From a smoky glam to a pleasant nude look, cosmetics are versatile and can be used in many ways. But did you know to create a long-lasting look, you need a strong base, to begin with? Yes, that’s right. Today, there are many options available as per your skin type. Be it compact for sensitive skin or a dry skin foundation, and you can explore them all. 

The beauty industry is huge. Several brands promise various skincare goals that are quick to achieve but compromise your skin’s health. We suggest you opt for a skincare and environment-conscious brand. This article will take you through the different makeup essentials and the importance of using a foundation in your daily makeup routine. 

What is a Foundation?

Often used in face makeup, foundation is an important makeup essential with a creamy, semi-liquid, or powdery texture. It is applied on the face before recreating any look to provide a smooth and even base. It also promotes an even skin tone and makes your face look naturally radiant.  

Now, how to understand which foundation works well for you? There may be several competitors in the market and various factors involved, but you can pick and choose the right one with more awareness. 

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Factors involved in picking the right foundation

There are multiple factors involved when choosing the perfect dry skin foundation for your skin. Some of the major ones include:

1. Skin type: Every skin type comes with its pros and cons. You need to know what suits your skin type and your skin care needs the best. For example, your ideal dry skin foundation should have hydrating and skin-moisturizing qualities that help in making your skin look naturally healthy and nourished. 

2. Ingredients: You should always keep an eye on the list of ingredients present in the package of your makeup essentials. Knowing them helps you know what you are placing your bets on. You should opt for a foundation that comes with natural goodness.

 Natural ingredients rarely have side effects and have long-lasting benefits for your skin. For example, a foundation rich in them helps in keeping your skin naturally nourished with gentle care. 

The best dry skin foundation, be it in India or elsewhere, should be skin-benefiting for you. It should come with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C to give your skin the vital nutrients it needs for better skin care. 

3. No toxins: There are a plethora of choices available to everyone today. With a simple click, you can explore every minimal or fancy option available in the market. But you should also be aware of their toxicity levels. 

When buying the best liquid foundation for dry skin or any other skin type, you should keep a tab on the toxins and their intensity. If there are toxins like Parabens, Sulphates, SLS, SLES, Mineral Oils, etc., it may not be a safe choice after all. The ideal foundation should have no toxins that harm your skin.

dry skin foundation

4. Benefits: Ideally, you should only go for a cosmetic product if you know its benefits. From being a good waterproof foundation for dry skin to providing sufficient hydration, it should come with long-lasting perks. In addition, it should make your skin feel soft, smooth, and nourished after application. 

5. Comfort: Is the foundation available online or in a nearby beauty store? Does it have complex packaging? If the answer to the former question is yes, but the latter is no, you made the wrong choice. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Instead, you should go for a foundation that is popularly known and in demand because of its qualities. 

6. Budgetary: Did you ever regret buying something because it was pricey and not worth the expectations? We know you have been there. Pick a dry skin foundation that is feasible to buy, especially if you are looking to repeat it. Make an investment that offers more returns than expectations, and you are already on the right side!

7. Convenience: Your ideal foundation should be travel-friendly, convenient, and easy to carry. It shouldn’t be complex or have too many precautions to look after. Using, carrying, or buying the product should be hassle-free. 

8. Safety: You are always a step ahead when you plan to safeguard your social media profile, isn’t it? A little awareness of picking the right foundation may also bring you a healthy and safe choice for your skin. You should choose one by checking its safety standards like ‘MadeSafe Certification,‘no artificial fragrances,’ etc. 

Apart from these factors, you should also remember the simple step-by-step makeup routine that can give you access to any look you want to recreate. So let’s discuss these steps and introduce you to some of our bestselling cosmetics that help to give you the desired look!

dry skin foundation

The Ultimate Guide to Easy Cosmetic Application!

When doing makeup, the process may seem too complex to follow daily. But once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t apply makeup in any other way. Let’s go: 

Step 1: Follow a healthy skincare regimen – When you follow a dedicated skincare routine, you open your facial skin to better possibilities. It helps in improving its natural health and texture. You should only begin makeup application after the last step of applying sunscreen on your face. 

Step 2: Prep your face – Apply a good water-based primer on your face and neck before applying anything. It helps smoothen the face canvas and holds the makeup longer without making it look cakey. 

Step 3: Set the base – Start setting the base of your makeup look once the primer absorbs completely into your pores. Then, apply a good foundation using your fingertips or a blender to even your skin tone and start dolling up!

We suggest you try our Mamaearth Glow Serum Foundation. The lasting goodness of Vitamin C & Turmeric makes your skin look naturally radiant. It comes in seven tones – Ivory Glow, Nude Glow, Natural Glow, and many more. It lasts up to 12 hours, offers 2X the glow, and is MadeSafe Certified.

You can also try our Ace The Basecombo, which contains our Glow Serum Foundation and Glow Oil Control Compact. It helps keep excessive oil at bay and makes your skin look flawless with every application. They are natural, give twice the glow instantly, and are MadeSafe Certified.  

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Step 3: Conceal the flaws: Perfection may be overrated, but it is still an art! Imagine recreating your look without concealing panda eyes, blemishes, etc. Does it still look appealing enough? No, right. Apply a concealer to cover the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, under-eye skin troubles, etc., to create an impeccable canvas for yourself. 

