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  1. When to start oil massages for a newborn baby?
  2. Experts recommend waiting between 10 days and two weeks before starting an oil massage for a newborn baby.

  1. Which oil is best for baby massage for strong bones?
  2. Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies is the best oil for building strong bones.

  1. Is Mamaearth baby oil safe?
  2. Yes. Mamaearth Baby oil is safe for use as it does not contain any harmful ingredients and is made with natural ingredients.

Mamaearth Baby Oils for Healthier Baby Growth

One look at your baby, and you know you would do everything in your power to protect them. Welcome to the journey of Parenthood. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re sure that it’s worth the ride, and we are with you on this long journey. We start the process with strengthening a newborn’s muscles- and you can do it by giving him a regular massage with the best baby oil. It is a proven fact that massaging a baby is also known to boost digestion, help gain weight, improve blood circulation, and ease teething pain. Most mums massage their babies with the best baby oil every day, before or after bathing them. Massaging a newborn with the best baby oil for skin relieves your baby’s tender skin of inflammation and rashes. And, for massaging your baby, you need an oil that doesn’t harm your baby’s soft and smooth skin. We recommend using Mamaearth baby oil, it is deeply nourishing, completely toxin-free, and made of natural ingredients. So, you don’t have a fear of facing any side effects on the delicate skin of your infant. 

Decoding the Benefits of Oil Massage for Your Baby

It is important to massage your toddler’s tender and sensitive skin with a mild baby massage oil meant for his tender skin, no matter the weather. Baby oil that are good for your baby are Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil (in summers), mustard oil, olive oil for baby, almond oil, and tea tree oil (in winters). 
Here are some benefits of oil massage for babies:

  1. Makes Baby’s Muscles and Bones Stronger: Bones are the building blocks of our body. Massaging regularly helps in the formation of the baby’s muscles and bones. Although all infants benefit from a good massage, premature babies who receive oil massages also have sh0wn to gain weight and form healthy bones. Also, it is important to keep in mind that not all the best baby oil will work due to the massaging technique or the ingredients they carry. 
  2.  Makes his Skin Smooth and Supple: A baby’s skin is extremely delicate. As a result, it is prone to inflammation, rashes, redness, and other issues. However, a regular oil massage will help keep a baby’s skin soft, supple, bright, and smooth.
  3. Moisturizes and Improves Blood Circulation: You can protect your little one’s soft baby skin with the best olive oil as it has nourishing properties during winters. In addition, a gentle, soothing olive oil massage can leave your child’s skin smoother and softer than it already was!. In addition, a regular massage with baby oil for skin whitening can help your baby calm down. Your touch and mild warmth would together help him know that you are near, and it would also improve his blood circulation.
  4. Improves Digestion: Newborn baby suffers from serious digestion problems. Digestion problems, such as colic, gas, and constipation, can cause a lot of distress to a tiny baby. However, regular massaging helps stimulate the vagus nerve that connects the brain to the stomach and other important parts of the body which in turn helps in improving digestion, bowel movement, and weight gain. 
  5. Improves Sleep Quality: Be it an infant or a full-grown adult, body massage is a magic wand that can help them fall asleep anytime. Massaging with the best almond oil for baby could relax your baby so that he can sleep better. 
  6. Good for Hair Health: With the best baby hair oil, you can help your baby’s hair soften if it’s rough or coarse. Olive oil for baby is the best source of Vitamin E because it can enhance the texture of the hair and moisturize it.

Massaging Guide 101: How to Give Your Baby a Gentle Massage?

Daily infant massage is a great way to bond with your baby. As discussed above, massaging with this oil has many benefits for you and your little one. Here are some expert tips to help you along the way:

  • Legs and Shoulders: Hold your baby’s heel in one hand. Start massaging with this baby oil for skin at the top of the thigh and slowly stroke down to the ankle with your other hand. Reserve the motion and go from ankle to thigh. You can do these same strokes on the arms and hands.
  • Head: Start with your hands on both sides of your baby’s head. Now run your hands down both sides of his body, from his head to toes. Next, draw tiny circles on your baby’s head with your fingertips.
  • Chest: Fold your hands on your baby’s chest, then push out to the sides as if you were smoothing the pages of an open book.
  • Tummy: Draw an oval below your baby’s belly button with your fingertips. Next, “walk” your fingertips from one side of your baby’s belly to the other.
  • Back: Stroke his backside to side and then up and down. 

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Infant Massaging Tips

  1. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind before giving your newborn an infant massage. 
  2. Make infant massage part of your daily routine.
  3. Choose the best massage oil: it can be either edible, unscented, or cold-pressed fruit or vegetable oil.
  4. Follow your baby’s cues.
  5. Be gentle and avoid applying too much pressure on the baby’s skin. 

Star Ingredients in Our Baby Oil Range

  1. Sesame Oil: This oil is rich in zinc, improving skin elasticity and smoothness. Also, it helps in protecting the baby’s skin from harmful UV rays.
  2. Almond Oil: Extracted from almond seeds, it gives your baby soft and moisturized skin as it is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, & E. 
  3. Jojoba Oil: A non-allergic oil that helps soothe in baby’s irritated, itchy, and chafed skin. 
  4. Avocado Oil: Avocado Oil penetrates the hair shafts to offer intense moisturization.

Pamper Your Baby’s Gentle Skin with Goodness of Mamaearth

Committed to delivering the goodness 0f nature, we highly prioritize our selection of ingredients and only choose the natural ingredients, as we want our products to be toxin-free and safe for everyone. We, at Mamaearth, understand that your newborn baby is everything to you, and you wish to give them the best of everything. Therefore, we work hard to build the right baby care routine with safe products, such as the best baby oil, best baby shampoo, baby diaper, and much more. Mamaearth is Asia’s 1st brand that has acclaimed the title of “MADE SAFE Certified” because our products do not contain harmful substances such as Sulphates and Parabens. 

Mamaearth's Best-Selling Baby Oil

Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies 
Enriched with jojoba oil, almond oil for baby, avocado oil, and other natural ingredients, this is one of the best options because it fosters healthier hair growth in the babies and nourishes their scalp properly. It is enriched with Vitamin A, B, D, & E to help in providing nutrition to the hair roots. Also, Jojoba oil effectively treats the dry scalp of the baby. Consisting of antioxidants, minerals, biotin, and vitamins helps stimulate blood flow, strengthen hair roots, and unclog the hair follicles. In addition, this nourishing hair oil combines Almond, Lavender, and Coconut oil which soothes irritation and comforts the scalp suffering from cradle crap.

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Baby Oil Price List in India

Baby Oil Product List Price
Welcome Baby Essential Kit Rs 999
Baby Essential Hamper Kit Rs 999
Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies with Almond and Avocado Oil - 200 ml Rs 399
Soothing Massage Oil for Babies with Sesame, Almond, and Jojoba Oil - 200ml Rs 399
Soothing Massage Oil, 100ml Rs 299
Nourishing Hair Oil for babies, 100ml Rs 299


Mamaearth products price list was last updated on Jan 29, 2023