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  1. Which body lotion is best?
  2. With their natural and toxin-free ingredients, Mamaearth Body Lotions are the best. They feature vitamin C, shea butter, honey, and rose water.

  1. Can we apply body lotion on face?
  2. While its end goal is to provide moisturization, body lotion should not be used on the face. It is better to use a safe and gentle face cream like Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream.

  1. Which body lotion is best for summer?
  2. Mamaearth’s Skin Repair Body Lotion for women with Mango and Kokum Butter for Extra Dry Skin is the best body lotion for summers. It comes enriched with mango butter and kokum butter that gently nourish and soothe sensitive skin.

  1. Which body lotion is best in India?
  2. Mamaearth Ubtan Body Lotion with Turmeric and Kokum Butter for Glowing Skin is the best body lotion in India.

  1. How to apply body lotion for men and body lotion for women?
  2. You should take out some lotion on your hands. Then rub it on your palms and apply it in two coats on the rougher parts of your body, like elbows and ankles. You may apply it to the rest of the body later.

  1. What is the Mamaearth body lotion price?
  2. The Mamaearth body lotion price is very economical and pocket-friendly. The Body lotion price is INR 399.

  1. Which is the best whitening body lotion in India?
  2. Mamaearth Ubtan Body Lotion with Turmeric and Kokum Butter for Glowing Skin is the best body lotion in India. Best body lotion for glowing skin.

  1. which Mamaearth body lotion is best for oily skin?
  2. You may use Mamaearth Rose Body Lotion with Rose Water and Milk for Deep Hydration. Enriched with rosewater and shea butter, it provides instant hydration with a non-greasy formula. This body lotion for oily skin works best.

  1. What is the Mamaearth lotion price?
  2. The Mamaearth lotion costs Rs.399.

Mamaearth Body Lotion for the best Body Care Experience

Body lotion is a translucent or opaque, milky white, and fragrant topical preparation that comes enriched with nutrients. It can be applied to the skin with your hands or a cotton plug to make your skin softer and healthier. This skin care product treats issues like sunburn, dryness, roughness, and itchiness that arise from a loss of moisture and adequate nutrition in the skin cells. It is often best to apply it at least once a day, especially after taking a bath.  Skincare experts advise that you should always use a soft, gentle, and nourishing body lotion cream to care for your body- no matter what the weather conditions are. For example, you could opt for the best body lotion for summer and another one for winter if you have oily skin and are worried about being greasy. You may also opt for a good-quality best body lotion for women or men if you are more particular about your skin texture or type. But whatever you do, you should never shy away from using this simple skincare product that helps your skin stay nourished and well-moisturized.

Mamaearth offers you a wide range of soft, gentle, nourishing, and effective mama body lotion. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, and they come free of any strong fragrances too. These products can be used with other skincare elements like body cream, body butter, body scrub, and hand creams without any issues.

Common experiences of using a body lotion

With many choices available online, it is often not easy to find which lotion is best for your body. The situation aggravates when you find that your preferred lotion either do not provide adequate moisture or that it does not seep into the deeper layers of your skin- or worse, it just sits there and makes you look glossy and “sticky.”

The key to finding the best combination of the best body moisturizer, body lotion, and body cream offers the dual benefits of skin nutrition and skin moisturization. If you are looking for the best body lotion for women (or men) or a body lotion cream that goes well with your skincare routine, you are at the right place.

We recommend you consider the following scenarios to figure out the best body lotion in India:

  1. Mild fragrance:- Does your body lotion smell more like a cologne or perfume? If it has a loud fragrance, it may contain harmful additives or toxins. Usually, no good-quality body lotion for men or women ever comes with a strong fragrance.

  1. Proper absorption:- A superficial layer of pollutants or dead cells over your skin could stop the lotion from being absorbed properly. Therefore, you should first exfoliate your skin using a body wash before applying any lotion.

  1. No residue:- We recommend opting for the best body lotion for glowing skin. Some poor-quality lotions could contain petrolatum, a moisturizing agent that forms a water-repellent barrier on the skin. This makes the lotion difficult to absorb, leaving a residue or mark on your skin.

  1. Not greasy or sticky:- A mismatch between your skin type and preferred lotion could lead to an over-application. This could make the skin greasy, especially if you have oily skin. We recommend choosing a non-sticky body lotion for oily skin for the best results.

