From delivering a baby to overcoming obesity, our body goes through everything yet sticks to us for the longest time. So when asked, what are stretch marks?’, they can be your body’s way of talking about the transformative journey you went through. This read will discuss all these post-pregnancy blues, their kinds, and what you can do to reduce their appearance.

Imperfections make us a better and more beautiful version of ourselves. But, while we overrate perfection, we certainly forget the loyalty our body shows us. From juggling internal stress to fighting environmental aggressors, it helps us put up a brave front daily. So read along to know why stretch marks appear in the first place.

What are stretch marks and why do they appear on our bodies?

Simply defined, stretch marks result from excessive stretching of your skin. They appear during the phases of excessive weight loss or gain. They are not harmful or painful, but they may disrupt how your skin looks after they appear.  

Usually, they appear on the legs, thighs, chest, shoulders, and belly. There are several reasons behind their occurrence. So, here we are, discussing every point in a little more detail to help you understand better:

Pregnancy: No wonder childbirth is said to be one of the most difficult phases of any woman’s life. These nine months are crucial to the baby’s development, from nausea to weight gain. The bump that is considered cute often comes with various stretch marks. 

Not just this, but as the woman’s body expands to make room for a full-grown baby, you might see stretch marks on the legs and thighs too. Pregnancy makes a woman’s body a temporary but safe haven for the fetus to live and grow. Hence, due to the excessive stretching of the skin, these marks appear on the skin. 

Puberty: As hard as it might be to believe, it is true. Puberty is a life-changing process for men and women alike. Your body undergoes hormonal changes, sometimes leading to sudden weight gain or loss. These changes appear on your skin as stretch marks. You may often find them on your buttocks, chest, or abdomen. 

Weight training: Are you into getting a perfectly toned physique? Gym training comes with a lot of weight training and exercises that add the right amount of flesh to the right places in your body. The distribution gets even, and it is always a complex process. It causes your skin to stretch and results in stretch marks on the arms. 

Excessive weight gain/loss: Obesity can be hard to recover from. While times can be tough, weight gain or loss can be extremely distressing. If you have suddenly gained too much weight, you might witness the appearance of stretch marks on your back

Losing weight can bring similar experiences too. But you need to understand that these marks are natural and harmless. They do not cause pain and may reduce if you follow a proper skincare routine. 

Types of stretch marks

While discussing the major underlying causes of stretch marks, we should also know the different kinds. It would help us understand our bodies better than ever, wouldn’t it?

triae rubrae: Have you ever come across red stretch marks? If not, then this is the kind we are talking about. This type usually represents the earliest signs of over-stretching of your skin. The epidermis layer of your skin flattens due to degeneration and experiences a fall of rete ridges. 

This stage represents skin inflammation due to excessive stretch and may be seen as a rash. Usually, it appears flat, but sometimes it can look high and rising. Their formations increase gradually, both in length and width. They might be itchy but can be asymptomatic. 

Striae albae: They are the most popular pregnancy stretch marks. These beauties appear largely on the abdominal area, breasts, and thighs of the woman holding the baby within her body. However, as her body expands to make room for the baby, some can also be visible on her lower back and buttocks. 

The weakening of the elastin fibers in the dermis and fibrillin microfibrils usually contributes to the physical and hormonal changes in the pregnant woman’s body. This results in a change in the appearance of stretch marks. Instead of being in a perpendicular position, they appear more parallel. 

Striae nigrae: These beauties are usually gray or black. They appear mostly on people with dark and dusky skin. Similar to the others, they are painless and can be considered asymptomatic too. 

Striae caerulea: Rare yet one of a kind, these stretch marks are deep blue or purple. They are commonly seen in very dark-skinned people. Also, it is said that sometimes, they match the color of their veins. 

Striae atrophicans: Sometimes, a serious illness can take a toll on your health and show its effect on your skin. You might witness these stretch marks if you have been going through serious health hazards like Cushing’s disease. 

Because of the entire journey that you have to go through to defeat this disease, these stretch marks appear on your body. It is the after-effect of the long-term use of corticosteroids or after surgery. 

Can dryness in the skin texture lead to stretch marks?

Yes. Dry skin is often seen to lack moisture and care. It causes the cells within to work harder as the friction between them increases. This often leads to stretch marks. Every skin type – from normal to dry- needs proper hygiene and maintenance. If any of them goes missing for a long period, the consequences can become hard to deal with.

There will be a lot to say and hear if you look around. But who do we ultimately end up believing in? The ones who love us the most. Using good skincare products to finally pick the right ones for your skin, especially when you have stretch marks, can be a long journey. So, we will make it easier for you to debunk some of the most popular myths related to them, one by one!

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Busting the most popular myths on stretch marks!

1. Stay underweight or skinny to experience none: Many believe skinny people do not get stretch marks. It is not true at all. A rapid weight loss or gain by anyone can get them stretch marks already. Also, they might appear on your body due to a lack of nutrition, care, and proper rest. So, never believe in this one! 

