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Anti Mosquito Fabric Roll On, 8ml

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Manpreet SinghAug 29, 2023
Verified User
I roll some onto my skin before going outside and it really does seem to prevent lots of annoying mosquito bits! The orange scent also keeps the bugs at bay. The roller ball makes reapplying super easy too. And it feels soothing on my skin, not greasy...Perfect to throw in my beach bag this summer! If your looking for a simple, natural mosquito repelant def try this roll on, it realy works.
Sidra RahmanAug 29, 2023
Verified User
My sister told me about this sticky fabric roller for mosquitos bites. It makes getting rid of mosquitos from clothes so quick and easy! Just gently roll it over your clothes and it picks up all the mosquito bits immediatly. Way faster and better than any other product...Makes my clothes look clean and bug free after being outside. This is a total game changer for removing mosquitos from clothing! I keep one in my purse at all times now. Highly reccomend this roll on for anyone who deals with mosquito bits on there clothes.
Rajat KumarAug 29, 2023
Verified User
I'm always looking for natural repelants. I found this mosquito essential oil roll on and decided to try it. It has oils like citronella to help keep the mosquitos away without chemicals. I put some rolls on my skin before going out...and it really does seem to help prevent so many bites! The smel also keeps mosquitos away. The roller ball makes it easy to put on more as needed. And the oils feel nice on skin, not greasy...Perfect to throw in my bag for summer hikes and camping! If you want a easy natural mosquito repelant this roll on is great.
Shehla KhanAug 29, 2023
Verified User
As someone who gets bit alot by mosquitos, I needed something to get them off my clothes...Tried lots of stuff but nothing worked that good. My friend told me about this sticky fabric roll on for mosquitos. OMG it works so amazing! Just roll it over your clothes lightly and it picks up all the mosquitos. Way easier and faster than tape or brushes...Gets rid of all the bugs without pulling your clothes. Makes clothes look clean again after being outside...This stick is going in my purse now so I can use it anytime. Highly reccommend for anyone who gets mosquito bits on there clothes while outside!
VikramAug 23, 2022
Verified User
mosquito roll on for babies is very needed where I live....In the location where I live, mosquitoes are a major issue.... My infant's health was at stake because of this mamaearth underarm roll on. This mosquito roll on has proven to be an effective to those niggling bugs and protects my family from illnesses. Additionally, this mosquito fabric roll on is very simple to use. Mamaearth, thank you
ChahatApr 27, 2022
Verified User
Used this mamaearth mosquito repellent fabric roll on for my daughter ...the main thing i noticed that it is made of all natural ingredients from all toxins..protects my daughter from mosquitoes and stays for long hours...Cool product...keeps mother worryfree.
ManyaApr 11, 2022
Verified User
I ordered this Mosquito Roll on for Babies for my 5 month old daughter and received it on 27th Oct. Prompt delivery and good packaging by mamaearth as always!
RajeevJan 25, 2022
Verified User
Mom of a 9 months old baby...and she has a very sensitive skin....and this fabric roll on was quite good for her skin...didnt gave any type of allergy or irritation...smell was not harsh to her eyes!..helped us alot during summers.....even i tried it on my skin....Ossm purchase!