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Which baby diaper is the best?

If you’re a first-time parent, selecting the best baby diapers for your little one can be challenging. We suggest you opt for the one that offers natural goodness and nourishment to your baby’s delicate skin. Also, make sure that your pick of diapers is free from artificial chemicals or fragrances that may irritate their skin or cause rashes. You can check out Mamaearth Plant-Based Diapers, Asia’s first MadeSafe Certified diapers with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Corn Starch. It is a plant-based diaper that offers twice the absorption and 12-hour leak protection. 

Are diapers safe for babies?

Yes. If you pick the best diaper for babies in India, such as Mamaearth Plant-Based Diapers, you need not worry about their safety. These plant-based diapers are toxins-free and offer gentle care for your baby’s skin.

Can we use Mama Diapers for newborn babies?

Yes. You can use Mamaearth’s Diapers for newborn babies as they are plant-based, offer 2x absorption & provide 12-hour protection against leakage. 

Is it safe to use diapers for babies at night?

Yes. It is safe to use toxin-free, biodegradable diapers for babies at night as they offer much-needed absorption and protection against leakage for up to 12 hours. They work best to ensure your baby’s intimate hygiene when changing diapers to avoid infections or skin irritation.

What are the diaper sizes in Mamaearth?

Depending upon the size and weight of the baby, Mamaearth baby diapers are available in various sizes. Ranging from the sizes for NB (Newborn), which are 3-5 kg, to S (for babies weighing 4-6 Kg), to XL (for babies weighing 12-17 Kg), these diapers are gentle on the baby’s skin and free from any harmful chemicals.

How long do baby diapers last?

These plant-based baby diapers last approximately a day, offering 12-hour leakage protection and 2x moisture absorption than a regular diaper, keeping your little munchkin’s skin dry & rash-free and giving them the ultimate comfort. 

Can we use diapers for babies daily?

Yes, of course! These best diapers for babies are meant for everyday use as they protect the baby against leakage and absorb 2x moisture. They are made using only safe and gentle ingredients, and being biodegradable makes them quite safe and effective.

Is it okay to wear diapers for 24 hours?

No. Baby care experts suggest that wearing diapers all day is not recommended, as humid environments make it easier for bacteria or fungi to grow. It also makes your baby’s skin more vulnerable to rashes, irritation, and infection.

How many diapers does a newborn use in a day?

A newborn baby can use up to ten diapers per day. 

Is it OK to use diapers on newborns?

Yes. However, it would be best to use plant-based diapers for newborn babies as their skin is delicate and more vulnerable to rashes or irritation.

What is the price of Mamaearth diapers?

Mamaearth diapers for newborn babies and toddlers are priced at INR 699 per pack. You may choose from four different sizes. NB diaper pack contains 40 diapers, while sizes ‘S’, ‘M’, and ‘L’ contain 30  diapers each.

At what age can a baby wear diapers?

A baby can wear diapers ever since it is in its newborn stage. 

What is the best age to stop diapers?

The best age to stop diapering your baby varies between 18 months to 30 months of your toddler's age.

Can adults use baby diapers?

No. Adults should use adult diapers as per their size and weight. They should not use baby diapers for personal purposes. 

Do reusable diapers leak?

Yes. Reusable diapers may leak if they have been overused beyond their saturation point. 

Is it necessary to buy newborn diapers?

Yes. To ensure perfect naps, carefree travels, and healthy baby skin, it is necessary to purchase newborn diapers. Plant-based diapers offer 2x moisture absorption and protection against leakage for 12 hours. This makes the best baby diapers in India, an easier and more convenient pick for a new mother to rest and enjoy motherhood without worrying too much about leakage.

Should we use diapers for newborns?

Yes. It is safe to use diapers for newborn babies. 

When should a newborn start wearing diapers?

A newborn can start wearing diapers from the first day after birth. However, you should check for rashes and inflammation, or any bacterial infections on the baby’s tender skin.

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