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  1. What are the benefits of honey malai for the face?
  2. Honey and malai are known for their moisturizing and skin-healing benefits. While honey is a natural humectant and is rich in antioxidants and antiseptic properties, malai is filled with proteins and healthy fats. Thus, the blend of these two moisturizing ingredients offers innumerable skin benefits. It nourishes the skin, relieves dry and flaky skin texture, and makes skin soft and supple. In addition, the duo naturally brightens the skin complexion and reduces blemishes and dark spots. So, applying malai and honey regularly on the face helps you have a spotless, radiant skin texture.

  1. Can I use this honey and malai lotion daily?
  2. Yes, you should. Using Mamaearth Honey Malai lotion keeps the dryness and irritation at bay while lending a soft, bright skin texture. It is MadeSafe approved lotion that assures your skin will remain unharmed from any harsh chemicals. In addition, it contains the goodness of honey and malai, which boosts skin health by keeping it nourished and hydrated.

  1. What is the price of malai and honey for face body lotion?
  2. Honey Malai Body Lotion costs Rs. 449 for a 400 ml pack, while Honey Malai Oil-Free Face Moisturizer costs Rs 319 for an 80g pack.

  1. How to use honey for face glow?
  2. To attain a glow on the face, you may mix malai with honey and apply it on your face. While applying it, massage it on your face upward for 2 to 3 minutes to stimulate blood circulation in the skin. Let this mask stay applied for some minutes so that honey and malai can nourish the skin surface to revitalize the skin tissues. In addition, to use honey on a daily basis, you should look for honey-based skincare products to make your glow permanent on the skin.

A Detailed Take on the Skin Benefits of Honey & Malai 

Our kitchen has always been praised for extending great help in beauty. There are plenty of ingredients found in the kitchen which are considered a boon for skin health. Malai and honey are those remedies that are still rampant today. Deemed to be one of the gentlest combinations, honey and malai have played a vital role in beauty rituals for centuries. 

The saturated fat content of malai is extremely moisturizing to cure dry and damaged skin barriers. Likewise, honey is another moisturizing ingredient that has been valued for ages. Full of essential proteins and minerals, honey and malai are known to be multitaskers when it comes to pampering skin health. From relieving irritated and sensitive barriers to imparting an everlasting glow, honey and malai encourage healthy skin cell functioning. 

Honey and malai play a defining role in the beauty industry. From being a promising participant in skincare products to yielding magic in DIYs, these two ingredients offer proven benefits to enhance your skin’s texture and radiance.

At Mamaearth, we have brought an incredible Honey Malai range that exhibits the natural goodness of these two ingredients. In addition, we have infused the richness of other nourishing ingredients to make this range one-of-a-kind. With this range, we upheld our tradition of providing safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare solutions to all your skincare needs. These MadeSafe-approved skincare products offer the Goodness of Nature with no toxins involved.

Honey & Malai for softer and well-nourished skin

In an era where self-care has become imperative, people are ditching the aggressors and are switching towards gentler ingredients. Malai is one ingredient even our ancestors would not stop gushing about its advantages. It is a yellowish cream obtained from heating non-homogenized milk. One of the leading benefits of Malai is improving skin tone by keeping its hydration level balanced. 

Honey is a thick and dark-colored liquid produced by honeybees. It contains various nutrients and essential antioxidants to benefit skin health. It is a natural sweetener that adds flavor to the food. It acts as a natural moisturizer and antiseptic that encourages skin healing and repairing process. In addition, using honey for face glow is an age-old practice that helps cure dullness.

Not just skin health, taking a spoonful of honey a day helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. More importantly, it is a healthier alternative to processed sugar for people with elevated blood sugar levels. So, combining these two ingredients works wonders for skin health. Here are some proven benefits of honey and malai for face

Benefits of adding honey and malai to your skincare routine 

  • Deep moisturization:- Moisturization is the basic rule in skincare which promotes a healthy glow. Being rich in healthy fat, malai effectively combats redness and itchiness caused due to dryness. The thick layer of this milk cream contains fats that repair the damaged skin tissues and cure dry patches in no time. Honey contains natural moisturizing agents that tackle dry patches and relieve acne breakouts. So, we welcome you to try the goodness of malai and honey. You should then gently massage the duo on your face to stimulate the blood flow in the skin.
  • Brightens the skin:- Our skin is prone to changes based on the season. Whether it is drying and chilly winter months or harsh summers, our skin finds it difficult to adapt to the changes. Malai and honey contain essential nutrients that aid skin cell regeneration and tissue repair. In addition, with a high lactic acid content, malai supports even skin tone. Thus, applying Malai and honey to the face helps brightens the complexion and makes it softer, suppler, and healthier.
  • Reverses aging signs:- As we age, we find ourselves drawn to traditional yet effective remedies. Applying malai and honey for skin care is a practice that even our grandmothers swear by. Malai exhibits a richness of essential proteins and vitamins that initiates collagen production, effectively tackling skin sagging. Honey contains many essential antioxidants that promote healthy and youthful skin. In addition, it also helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It also has antibacterial properties that drive out minor infections that might have otherwise caused pimples or rashes. This is especially true for people with dry, oily, or acne-prone skin.
  • Removes dark spots:- Dealing with dark spots is never easy for anyone. It invites additional troubles of dullness and tired skin appearance. Regular usage of malai and honey for face effectively counters stubborn dark spots and blemishes. It not only brightens the skin texture but also helps reduce acne scars and hyperpigmentation. In addition, the presence of lactic acid in Malai and the antioxidant in honey help the skin eliminate spots and acne marks.
  • Acts as a pore cleanser:- Malai and Honey make a perfect blend to cleanse pores and eliminate blackheads and whiteheads. Honey is enriched with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, which help you get rid of blackheads by removing dirt from pores. On the other hand, malai keeps skin hydrated while tightening the skin pores for a clear-looking complexion. So, take a small amount of honey, mix it with milk cream, and massage it upward for 2-3 minutes for healthy skin pores.
  • Serves as a gentle exfoliator:- Harsh, chemically-enriched scrubs may cause redness and aggravate irritation. But honey malayi are known for their gentler nature. They act as a mild exfoliant that sloughs off the dead skin layer gently and wipes out the dullness from the skin. Such a face scrub makes your face clearer and helps you have a brighter texture. In addition, the duo's presence ensures your skin gets the optimum hydration to remain moisturized and nourished.