  1. Skin-friendly:- Sometimes, even using a paraben-free body lotion may not be free from all harmful chemicals or toxins. Applying such a poor-quality product could harm you in ways more than one and could even lead to rashes or inflammation.

  1. Works through the day:- This happens when a skincare product contains less nutritional value than your skin requires. You should then opt for a product that features natural moisturizing agents. Applying it twice a day would help you see better results.

We also recommend that you use body lotion in winter to reduce dryness. For the summer season, opting for the best whitening body lotion for dry skin would also help you just as much.

Comprehensive Body Care Experience with Mamaearth 

Mamaearth offers a comprehensive range of skincare products for your body care regime. You can opt for the following elements for a better experience:

  1. Body care: This comprises hair removal creams and body cream, and features gentle ingredients like rose water and turmeric.

  2. Body butter: This comprises products enriched with coco and coffee, turmeric, and honey. Best meant for dry and oily skin.

  3. Body wash: Cleanse your body of dust and grime with products enriched with vitamin C and charcoal. Available as body wash and soaps. 

  4. Body scrub: Remove tan or purify skin with these body scrubs. These products come enriched with Neem and turmeric, respectively. 

  5. Hand cream: Opt for these vitamin C, coco, and turmeric-enriched creams to beat dryness and avail deep (or intense) moisturization.

Ingredients used in Body Lotions

Here are some of the ingredients used in our range of body lotions:

  1. Vitamin C:  Rich in antioxidants, it resists the oxidative damage caused by the sun’s UV radiation. It also accelerates collagen production, thus helping you with a glowing and radiant appearance.

  2. Honey: It is a natural moisturizing agent that helps retain water content in the skin. If used in the dry winters or humid rainy season, it can also help their skin balance out the harsh weather factors.

  3. Shea Butter: With its natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it softens the skin and makes it gentler. You should always opt for a product enriched with shea butter if you have dry skin.

  4. Rose Water: Rose Water is a soothing agent. It naturally hydrates and tightens pores by driving out toxins and pollutants. Also used in toners, this ingredient makes the lotion non-greasy and non-sticky.

India's Best Body Lotion: Mamaearth Bestsellers

We welcome you to make an informed and smarter choice with our range of bestsellers. You may opt from a wide range of products like Mamaearth whitening body lotion, full body whitening lotion, skin whitening body lotion, vitamin C body lotion, etc., to buy the best-suited product online today. You may also stop by to check the body lotion price on our website today!

  1. Vitamin C Body Lotion with Vitamin C and Honey for Radiant Skin

This popular Vitamin C Body Lotion provides deep hydration with a non-greasy formula. Made of natural ingredients like vitamin C, shea butter, and olive oil, it prevents loss of moisture in your skin. 

  1. Rose Body Lotion with Rose Water and Milk for Deep Hydration

This gentle Rose Body Lotion provides intense hydration with a non-greasy formula. It features hydrating ingredients like rose water, shea butter, milk, and olive oil that soothe the skin and help it retain adequate moisture. 

  1. Ubtan Body Lotion with Turmeric and Kokum Butter for Glowing Skin

 Made of turmeric and kokum butter, this Ubtan Body Lotion provides the dual benefits of instant glow and deep moisturization. It also comes enriched with shea butter and olive oil that provide anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. CoCo Body Lotion with Coffee and Cocoa for Intense Moisturization

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. With Goodness Inside it, this CoCo Body Lotion cream comes enriched with coffee, cocoa butter, and olive oil to help your skin stay free from dryness. Its regular application would keep your skin young and fresh.

  1. Vitamin C Nourishing Cold Cream with Vitamin C & Honey for Illuminating Moisturization

This Vitamin C Nourishing Cold Cream provides deep nourishment and instant skin whitening benefits. Its lightweight formula contains the goodness of vitamin C, organic lemon oil, and honey that accelerates the cell regeneration process.

  1. CoCo Nourishing Cold Cream with Coffee and Vitamin E For Rich Moisturization

This CoCo Nourishing Cold Cream features coffee, coconut oil, organic almond oil, and vitamin E. They prevent loss of moisture and reduce inflammation. It is the first Made Safe certified old cream in India.

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Body Lotion Price List in India

Body Lotion Products List Price
Vitamin C Body Lotion with Vitamin C and Honey for Radiant Skin - 400 ml Rs 399
Rose Body Lotion with Rose Water and Milk For Deep Hydration - 400ml Rs 399


Mamaearth products price list was last updated on Mar 20, 2023