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Charcoal Face Wash for Oil Control, 100ml

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Sanvi Sharma Sep 20, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth charcoal face wash is excellent n effective product for derp cleansing, it removes excess oil n makes my skin oil free, pimples free, clean n healthy skin……highly recommended n worth buying
SaurabhSep 18, 2023
Verified User
Its a very good face wash and 100percent oil free
Subha Mondal Sep 18, 2023
Verified User
As I'm using this face wash for 4 months, it's helps to glow my skin ...
Mani SharmaAug 29, 2023
Verified User
Excellent product for deep cleansing. I like my clear skin after using it, also told many use it. Thanks mamaearth
jatin khatriAug 26, 2023
Verified User
I have issues with clogged enlarged pores and was looking for a deep cleansing face wash to help. I picked up this charcoal face wash and it def does the trick! The activated charcoal penetrates deep into pores to draw out all the gunk. My pores look less congested and smaller in size after using this. It lathers nicely and rinses clean without drying out my skin. My face looks fresher and less dull now that pores are de-clogged thanks to this face wash. The color is neat too - dark gray foamy lather. Highly recco for oily skin or enlarged pores! Deep clean without over drying.
Subham Fadikar Aug 20, 2023
Verified User
As sumone with oily skin, I'm always looking for face washes that really deep clean without overdrying. I decided to try this charcoal face wash becuz charcoal draws out impurities. After using it just a few times, I'm very impressed! It cleanses so thorough but leaves my skin feeling balanced-not dry or tight. The charcoal draws out dirt from pores and absorbs excess oil too. My face looks way less shiny throughout the day now. The dark gray lather is cool looking too. Highly recco this for oily or acne prone skin! Leaves skin squeaky clean but not stripped.
neha marwahaAug 3, 2023
Verified User
I have sensitive skin and have to be careful with the products I use, but this charcoal face wash is perfect. It's gentle yet effective at removing dirt and oil. I appreciate that it's free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. After washing, my skin feels clean and refreshed, without any irritation. This has become a must-have in my skincare routine.
Rushi Jul 9, 2023
Verified User
I've struggled with oily skin for years, but this charcoal face wash is a game-changer! It effectively removes excess oil and impurities without over-drying my skin. After just a few days of use, I noticed a significant reduction in shine, and my pores appear smaller. The refreshing scent is a bonus, and my skin feels clean and fresh after each use. I highly recommend this face wash to anyone dealing with oily skin issues.