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Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash with Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid for Acne and Pimples - 150ml

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SupriyaOct 12, 2023
Verified User
i started using a salicylic acid face wash to help keep my breakouts under control...salicylic acid helps get rid of acne and blackheads which is great for my oily skin...this face wash foams up good and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry...since using it, my breakouts have gone down and pores look less clogged...also clears up any bumps fast if i do get a pimple...really nice acne fighting face wash that doesn't over great so far!
Panchu Gopal BanerjeeOct 12, 2023
Verified User
I bought a salicylic acid foaming face wash to help treat my acne and breakouts...Salicylic acid is amazing for clearing up pimples and blackheads...This face wash lathers up nicely and rinses clean...My skin feels fresh but not stripped tight after use...Since using this salicylic face wash, my breakouts have decreased and pores look cleaner...Really helps reduce oiliness and acne without drying out my skin...Great daily face wash if you're breakout prone and want to prevent acne!
ChiragOct 5, 2023
Verified User
i started using a tea tree foaming face wash to help fight breakouts and blemishes...tea tree oil is great for reducing acne...this face wash foams up good and leaves my skin feeling refreshed...i use it twice a day and have noticed my skin is clearer with no new pimples...helps heal existing blemishes faster too without over drying...really nice tea tree face wash for preventing and clearing up acne without stripping the great!
Fahi FasilSep 18, 2023
Verified User
I recently bought a foaming face wash with tea tree oil to help clear up my acne...Tea tree oil is amazing at fighting blemishes...This face wash lathers up nicely and rinses clean...My skin looks less broken out after using for a week...No new pimples and existing ones heal up faster thanks to the tea tree...Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight...Really impressed so far with this tea tree foaming wash for treating acne without stripping moisture!
Md Anbarul khanAug 25, 2023
Verified User
As sumone struggling with breakouts, I needed a face wash with ingredents to fight acne and cleer pores. I picked up this salicylic acid face wash after seeing good reviews. It's only been a few days but this stuff is amazinggg for my oily skin! The salicylic acid penetrates deep to unclog pores and prevent new zits from forming. My skins not as oily thruout the day anymore. The gel wash lathers nicely and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean but not dry....My breakouts have def calmed down since starting this face wash. I use it morning and nite. Highly reccomend this for acne prone or oily skin!
Sandhya dhamotharan Aug 24, 2023
Verified User
I have sensitiv skin but still deal with occasional breakouts and need something gentle. I decided to try this tea tree foaming face wash. It lathers into a nice soothing foam that doesn't overdry or irrtate my skin. The tea tree oil helps kill bacteria to keep zits away without being harsh. My skin looks less dull and congested after washing with this. I use morning and evening...It leaves skin clean but not tight and stripped. No more irritation but still helps prevent acne when used daily! If you have sensitiv, acne-prone skin like me this gentle face wash is perfect. The tea tree smell is light and refreshing too.
Jagguu RajAug 2, 2023
Verified User
Finally, a face wash that tackles blackheads upto a great extent.... I've been struggling with stubborn blackheads on my nose and chin, and this salicylic acid face wash has been a my top choice.... The exfoliating properties of salicylic acid gently unclog pores and remove dirt and impurities, making my blackheads less noticeable with each use. It doesn't irritate or cause any redness which is a huge plus for my sensitive skin..
Muskaan Mehfooz Jul 21, 2023
Verified User
As someone who has struggled with acne for years, finding the right face wash has been a constant challenge. But, my search finally ended when I discovered the salicylic acid face wash! This product has been a really good product for my skin. The salicylic acid formula has helped to clear my breakouts and control excess oil without causing dryness or irritation. It's gentle enough for daily use and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. I've noticed a significant improvement in my complexion.