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Neem Face Mask with Neem and Tea Tree for Pimples and Zits, 100 ml

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BasavarajMar 6, 2023
Verified User
I have struggled with acne and oily skin for years, but this neem face mask has been a really good product that has suited me well. I was looking for a natural solution to combat my skin issues, and this mask did not disappoint. It's easy to apply and the gentle texture feels fresh on my face. After using it regularly, my skin looks clearer and less oily.
Priyanka Oct 16, 2022
Verified User
I can't believe the difference this neem face mask has made for my skin. I've always struggled with occasional breakouts and redness, but this mask has been a savior. It's like a deep cleanse for my pores, and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and smooth. My breakouts have reduced significantly, and my face looks more even-toned. I'm so happy to have found a reliable and affordable solution for my skincare problems.
Mehak SinghalAug 23, 2022
Verified User
This neem face mask from this brand is my fav.....Cleans my skin.... and helped me combat acne breakouts...that's like my life got saved!......I started using this face pack for acne...bcz I was fed up with pimple situation....and my face was paining...but this neem face pack...came into my sight....and everything sorted....reduced acne and the pain is also gone now!.......Huge respect for this product!
Soujanya hegde Aug 10, 2022
Verified User
Absolutely awesome neem face pack.....My skin got blessed after using this...Acne breakouts got reduced and made my skin clear and healthy...Very good for oily skin type like me....Removes excess oil and keep the skin naturally clear....Love it!
AGAMJul 31, 2022
Verified User
RituJul 4, 2022
Verified User
This neem face pack just made my life easy......Can not stress enough that this just purified my skin and making it clearer day by day. Skin feels refreshing after every use of this Mamaearth face pack for pimples and dark spots.
Rahul Bhattacharya Jun 28, 2022
Verified User
Good product
Bharati Kamble Jun 28, 2022
Verified User
I like the product becoz it really give good result on the skin