Indian households have always relied on the sweet side of nature to nourish their mind, body, and soul. So you would almost always find oils made of seeds and dry fruits quite common, but argan oil is also fast making waves in the Indian consumer market. So here’s why too should consider using it alongside your current repertoire of hair oils. We will take you through some credible argan oil benefits for hair that you should use for your hair care routines. Stay with us as we take you along!

Among all oils, plant-based oils are the best. They are reliable because they are derived from Mother Nature and come recommended with several hundred years of proud history. In India, mustard, coconut, and almond oils are the best hair oil for grey hair and regular use. However, times are now changing in favor of hair growth oil that enjoy the same patronage in other parts of the world- and argan oil is one of them. 

Using tea tree oil, argan oil for hair has been quite a customary practice in western Africa; chief among them are countries like Morocco and Algeria. This is because its application on the skin minimizes wrinkles and nourishes the skin cells, while its use on hair strengthens the hair roots and reduces dryness. 

What is Argan Oil?

The westernmost country in the African continent, Morocco, is home to a particular species of tree called argan, and argan oil is made from the kernels of this endemic tree. Its fruit was earlier used as a staple diet in local culinary arts, but it has now grown its clout to include various skin care and hair care benefits. It is also known as ‘Liquid Gold’ because its active ingredients provide therapeutic benefits. 

You could use this oil as such or enhance its effectiveness by mixing it with other carrier oils. It would be best to mix it with sunflower, rosemary oil, sunflower oil, or rosemary oil for the best results. They highlight the advantages of the Moroccan hair care remedy that you may use to improve your hair care routine.

Note: Argan oil is one of the best hair oils available, but its efficiency depends greatly on its composition and choice of carrier oils. 

Why Should you Use Argan Oil for Hair?

Most of us must know the hair oil we should apply to solve our hair care problems. Although coconut oil is highly recommended for dry hair, it can occasionally tangle the hair strands and worsen the condition. Olive oil has the necessary nutrients but cannot sufficiently hydrate or nourish your hair in the rainy season. Pure almond oil can be quite expensive to be mixed with other carrier oils.

Pro Tip: We advise you to pick Mamaearth Argan hair Mask which help reduce the frizz and moisturizes & Nourishes Hair. 

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This is where argan oil emerges as a smart option. There are many uses of argan oil for hair care, but one of the biggest concerns it addresses is hair growth. Backed by essential antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, naturally extracted argan oil can repair damaged hair. It can also enhance hair and scalp health, and stimulate faster hair growth. Well, it is much more capable than that, but you would have to wait until we list the nourishing benefits of argan oil below. 

In addition, this oil helps the skin become more radiant and minimizes the risk of heart illnesses because it is also rich in minerals and antioxidants. This is why you should choose a smart option and switch to using argan oil for your hair. 

Did you know? By providing deep nourishment, this oil also minimizes hair breakage and dandruff. This is why several hair care experts advise using it to treat many common hair care issues. 

7 Argan Oil Benefits for Hair Care Routine

It has been proven scientifically that argan oil offers various culinary, therapeutic, and cosmetic uses. The presence of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids too plays a significant role.

As evident from qualified research, there are many argan oil benefits for hair care oil that improves several interconnected aspects of our health, such as improving the heart’s functionality, lowering the risk of cancer, and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. However, these advantages are so varied that covering them all in one essay would only be possible.

Let’s concentrate on why an oil containing argan extracts is referred to as one of the best hair oils nowadays. The following are some of its benefits for healthy hair growth:

1. Reduces Flakiness and Dandruff

Argan Oil is rich in vitamins D & E and fatty acids. The trio works wonders to moisturize the scalp and relieve seasonal dryness in hair care. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and eliminates free radicals in the body. However, we recommend leaving it applied overnight so that it has the chance to penetrate the hair roots more deeply.

2. Protects from Intense Heat

Applying argan oil for hair benefits when used regularly provides adequate nutrition and shields them from further damage. In addition, it creates a barrier to protect your hair from drying out. It may also be used as a styling product before heating tools or color dyes.

One may make one’s hair softer and shinier by applying a small amount of this oil from the root to the tip. But, of course, it is just as fine for rough or frizzy hair.

