sponge for a smooth finish.


Are you searching for a lightweight formula for a nude makeup looks? Here, we bring you a gentle formulation that offers buildable coverage for up to 12 hours- Mamaearth Glow Serum Foundation. It is a subtle combination of color and care that goes gentle on your skin and sets your base like a dream. 

Packed with vitamin C and turmeric, it gives your skin a natural dewy finish without creating greasiness. It is available in 7 different shades, so find your pick and let your skin radiate its natural glow. In addition, always use a translucent powder or compact to set your makeup. 

Step 4: Eye makeup

Let’s move on to the most critical part of any makeup look – eye makeup! Minimal or nude eye makeup look is all about dolling up your eyes in the subtlest way possible. First, you should pick a fawn or taupe shade from your eyeshadow palette. The key is choosing the shade closest to your natural complexion. 

Now, blend a slightly deep shade of brown towards the outer corners of the eyes. Besides adding a soft hue to your eyes, it also contours your eyes to give them a beautiful shape. To enhance the drama, you should use a cream-colored eyeshadow and apply it just below your brows. In addition, a little bit of mascara won’t hurt the look. 

Tip: Draw a smooth thin line on your lash line and finish off with one to two coats of mascara.

Step 5: Cheeks

A little blush can go a long way in makeup. It adds more attractiveness to your physical appearance with a more natural appeal. We advise using a natural shade close to your skin complexion. You may prefer applying shades like peach, light pink, and orangish colors. 

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But you should avoid going overboard with it, as the idea is to achieve a soft and minimal look. You should also be cautious of using a contrasting shade and aim for sun-kissed hints to your cheeks. 

You should focus on what goes with your skin among so many powder and cream-based blushes available in the market. You can also accentuate your look with a bit of highlighter. After all, wearing a natural sheen is always a nice idea.

Step 6: Lips

Now comes the last and the essential part of makeup, without which your entire look is incomplete- lips! Your lipstick can transform your whole personality by tying the entire look together. Thankfully, you can pick from an infinite number of shades available. You may go with the gloss and natural tinted lip balms

However, we suggest you avoid liquid or matte lipsticks. Instead, go with natural gloss with natural shade. While applying, draw an ‘X’ on your cupid’s bow, then apply lipstick to the corner of the lips. If you have applied tint, you may layer it with a transparent lip gloss for a neat look.

Makeup Products You Should Trust for Nude Makeup Looks! 

1. Kajal

Get your eye game on point with our Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal Kohl Pencil. It contains the goodness of castor oil and chamomile that gives a rich color without irritating your eyes. With its 11-hour long stay, it offers a smooth finish in just one stroke without smudging. In addition, it comes with a sharpener that maintains the tip of the kohl for precise and smooth application. So, let your eye do the talking with a soft, toxin-free kajal!

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2. Mascara

Be ready to flaunt your thick, lifted lashes with our Lash Care Volumizing Mascara. Whether a nude makeup looks or bridal makeup, it highlights your eyes by giving fuller lashes. This mascara is lightweight and stays up to 12 hours. A MadeSafe-approved product, this contains no toxins but the goodness of ingredients like almond oil and castor oil. So, with this essential eye care, 100% nourishment to your eyes is guaranteed.

3. Lip & eye tint

What better way to add subtle and soft colors to your makeup than a nourishing tint? Here’s Nourishing Natural Lip Cheek & Eye Tint powered by the goodness of Vitamin C and Cocoa. A creamy matte formulation enhances your cheekbones and sets perfectly on your creases. In addition, this tint is deeply nourishing, gives you rosy cheeks, and adds a hint of subtleness to your nude makeup looks. So, beautify your skin with the rich color with this great tint!

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4. Lipstick

The no-makeup look is complete without the lipstick application. Thus, we present you with a Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick that gives a rich color to your lips without drying them. It is designed to seal in the moisture for 8 hours without being smudged. It would also stay on for 12 hours with every application.

Made with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, it nourishes your lips and prevents them from drying or developing patches. In addition, it is free from harmful chemicals, which makes it safe and ideal for your lips. The best thing is that our matte lipsticks are available in 13 exciting shades.

Did you know? Good-quality Colorcare products (or makeup products) also keep away the harmful effects of sun rays from affecting the skin’s texture.


The nude makeup looks is a tad different from other looks. It is all about subtleness and soft colors that blend to make your face look natural yet shiny. From pale pink to caramel to beige, a no-makeup look defines your radiance in the subtlest way possible. The key is using gentler and lightweight products with no toxins or nasties. 

It has been a preconceived notion that beginners usually prefer nude makeup looks. But studies show that a subtle and classic look has a higher preference in women. Furthermore, it is easy to do, works well with several outfits, and can be innovated accordingly when mastered well. A nude look is an artistic way of looking your best without showing off too much application of cosmetics. 

At Mamaearth, we emphasize natural goodness and toxin-free formulations. In addition, our attempts focus on providing a gentler range of Colorcare products that ease your makeup session. These products go gentle on your skin without creating any patches or a cakey look. Besides lending rich colors to your face, these products aim for a seamless look, whether no-makeup look or party makeup.

Your skin receives only nourishment, care, and color from lip serums to natural lip tints. So, let your nude makeup looks stand out with our color care range!


  1. What is Nude Makeup?

    Nude makeup looks is typically known as a no-makeup look, which looks natural and subtle. In this recreated makeup look, subtle and light shades are used on the eyes and for lipsticks. While achieving perfection in this art, picking the shades closest to your skin tone is advisable. However, it is necessary to prep the skin with proper moisturization to bind the whole look for longer. While some people add a little kajal to their no-makeup look, some prefer mascara and blush to complete the look. So, it depends on how you want your no-makeup look to appear. The key is to keep it minimal and choose soft colors.

  2. How Can I Make My Makeup Look Natural?

    You should follow some basic tips to make your makeup look natural. To begin with, keep yourself hydrated as it helps your skin hold the makeup for long hours. Hydration is vital in makeup. So, look for nourishing formulas in your makeup products. Always remember that less is more in natural makeup look. Preparing your skin well is the best way to attain a natural makeup look. Moisturize and prime your skin well and use a minimum amount of compact or translucent powder. We advise using powder only around the eyes, forehead, and nose. Remember, opt for soft colors when using lipstick or eye shadow.

  3. How do I look prettier naturally?

    Focusing on your overall physical and mental health is important to look prettier naturally. You should add yoga poses, drink plenty of water, and eat a nutritious meal. Remember, practice your skincare, including cleaning, toning, moisturizing, protecting, exfoliating, and masking. Keeping yourself healthy is the best way to bring a natural glow to your face. In addition, using toxin-free makeup products also play a critical role in giving you a nice minimal look. They don't hurt or irritate your skin. So, we recommend donning your makeup rightly with a lightweight foundation, toxin-free kajal, and natural tinted lip balms.

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