Oil-Free Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar & Salicylic Acid for Acne-Prone Skin– 250 ml

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piyushJul 6, 2023
Verified User
I started using a new face wash for my breakouts and it's really helping clear up my skin...It contains salicylic acid which is great for preventing acne...The face wash foams up nicely and rinses clean...My skin looks less broken out after using this acne face wash for a week...Helps heal existing blemishes faster too...My skin feels fresh and clean without being dried out...Loving this face wash so far for treating my acne without over drying!
AlnaMay 8, 2023
Verified User
I recently bought a face wash for acne prone skin to help clear up my breakouts...It contains tea tree oil which helps fight blemishes...The face wash lathers up good and has a nice scent...After using for a few days, my existing pimples look less red and are healing faster...Also no new breakouts so far which is great...Really nice face wash for acne prone skin that clears up existing acne without drying out my face!
Vaishali vermaMar 15, 2023
Verified User
i picked up an acne face wash for my oily sensitive skin and its been working great...contains salicylic acid to reduce breakouts which is perfect for my acne prone skin...foams up nicely and leaves skin feeling clean but not stripped or tight...noticed my breakouts going down and oiliness controlled after just a week of use...clears up blemishes without new ones popping up...great acne fighting face wash for oily breakout prone skin!
ShreeSep 29, 2022
Verified User
I started using an anti acne face wash with tea tree oil that's really helping clear up my breakouts...Tea tree fights blemishes which is just what I needed...This face wash lathers well and rinses clean...After using for a few days, my existing pimples aren't as red or swollen looking...Haven't had any new breakouts emerge either...Really nice anti acne face wash that treats breakouts without drying out my skin...Working great so far!
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