2. Stretch on to cause stretch marks: It is a popular myth that only stretching your skin causes stretch marks. However, it is not true. Yes, over-stretching of the epidermis layer of your skin causes stretch marks, but it is not the only cause. For all the other reasons discussed above, pregnancy is a major inclusion.

3. Lose weight and say goodbye: You may have witnessed some women or relatives telling you that losing weight can help them go forever. The harsh reality is that they never go away. They might appear negligent if you keep your skin hydrated enough, but they do not disappear once they arrive. 

4. Give them time to bid farewell: As they say, ‘time heals everything,’ they may be right about the extreme difficulties you face throughout your life. Yes, time and care can help minimize their appearance, but no matter how long you give them, they do not leave your skin’s surface. 

5. Women, it’s only you: Many think only women get stretch marks for various reasons. It isn’t true or even right as a fact. Men and women undergo various physical and hormonal changes throughout their lives, and both get stretch marks. Only women aren’t blessed with them! 

6. Tummy is their only host: Pregnancy, a pot belly, or obesity might make people think that only the tummy area shows stretch marks. However, several parts of the body can host these beauties pretty well. They also appear on the shoulders, thighs, back, arms, and abdomen! 

7. Tan up to conceal them: You love your skin too much to sunbathe without applying sunblock. But, sometimes, the appearance of stretch marks makes us feel a little less confident, and we start believing that maybe tanning the skin is the right way to eliminate them. So, tan your skin to show off your beach holiday vibe, and not hide these scars because it just doesn’t work!

8. One color defines all: The funniest among the other myths is this: stretch marks are the same color. No, they don’t. Their color depends on your skin complexion, texture, diet, reason for appearance, and whatnot. So do not second-guess yourself because of this one; it isn’t true!

Our Bestseller: Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream

As our bodies evolve, we tend to bear more and more signs of our journey. Stretch marks are your body’s way of showing how much it went through. They may be considered flaws, but they are warrior scars that help you deal with many things! 

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While we love them all, we do not want you to have low self-esteem and confidence when you see them on your beautiful body. Our Stretch Marks Cream has a unique natural blend crafted to reduce its appearance without harming your skin. It helps in lightening the scars and provides an even skin tone. 

Its key ingredients include milk protein, a natural skin-soothing agent that shares your love for your skin. It locks moisture, provides adequate hydration, and reduces skin irritation. 

Shea butter: The hydrating boon for your skin, Shea butter helps calm your skin naturally. In addition, it accelerates the healing process post-surgery and helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. 

Peptides: A beautiful anti-aging agent, Peptides help boost collagen production in the skin cells. It helps in the easy restoration of your skin’s elasticity. 

The best part? Like every Mamaearth product, this skincare essential is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and artificial ingredients. In addition, it does not contain any artificial fragrances and is not tested on animals. Being Asia’s first brand to offer MadeSafe-Certified products, we ensure you get the best of both worlds together! 

How to use Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream?

Before you learn the steps, you should follow the right skincare regimen to maintain your skin’s health and hygiene. This includes:

  • Cleansing your skin twice a day with a good body wash
  • You should exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells at least twice a week with a nice body scrub. 
  • Next, you should moisturize your skin using a good body lotion per your skin requirements. 
  • Lastly, apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or more to give your skin full protection. 

Following these steps, your skin will automatically look better and brighter than before. Here is how you should apply our Stretch Marks Cream on your scars:

#1: Take a dollop of the cream in one hand

#2: Apply generously on the requisite areas and massage well till absorption. 


‘What are stretch marks?’ – This question may remind us of the flaws we have in our bodies. As natural as they are, their appearance signifies the importance of taking care of our bodies every day. While they appear for several reasons we mentioned above, many of us believe that chemical treatments or surgery might remove them. It won’t.

Stretch marks come in different variations in terms of size, color, tone, and look. They get customized because of the reasons they appear from. Some might appear due to a wonderful phase you have been waiting for, but others might be signs of a prolonged illness. 

Using our skincare product can be a way to reduce their appearance. It is toxin-free, cruelty-free, and MadeSafe Certified. In addition, it has the long-lasting benefits of some amazing natural ingredients that provide nutrition, nourishment, and care in the best way possible!

Stretch marks may seem a distortion to you, but it helps you realize some of the most important things in your life – your physical well-being, health, food, and the people you love. They give you a different meaning to live for. So wear them, own them, and love them! Happy skincare to you!


  1. Can stretch marks be removed?

    Stretch marks may not always be completely removed immediately from the skin, but they can be lightened. They may also go away on their own in most cases over time. They are caused due to stretching of the skin, these changes may be reversed by providing more protein to the local skin cells so they may regenerate themselves. Opting for a safe and gentle anti-stretch mark cream may help too.

  2. Why do we get stretch marks?

    Stretch marks result from excessive stretching of your skin and may be caused due to excessive weight loss or gain. They are not harmful or painful, and may also result from pregnancy, workouts, stress, or hormonal changes. Usually, they appear on the legs, thighs, chest, shoulders, and belly.

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