Mamaearth Bestsellers: Try Our Honey & Malai-enriched Skincare Products  

  1. Honey Malai Moisturizer:- Reveal the brighter you with our Honey Malai Moisturizer. The incredible blend of Honey and Malai soothes dry, flaky skin while delivering a long-lasting glow. Its oil-free moisturizing formula reaches deep into the skin tissues without leaving any greasy residue behind. While honey soothes dryness and nourishes the skin tissues, malai softens the skin, thus helping it stay radiant.
  2. Honey Malai Face Scrub:- Make way for a nourishing yet powerful facial exfoliator- Honey Malai Face Scrub. This toxin-free face scrub comes enriched with the natural goodness of these two moisturizing ingredients. They gently remove dead skin cells to impart a natural shine. In addition, they effectively unclog your pores, slough off the dullness, and clear out any bacterial infection in the pores.
  3. Honey Malai Face Wash:- Bid farewell to dull and tired-looking skin texture with our Honey Malai Face Wash. Prepared with the age-old glow recipe of honey and malai, this face wash ensures your skin gets adequate nourishment even during cleansing. In addition, it provides a burst of freshness and keeps skin away from dirt and debris, leaving clean, healthy, and hydrated skin.
  4. Honey Malai Cold Cream:- Turn your brightness quotients on with our Honey Malai Cold Cream. Winters can be harsh for skin health, thus presenting a wholesome blend of Malai and honey to soothe skin’s roughness. This face moisturizer or cold cream deeply nourishes the skin, brightens the complexion, and locks in moisture without making it sticky. In addition, the richness of malai and honey makes your skin buttery soft and smooth.
  5. Honey Malai Body Lotion:- Do you wish to have cotton-like soft skin? If yes, add this body lotion to your skincare stash and pamper your skin with its super-soft consistency. This honey malai body lotion super comfortable blend of honey and malai relieves dry and itchy skin, boosts hydration, and makes it appear bright and healthy. Its soft, buttery texture adds an abundance of glow to your body without making it greasy.
  6. Honey Malai Body Wash:- The perfect moisture boost for your body is here- Honey Malai Body Wash. Part ways from the germs sitting deep in your skin pores with the tried-and-tested remedy of honey and malai. This body wash has deep cleansing formula which encourages healthier skin texture without affecting natural moisture. So, attain buttery soft skin by bringing this beauty home!

Star Ingredients

  • Honey: Honey is a natural humectant that cleanses skin pores, sloughs off dead skin, and boosts skin moisture. It is also efficient in brightening the skin, making it soft and radiant.
  • Malai: Malai is a deeply nourishing ingredient that adds a healthy glow by defying dryness and dullness. In addition, its moisturizing goodness keeps skin away from breakouts and dry patches.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is full of essential nutrients that support skin wellness. It exhibits healing benefits and moisturizing qualities that help reduce blemishes, dry patches, and spots.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E contains antioxidants that promote skin firmness and spotless texture. It is also effective in lessening inflammation and improving moisture and elasticity in the skin.
  • Almond Oil: It is a natural emollient that deeply nourishes skin cells and makes them appear brighter. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that brightens the complexion.

Opt for the Goodness of Nature! 

For centuries, ingredients like honey and malai have been integral to skincare. Owing to its multitasking role in the domain of self-care, they have been a vital participant in many skincare products. At Mamaearth, we have redefined their magic by extracting their goodness in our Honey Malai range. As powerhouses of nutrients, they have abundant goodness to offer to fix your skincare troubles. From facial scrubs to gentle face cream, we have introduced a gentle yet effective range of skincare products to answer your needs. Being Asia’s first brand to offer MadeSafe-approved products, we happily spread goodness through our toxin-free skincare products. So, grab your beauty essentials and let your beauty journey be cruelty, and toxin-free.

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Honey and Malai Products List in India

Honey and Malai Products List Price
Honey Malai Night Cream with Honey & Malai for Nourishing Glow - 50 g Rs 599
Honey Malai Day Cream with Honey & Malai for Nourishing Glow - 50 g Rs 599
Honey Malai Oil-Free Face Moisturizer with Honey & Malai For Nourishing Glow - 80 g Rs 319
Honey Malai Face Scrub with Honey & Malai for Nourishing Glow - 100 g Rs 349
Honey Malai Face Wash with Honey & Malai For Nourishing Glow - 100 ml Rs 259
Honey Malai Cold Cream with Honey & Malai For Nourishing Glow - 200 g Rs 349
Honey Malai Body Lotion with Honey & Malai for Nourishing Glow - 400 ml Rs 449
Honey Malai Body Wash with Honey & Malai for Nourishing Glow - 300 ml Rs 349

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on May 30, 2023