3. Moisturizes the Hair

Argan oil benefits in the lightweight and non-greasy texture. It thus penetrates the roots, nourishes the hair cuticles, and makes the hair shinier. In addition, since it goes deep into the hair cells, this oil provides deep conditioning for frizzy hair and split ends.

4. Combats Baldness & Promotes Hair Growth

 Due to its high vitamin C content, using argan oil for hair growth helps strengthen new hair follicles. As a result, it eases hair volume and counteracts the effects of hair thinning, thus preventing frequent and excessive hair loss. 

5. Manages Splits Ends & Prevents Frizz

Using argan oil for frizzy hair helps hair fall control and nourish the hair follicles. In addition, this is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, moisturizing and protecting damaged hair roots. The argan oil for hair has much smaller molecules than other hair oils.

This makes it easier for the oil to penetrate the oil into the hair cuticle more effectively, leading to softer hair and making it less prone to tangling. In addition, Argan oil contains Vitamin E and the omega fatty acids that provide moisture and protection to the damaged hair shaft, which also soothes split ends and frizz. 

6. Keeps the Scalp Infections at Bay

Argan oil has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that promote scalp health and help counter various environmental infections that lead to dandruff. 

7. Makes Hair Shinier

Regularly pampering your hair with an Argan oil-based hair mask can add great shine to your hair strands as it is highly loaded with essential fatty acids. 

Using argan benefits for hair care routines helps control frizzy hair, repair broken ends, fortify damaged hair, and improve its elasticity, thus making the hair more manageable and dramatically enhancing its appearance. In addition, its regular use strengthens the hair follicles and thus makes it easier for you to manage and style your hair. 

Apart from working on your hair, argan oil for hair can also work perfectly for the skin. It is a light oil that can easily get absorbed into the skin and provide various nourishing benefits of argan oil. So let’s look at a glimpse of what it does to the skin. 

  • It keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized, and nourished for longer durations. 
  • It helps in treating acne-prone and oily skin. 
  • It treats greasiness in the skin and reduces the appearance of oil-prone skin. 
  • Shields the skin from sun damage.
  • Calms itchy and inflamed skin conditions.
  • Heals wounds.
  • Enhances skin’s overall appearance. 
  • Restores skin’s elasticity and provides anti-aging benefits to the skin. 

How Can You Create an Argan Oil-Based Hair Care Regimen?

Extracted from the core of the Argan tree, Argan oil is suitable for all types of hair. Depending on what your needs are, there are numerous ways through which you can experience the benefits of argan oil for hair. You can also create a beautiful hair care regimen with the help of natural hair care products. 

Let’s have a look at them:

1. Use as a Pampering Hair oil

If you want a healthy and nourished lock at all times, you must regularly apply hair oil on the scalp. It acts as an essential food for the scalp and hair. In addition, massaging the oil into the scalp gently promotes blood circulation, making your locks smooth, soft, and strong. 

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It makes your hair shinier. Picking a toxin-free, natural, and safe oil for your hair, such as Mamaearth Argan Hair Oil, is a great idea. It backs up the goodness of Argan Oil and Avocado Oil, which moisturizes & nourishes hair and reduces frizz significantly. 

2. Cleanse Your Hair with Argan Shampoo

You need to wash your hair and keep your scalp squeaky clean if you dream of achieving healthy hair and scalp. Washing your hair with shampoo will help eliminate unwanted oiliness, dirt, impurities, and sebum build-up.

We advise you to pick Mamaearth Argan Shampoo, which is loaded with the benefits of argan oil for hair, apple cider vinegar, and other natural ingredients. This will help you reduce the split ends & frizz and repair damaged hair. 

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3. Provide Moisturization to Your Hair

Chances are that you might lose on natural oils of your hair while you rinse them down or due to prolonged exposure to a harmful environment. That’s why the next step is to effectively restore the essential oils in the scalp with the help of a hair conditioner. Again, we advise you to use products of the same brand in the hair care regimen. 

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We advise you to choose Mamaearth Argan Hair Conditioner to provide intense nourishment to your hair. Infused with the goodness of natural argan oil & apple cider vinegar, it helps fight the frizz, reduce the split ends, and nourish dry hair.

