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Upasana Pravalika NMar 17, 2023
Verified User
I can't stop talking about this almond hair oil It's like a magic for my hair. The oil has a lovely mild smell and it is not too strong as I said it's mild and it's so lightweight, which I appreciate since I have fine hair. After using it regularly my hair feels softer and looks shinnier. It's become a must have in my hair care routine and the results are really positive I have noticed my hair getting thick.
Priyanka SemwalMar 17, 2023
Verified User
If you want smooth frizz free hair you need to try this almond hair oil. It's like a secret weapon for making hair look good and also to make my hair look good and shinny. I apply a little bit to the ends of my hair, and it works wonders. No more frizzy mess just smooth I can easily manage my hair and I don't have to worry about my hair looking puffed after taking a bath.
Ahana SenMar 17, 2023
Verified User
I have been using Mamaearth non-sticky Almond Oil Booster for a while now and couldn't be happier with the results. It has treated dry strands and split ends, and made my hair look dull and thin. This non-sticky oil really helped me with my dry strands while promoting the Growth of newer strands.
Kavitha KaurMar 17, 2023
Verified User
As someone who loves natural hair care this almond hair oil is a winner. It's packed with nourishing ingredients that make my hair feel healthy and happy. I like to use it as a pre shampoo treatment... and my hair feels so soft and hydrated after washing. It's like giving my hair a nutritious treat and it gives me a extra shine after using it and the smell is also really good.
Tina JosephMar 17, 2023
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Almond and Coconut Oil have always been in my hair care regimen due to their nourishing and restorative properties. When I chose this Almond Hair Oil Booster with Vitamin E, I was really surprised to see its non-sticky formulation and the results it provides. The results are promising and amazing.
Neelima ShastriMar 17, 2023
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Mamaearth Almond Hair Oil Booster for hair has a very lightweight formulation that gets quickly absorbed on your scalp. It is really nourishing and gentle for the scalp. The perfect hair growth therapy one could find in the market right now. Great Product, indeed!
Kritika SandujaAug 8, 2022
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After COVID-19, I was losing lots of hair. Then one of my friends saw a promising review of Mamaearth Almond Hair Oil Booster for Hair Growth online for females. She wanted me to give it a try. I bought this amazing product two months ago and cannot thank almond hair oil booster for healthy hair growth and lesser hair fall. Its non-sticky formula makes it easy to use, even for females with long hair.
Biswajit pradhan Aug 5, 2022
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Excellent product