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While many brands claim to be natural, in reality, many harmful chemicals go into their hair, skin and baby care products. Mamaearth is the best choice, as it is made with natural ingredients and contains no SLS and Paraben in their products. It is also Asia's 1st brand with MadeSafe certified products.I only trust Mamaearth for my baby and not some big international brand.

Vartika Soni
Vartika Soni

I have been using Mamaearth religiously for the last 2 years now for my skin, hair and my baby. Mamaearth products are ideal if you are conscious about what goes into your products as they are free of SLS, toxins, and harmful chemicals. Their baby products are gentle, toxin-free, and made from natural ingredients. Lots of love to Mamaearth!

Shivani Kulkarni
Shivani Kulkarni

When I was pregnant, my husband and I started exploring baby products with no chemicals and toxins. That’s when we stumbled upon Mamaearth, there was no looking back then. I have been using wipes, dusting powder, moisturizer, and even laundry detergent. Mamaearth has been my number one recommendation.

Anisha Sinha
Anisha Sinha
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Mamaearth Coupon Code, Offers, & Promo Code- Up to 35% off

At Mamaearth, we aim to make your shopping experience delightful and economical, and the best way to do this is to offer discounts and combo offers. We are excited to help you browse through and shop online from our wide range of body care, hair care, skincare, and baby care products. By opting for the Mamaearth Coupon Code, you can get the best of both worlds as you can buy our safe products online from the comfort of your home and avail special (discounted) prices too.
We are a Made Safe- and PETA-certified organization. We take immense pride in delivering the best customer experience, both in terms of product quality and its usage by our consumers. The best coupon code for Mamaearth helps us get closer to you and to respond to your requirements in a better way.
Our digital coupons are thus available for multiple categories of skincare, body care, hair care, and baby care products. These may include a select percentage off on the total price or getting a product free, and these offers kick in either when your bill reaches a certain amount or when you shop on earmarked days. The good thing is that there are many other coupons for Mamaearth that you may use on any given day of the week and at any time you decide to shop with us.

Different types of Mamaearth Coupon Code for products

We offer a wide range of Coupons For Mamaearth and you may use them on the go when you are shopping, provided you meet some simple minimum requirements for them. Here are some of those Mamaearth products coupon codes that you may use on our website:

  1. Mamaearth Coupon Code 50 Off If you are looking to avail yourself of a certain number of products at half the price, you should use this discount coupon code. It is also called the Mamaearth Coupon Code 50% Off or Mamaearth 50 off coupon code.
  2. Mamaearth Coupon Code Today India (or Mamaearth Today Coupon Code): It is a special coupon code that is usually variable and could change with your shopping dates. We recommend you check for this code on a daily basis. 
  3. Mamaearth Discount Coupon Codes (or Mamaearth discount coupon code 2021): Such coupon codes are generally offered during a calendar year and are valid until the last day of the year (December 31st). These codes are replaced with the year following this date (as in this case, this code becomes Mamaearth Coupon Code 2022).
  4. Mamaearth Buy 2 Get 2 Coupon Code: As one of the most popular Mamaearth promo codes, this one helps you shop for four of our products and pay for only two of them. It means that you may use this offer to get two products at zero cost.
  5. Mamaearth Coupon Code Buy 1 Get 1 (or Mamaearth Buy 1 Get 1 Coupon Code or Mamaearth Buy 1 Get 1 Offer Coupon Code): Like the Mamaearth discount coupons above, it helps you get two products by paying for only one of them. You could get one product at zero cost if you choose to apply this code for approved products. 
  6. Flying Beast Mamaearth Offer Code: Related to Indian Content Creator Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast), this coupon for Mamaearth helps you avail of an exciting discount on your next online order. It is also called Mamaearth Coupon Code Flying Beast.
  7. Mamaearth Coupon Code for First Time User (or Mamaearth first order coupon code): We have a smart and beautiful way of welcoming new users to our family. By opting to use this Mamaearth coupon code for your first order, you can avail of exciting offers on your first shopping experience with us. 

Latest Mamaearth Coupon Code, Discounts & Promo Codes For 2022

Mamaearth Coupon Code List Offers On Mamaearth Products
MAMA20 Avail 20% discount using Mamaearth Coupon Code.
MAMA15 Flat 15% Off on Mamaearth Products
MAMA2020 Get 20% OFF + 10% Cashback Via Mamaearth Promo Code
GRAB20 Flat 20% OFF+ 5% cashback by using Mamaearth Discount Code
NEW15 Flat 15% Off on Mamaearth Products
HAIR20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
FACE20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
BODY20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
ONION21 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
UBTAN20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
VITC20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
BABY20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
RICE20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
AQUA20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
COCO20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
BA20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )
TT20 Up to 20% discount ( Flat 15% + Extra 5% Discount on Prepaid Payment )

These are some of the most popular Mamaearth coupon codes available today in India that you may opt to use. We would also suggest a few more Mamaearth discount codes on the app and website after you log in. 

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  1. How to get Mamaearth coupon code?
  2. We recommend checking for Mamaearth codes online on the Mamaearth app or website. We also recommend the best offer when you have added the products to the shopping cart and are about to make a payment.

  1. How do you get 50 off on Mamaearth?
  2. We recommend you visit to know some of the best and personalized offers for you. This would help you with an updated list of Mamaearth Offer Codes available then.

  1. Can I use 2 coupons at Mamaearth?
  2. No, you may use only one coupon code for Mamaearth products at a time.

  1. What is the code of Mamaearth?
  2. There are many coupon codes for Mamaearth products, and you may use them when you shop online on the Mamaearth app or website. Please visit for more details.

  1. Is First Order free on Mamaearth?
  2. No, the first order is not free. But you may use Mamaearth's first time coupon to avail exciting discounts on the products or even get a few products for free when you apply a matching coupon code.

  1. How do you get 20% Off on Mamaearth?
  2. Users can save up to 20% discount using Mamaearth Coupon Code- MAMA20. They can also avail additional 5% discount via Mamaearth discount code.

  1. What is the Code Of Mamaearth?
  2. The mamaearth coupon code is MAMA2020 to save 20% on Mamaearth cocoa, Vitamin C and Ubtan range.