4. Use as a Hydrating Hair Mask

To further our discussion of argan oil for hair uses, it would be best to consider its smoothening effect on our tresses. You may try our Argan Oil Hair Mask, it is one of the best hair care products for damaged hair. Enriched with Vitamin E, this hair mask helps smoothen frayed hair shafts, seals split ends, and strengthens your hair. 

Mamaearth’s Argan Hair Mask also features Argan Hair Oil, Avocado Oil, and Milk Protein. The trio helps reduce the frizz in the hair by effectively deep conditioning and strengthening the hair follicles. 

5. Use as an Effective Hair Styling Product

Argan hair oil can be used as a hair serum, which can provide many benefits to the hair. It helps in styling the hair and is enriched with anti-frizz benefits of argan oil. If you’ve textured hair, it is one of the perfect ways to define curls. 

Although you can apply argan oil every day for hair, as it is one of the lightest oils, we advise you to try applying it twice a week and see the magical benefits of argan oil. Also, consider massaging it into your hair and leaving it for about three hours before washing it with a sulfate-free shampoo. It would help strengthen your hair, making it softer and well-moisturized without being greasy or sticky. There is a reason this Moroccan staple oil is often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold.’

How to Choose Argan Oil for Hair Care Regimens?

You should do some smart research and consider the factors when looking for the best argan oil for hair. Here’s what you should remember while picking the best argan oil for hair. 

  1. Check the Ingredients: Be it offline or online, when you’re shopping for the best argan oil for hair, ensure a close look at the ingredients. You should pick an oil with pure argan seeds and other essential oils in the formulation, such as avocado oil and castor oil.
  2. Natural and Toxin-free Ingredients: One of the important factors you’ve to make sure is that it contains natural ingredients only and is devoid of any harmful chemicals. These formulations should be free from parabens and sulfates, and certified by MadeSafe or FDA.
  3. Look for Cold-Pressed Argan oil: Another important factor is that the argan should have been derived in a controlled environment with the help of the cold-pressing technique. One should pick a product that uses only cold-pressed argan seeds to get the best grade of argan oil.

Why Should You Opt for Mamaearth’s Argan Hair Oil?

At Mamaearth, we thoughtfully craft safe and gentle hair care products that help you stay closer to Mother Nature. These products only feature natural and toxin-free ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or SLS. These factors make our products pure, effective, and well-advised for regular use.

Ditto for our Argan Oil. It comes powered by two natural carrier oils- Avocado and Coconut oil. They help provide Argan oil with a high nourishment grade and thus help you have the best hair care experience at home. 

  1. Argan Oil: Argan Oil’s fatty acids and antioxidants help strengthen your hair. It guards against harm from free radicals and styling agents. As a result, it increases the hair’s overall quality by reducing frizz and breakage.
  2. Avocado Oil: It helps repair and moisturize hair cells. This oil contains minerals that protect hair from environmental damage, sunlight, and chlorine-related breakage and damage.
  3. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil contains minerals and fatty acids that protect hair from environmental damage, sunlight, and chlorine-related breakage and damage. 
  4. Castor Oil: Your scalp receives the essential vitamins and nutrients from castor oil. The latter also accelerates hair growth, improves blood circulation, and moisturizes the hair roots.

Using our argan oil for hair care treatment also offers many benefits. Its regular application helps reduce seasonal dryness, and makes the hair softer & healthier. In addition, this oil reduces frizzy hair, improves the scalp and hair, and offers adequate hydration and nutrition.


  1. Is argan oil good for hair?

    Yes, Argan oil benefits for hair. It helps hydrate the hair roots and scalp, and shield them from environmental irritants. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, this oil also helps reduce frequent and excessive hair fall, and makes the hair more manageable.

  2. Can I use argan oil on my hair every day?

    Argan oil has great nourishing effects since it is rich in vitamins and vital fatty acids. In addition, there is no need to apply argan oil daily because one application will keep your hair shinier and healthier for 2-3 days.

  3. Should I apply argan oil to wet or dry hair?

    You can apply argan oil to both wet and dry hair.

  4. Is it OK to leave argan oil in hair overnight?

    Leaving the oil overnight gives your hair more time to absorb the many beneficial elements. This oil is excellent for people with dandruff or frizzy hair because it contains vitamin E and omega 6.

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