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  1. How to use rose oil on the face?
  2. You cannot use the rose oil directly on the face. However, you can mix it with carrier oil and make yourself a perfect addition to your skincare regimen. You can use it for facial skincare and makeup products.

  1. What is Rose oil?
  2. Derived from the petals of Damascus Rose (Rosa Damascene), Rose oil is an aromatic oil that is extracted through the steam distillation process. This essential oil contains several vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and compounds such as Citronella, Geraniol, Nerol, and nonadecane. Therefore, it is one powerful ingredient that contains rejuvenating, anti-bacterial, moisturizing, and nourishing properties for the skin.

  1. How is rose oil made?
  2. Rose oil can be extracted through the steam distillation process. It is an exhaustive process, and this oil is considered one of the most expensive oils in the world. It takes about 1o KGs of rose petals (10,000 -12,000) to make just 5 ml of pure rose oil.