We suggest you try Mamaearth Glow Hydrating Concealer for your face. It has the innate goodness of Vitamin C & Turmeric and is clinically tested to suit all Indian skin tones. It lasts up to 12 long hours and is MadeSafe Certified. It is easy to use and effortlessly nourishes and cares for from nature to your skin. 

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Step 4: Get expressive – Are you looking for a high glam look for the perfect date night or a subtle tint to show you love pleasant makeup? Remember to keep your eye makeup on point. Even if you aren’t willing to go all the way, apply a stroke of Kajal or Kohl to line your waterline boldly or simply as you can imagine!

We suggest you try Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal. It is crafted beautifully with the goodness of Vitamin C & Chamomile, offering up to 11 hours of long stay. In addition, it is smudge-proof, waterproof, Vegan, and MadeSafe Certified. If you want to prep your eye game, you must ensure it is one of your aces to play along!

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Step 5: Volumize your lashes: Your eyelashes have the potential to turn your eye game into a strong yet sassy move. You should apply mascara to give your lashes a nice bounce. It makes them look thick and long without any complexities!

When we talk of mascara, we recommend Mamaearth Lash Care Volumizing Mascara. It is designed to give your eyelashes the natural benefits of Castor and Almond Oils to give twice the volume instantly. It is water-resistant and offers a twelve-hour stay while conditioning your lashes. In addition, it is natural, toxin-free, and MadeSafe Certified. 

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Lash Care Volumizing Mascara

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Step 6: Moisturize your lips – Just as important as skin hydration, you need to keep your lips supple and hydrated all the time. It helps prevent the pile-on of dead skin cells, reduces flaky skin, and gives your skin a supple look. 

You can try Mamaearth Rose Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm. It also comes in various shades and helps prevent dry, chapped lips. It is natural, nourishing, and MadeSafe Certified, free from harmful toxins. 

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Step 7: Celebrate vibrance with lipstick – Lipsticks help add a pop of color and vibe to your lips. They also help them look fuller and enhance their makeup look in more ways than one. 

Mamaearth comes with various lipsticks, from nude to beautiful and vibrant shades. In addition, it has liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, crayons, etc., so you don’t feel a little monotonous using the same shade everywhere you go! 

Which Kind of Foundation Helps Dry Skin?

Dry skin often comes with problems like a dire need for daily hydration, itchiness, irritation, and sometimes inflammation. It needs adequate moisture at any time of the day. Different types of foundations exist in the market today:

  • Watery/semi-liquid texture: These foundations are water-based and thinner. They absorb easily into the skin pores, offer deep hydration, and can be considered the best foundation for dry skin. 
  • Creamy texture: Compared to the first one we just mentioned, these have a thicker, creamier consistency and take time to absorb completely into the skin.
  • Powdery texture: If your skin gets triggered when using any of the two kinds of foundations we just talked about, you can try this one too. It helps maintain oil control, sweat, greasiness on the face, and everything else. 


Dry skin troubles are no joke. They can be frustrating to deal with. But once you begin to follow a healthy skincare routine with the ideal products we discussed, you will see a vast difference in your skin’s natural health. 

Makeup or the cosmetic industry is huge and innovative. Unless you are motivated along the same path, picking the wrong products can be your escape. But if you follow certain enthusiasts online that speak highly of natural makeup products, you will make a better choice for yourself and your skin’s natural health. 

We at Mamaearth thrive harder than yesterday to bring you a versatile range of cosmetics with multipurpose uses and no toxicity. We craft our products with the natural goodness of ingredients like Vitamin C, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, and many more. In addition, we offer products free from harmful toxins and artificial ingredients that suit all skin types. 

Apart from using the correct makeup essentials, you should also pay attention to your body and lifestyle. As they say, ‘The healthier your skin, the lesser makeup you will require,’ it is true. Here are some steps you can take to make your skin naturally healthy:

  • Diet: Ensure you eat a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates. Don’t forget your greens and eat them every day. Avoid junk, oily, and fried food as much as possible. They don’t do any good and boost the bad cholesterol in your body. 
  • Hydration: If you start drinking at least ten glasses of water daily, along with fruit juices, vegetable soups, etc., you will be shocked by the results you witness. Your skin will start feeling less dry and have fewer skin inflammations, and other problems might cease to exist.
  • Sleep: Give your body time to repair itself after the daily fight with the external environment. When you sleep, your body starts repairing the damaged cells and tissues. Hence, those late-night shows you love to binge won’t help you much!
  • Stress: Avoid staying in prolonged stress environments and maintain a good work-life balance. Take as many breaks from work as possible to rejuvenate your body and mind beautifully with gentle care. 
  • Workout: Exercising regularly helps you stay fit, helps the skin’s elasticity, and boosts serotonin levels within the blood cells. It makes the skin look younger and brighter naturally!


  1. Is liquid foundation or powder foundation better for dry skin?

    Liquid foundation is a better choice for dry skin because it helps in offering intense moisturization in just a few drops of use. In addition, it absorbs quickly into the skin, making it look healthy, radiant, and nourished. On the other hand, a powder foundation is better for oily skin as it controls the oil secretion on the face and keeps your face perfect all day.

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