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Which is better, a concealer or a foundation?

Concealers and foundations are two essential parts of any makeup process but serve vastly different purposes. A concealer helps hide dark spots, blemishes, acne marks, etc., while a foundation works as a base on which your makeup is based. Concealers offer a higher degree of coverage and thus, using it incorrectly could ruin your makeup. It is advisable to use both for the best results. 

How long does one bottle of concealer last?

While it largely depends on your usage and facial canvas, a 6 ml pack of good-quality face concealer should last six months to a year.

Can I wear concealer every day?

A concealer helps “conceal” or hide your facial blemishes and acne marks. So, if you have a prominent facial feature you’d rather hide, you should use a concealer every day. If it's not the case, you may skip using a concealer altogether. Be sure to use the best concealer that matches your skin type and is made using safe and gentle ingredients. 

Which color corrector is best for dark circles?

You should go for red, pink, orange, or yellow color correctors to diminish the appearance of dark circles. However, it is better to opt for a dark circles removal cream for a more proactive solution. We recommend Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream. It features Cucumber and Peptides that help reduce under-eye dark circles and nourish the under-eye skin.

What is a concealer stick used for?

A concealer stick is a portable makeup accessory that helps you attain medium to full coverage of your dark under-eyes. It is better suited for people who have sensitive (oily or dry) skin. It is easy to apply and is heavily pigmented to offer better coverage. However, makeup experts agree that a glow-based hydrating concealer works better than a concealer stick for most people.

What is the price of a concealer of small size?

A safe and toxin-free concealer should have 5 ml or more of the product. For example, Mamaearth’s Glow Hydrating Concealer is priced at Rs. 499 for a 6 ml pack. 

Can I use concealer without foundation?

A concealer with a hydrating formula can work wonders even without a cc cream or foundation. A concealer makeup process works based on this accessory, and it works like a face serum that helps cover acne marks and blemishes. 

How to use concealer on your face?

You should begin by first washing your face with a safe and gentle face wash or face scrub. Next, apply an alcohol-free face toner to cleanse your skin. Now apply a face primer to smoothen your skin. Apply a concealer shade as per your skin tone and draw out vertical lines. Use a soft sponge to blend it and reapply it if you think the coverage is not enough. This is how you should complete the concealer makeup process. 

How to choose a concealer?

A concealer should match your skin’s natural tone, type, and undertone. The natural tone is easier to figure out (fair, light, medium, or dark), and the type should be one among oily, dry, or a combination. The undertone should be warm, cool, or neutral. Next up is figuring out the level of coverage you need as per your skin’s type and texture. Finally, it would be advisable to check out some seasonal or trending shades. You should also consider the concealer’s price before buying it.

What is concealer in makeup?

Also known as a color corrector, a concealer is a cosmetic that is used to hide or “conceal” blemishes on facial skin. It may also be used to hide dark under-eye circles, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation. In addition, a concealer is applied over the foundation to prevent smudging.

Which is the best concealer?

Some of the best concealers available nowadays have a common set of characteristics. They are natural, safe, gentle, and certified by notable agencies like Made Safe. We recommend you try Mamaearth’s Glow Hydrating Concealer. Made of Vitamin C and Turmeric, it offers 100% Coverage along with 12 Hour Long Stay and 12 Hour Hydration. Being certified by FDA and Made Safe makes it suitable for all Indian skin tones. Besides, this toxin-free cosmetic product is available in three exciting variants.

What is the use of concealer?

As a prominent part of any makeup cycle, a concealer helps hide dark circles, age spots, blemishes, and fine lines. It also helps “conceal” hyperpigmentation and blends those ugly-looking crow’s feet and dark spots with the user’s natural skin tone. You may note that a concealer is thicker than a foundation and thus should be applied on top of a foundation for maximum coverage. 

How to choose a concealer shade for Indian skin?

A concealer is a color corrector that helps hide blemishes and dark spots on the facial skin. Indian skin is often on the wheatish or tanned side, so using a concealer makes sense. You should choose one on the basis of your skin’s natural tone and undertone. You may first apply it to your jawline for a better match. You should also opt for two shades of concealers (one light and one dark). Also, classify your choice as per cool, warm, or neutral undertone. 

Which is the best concealer for oily skin?

The best concealer for oily skin should have three characteristics: safe, oil-free, and non-comedogenic. We recommend opting for Mamaearth’s Glow Hydrating Concealers. They are enriched with Vitamin C and Turmeric and offer 100% Coverage along with 12 Hour Long Stay and 12 Hour Hydration. Being certified by FDA and Made Safe makes them safe for daily use too.

Which is the best concealer for dry skin?

The best concealer makeup product for dry skin should have three characteristics: safe, gentle, and deeply hydrating. We recommend opting for Mamaearth’s Glow Hydrating Concealers. They are enriched with Vitamin C and Turmeric and offer 100% Coverage along with 12-Hour Long Stay and 12-Hour+ Hydration. They are clinically tested to suit all skin tones and are certified by FDA and Made Safe.

When to apply concealer?

You should opt for a concealer after applying foundation. The latter will help create a smoother and flawless base on which you can apply makeup. This will also make the concealer more effective at hiding any blemishes and offering a better grade of spot correction. We recommend that instead of concealer sticks, you opt for a serum-based concealer for the best results. 

What is the Mamaearth Concealer Makeup price?

Mamaearth’s Glow Hydrating Concealer’s price is Rs. 499 for a 6 ml pack.

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