Vitamin C Nourishing Cold Cream with Vitamin C & Honey for Illuminating Moisturization - 100 g

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Anshul Arora Mar 5, 2023
Verified User
Vitamin c nourishing cold cream- I bought it for my sister and her skin type is dry with this moisturizer her face is feeling good compare to other face cream.
Santosh mehndiyaJan 15, 2023
Verified User
This was outstanding. This gave me glow. This is moisturizing.
kamakshiNov 3, 2022
Verified User
The cream has been giving my skin a glowing and dewy appearance for a week now. I feel my skin is deeply moisturized and hydrated after using this product.
apekshaNov 3, 2022
Verified User
Ok this is an honest review. It can be used by those who prefer cold creams and have dry skin. There is an amazing light scent to it... Very less sticky... Very moisturizing. Go and buy it
bhanuNov 3, 2022
Verified User
This moisturizer is really amazing, especially in winter. Just try to apply it after cleaning your face. I used to apply it at night. All we need is a small amount of the product.ou will be satisfied. For winters, I'll have to recommend this.
NibhaNov 3, 2022
Verified User
It is a wonderful cream, but if you want best results use it twice a day after doing face wash in morning and before sleeping. It's good for everyone, even teenagers. Am using it from couple of days and results are quite impressive.
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