Lemon Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Lemon & Ginger for up to 100% Dandruff & Itch-free Scalp- 250 ml

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Dipanwita Ghosh Oct 25, 2023
Verified User
It's just amazing, I love this shampoo.
Asha Gupta Oct 7, 2023
Verified User
It effectively soothes the itchy scalp and reduces my dandruff. I feel so good as I was actually tensed due to my dandruff but this lemon anti dandruff shampoo makes it all easy and makes my hairs soft.shiny,and dandruff free.
Indu ChaudharyAug 22, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth lemon anti dandruff shampoo is best solution for dandruff. It reduce dandruff effectively.
Mumtaz hawariAug 1, 2023
Verified User
As someone with an itchy, irritated scalp, I'm always looking for shampoos that soothe without stripping my hair. This new scalp shampoo is an affordable drugstore find that actually delivers. It lathers nicely and the peppermint and tea tree oils give a cooling, tingly sensation. After washing with this shampoo, my scalp itchiness and flakiness is significantly reduced. It leaves my hair clean and refreshed without drying it out. The price is easy on my wallet and the soothing results are a game changer for my irritable scalp. I’m hooked on this scalp-saving shampoo.
Priyanka Jul 9, 2023
Verified User
This lemon shampoo give me fresh feeling after using it! The lemon smell is so good and it leaves my hair smelling amazing all day. The shampoo effectively removes excess oil and buildup leaving my hair feeling clean and light after using it. The added shine and bounce are noticeable after just a few uses. It's like a refreshing spa experience every time I shower. Highly recommended for all who r reading this.
AradhyaJul 3, 2023
Verified User
This mamaearth lemon anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner is my fav....I started from this shampoo only...but then ordered conditioner too...My hair got saved bruh!.....I was having massive hairfall and dryness in my scalp...but this has reduced both!...Gonna continue using it!
Pooja Nathwani Jun 28, 2023
Verified User
I have too much dandruff.. so I tried lemon Anti-dandruff shampoo.. and I am very impressed with Mamaearth's this amazing product.. reduces my dandruff.. made my hair healthy and nourished.. keeps my hair smooth and shiny... I am very happy with this natural and chemical free products..
AbhijeetJun 14, 2023
Verified User
I'm a guy who cares about his hair, and this lemon shampoo does the trick. It makes my hair look shiny and clean without any issue. The lemon smell is nice and not too strong. The bottle is also good quantity wise and that's great cus it is good in quality and quantity it's a great shampoo! and it is free from all the harmful chemicals