What is Skin pigmentation? It is the natural tone and color of your skin. It is Skin Hyperpigmentation, a condition more woeful, which makes sunspots, freckles, and other skin spots visible. It also makes the skin discolored. It is caused by the presence and distribution of a pigment called melanin. This discoloration can be temporary or permanent, depending on the condition and skincare regimen.

Melanin is produced by specialized cells in the skin that are known as melanocytes. The production of melanin varies in different individuals, which often affects the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. When there is an imbalance of melanin production for many reasons, it can lead to dark-colored skin spots.

Some people refer to hyperpigmentation as pigmentation itself. While it is a misnomer, the term has caught on. Let us look at some reasons one can have different skin pigmentation than usual. 

What Are Some Skin Pigmentation Causes?

While many causes can affect skin pigmentation, it is often associated with one or multiple reasons listed below. 

  • As the skin undergoes natural changes when you age, it can impact the production of melanin and decrease its production, which often leads to skin pigmentation on face that appears as age spots and uneven skin tone.
  • Melasma is a skin condition that presents as brown or gray-brown patches on the face. It is also known as hyperpigmentation.
  • Different ethnicities can have varying levels of melanin production, which gives them distinct skin tones and pigmentation patterns. 
  • Excess exposure to the sun’s UV rays can trigger melanin production, resulting in skin tan or skin burn. 
  • Excessive melanin production can often happen due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy or as adverse reactions to medication. 
  • Skin pigmentation can also happen when you have conditions like breakouts, acne, or even skin injury that can cause inflammation in the skin. 
  • This discoloration does not just affect grown-up people- skin pigmentation in babies is also quite common nowadays.
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Ubtan Face Wash

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What Products Can You Use to Reduce Skin Spots?

After understanding the probable list of skin pigmentation causes, the next thing would be to know how to get rid of them. Here is a list of products to combat skin pigmentation in your skincare regime. 

  1. Cleanse your skin 

Your first step to clean skin is cleansed skin; you must wash it to get this type of skin. Washing your face and neck should be a part of your AM and PM regime. 

Face Wash – Use a gentle face wash like Vitamin C or Aloe Vera Face Wash. These face washes target reducing uneven skin spots and pigmentation to clear your skin. You can add the Ubtan Face Wash to your regime if you notice a sun tan. 

Foaming Face Wash – If you want to amp up your face-washing regimen, use a foaming face wash that features an inbuilt silicone brush that gently exfoliates your skin with every use. You may try our Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash for the means.

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Ubtan Face Scrub

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Face Scrub – We recommend using a face scrub thrice a week at max, depending on your skin type. Overusing it can dry out your skin and cause inflammation that can aggravate skin pigmentation. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, use a face scrub once a week. 

Face Toner – A face toner helps to “settle” your skin and open the pores for additional products you will use on your skin after a cleanse. You can use the soothing Niacin Face Toner that helps to tighten open pores and fade skin marks. 

Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner

Niacin Face Toner

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  1. Moisturizing your skin

Once you have cleansed your skin, it is essential to keep it moisturized. Here are some products that you can use in the moisturizing regime. 

Face Cream – Use Bye Bye Blemishes Cream in your AM regime. Packed with Mulberry Extracts and Vitamin C, this toxin-free face cream helps to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone. Using it twice a day may help you have visibly lighter and radiant skin.

Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

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  • Face Gel – You can use our Aloe Vera Face Gel to soothe your skin if you have inflamed skin. These fast-absorbing skincare products give optimum hydration and nourishment to your skin while keeping it soft and supple and not drying it out. 

Face Serum – Use a skin pigmentation serum like the Aloe Vera And Ashwagandha Serum that soothes inflamed skin and targets to reduce the visibility of skin spots caused by pigmentation. 

Mamaearth Aloe Vera Sunscreen Face Serum

Aloe Vera Sunscreen Face Serum

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Use an underarm skin cream to fade the dark spots and reveal cleaner underarms. Yes, our underarms can have pigmentation, too, and it’s best to treat them properly. We recommend using this toxin-free cream regularly for the best results.

A sleeping face mask should be a part of the night care regimen as it helps nourish and hydrate your skin as you sleep. Mamaearth’s Rice Water And Niacinamide Sleeping Mask is your answer to reduce hyperpigmentation. Rice water is a revered ingredient used by South East Asians that gives them glass-looking skin, and Niacinamide helps to reduce the intensity of dark spots and uneven skin tone. 

Mamaearth Rice Water Bamboo Sheet Mask

Rice Water Bamboo Sheet Mask

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In your weekly regime, add a face mask to give your skin an instant hydration boost. Slather on a generous amount of face mask to give your skin a spa-like look after you wash it off. Don’t forget the eyes and give them some TLC with our Green Tea Eye Patches that soothe the eyes and reduce puffiness while helping to fade the dark circles around them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is skin pigmentation? 

    Skin pigmentation refers to skin coloration caused by the presence and distribution of a pigment called melanin. Melanin is produced by specialized cells in the skin that are known as melanocytes. Melanin production and distribution differ in individuals, and this variation results in the skin tone one acquires.

  2. What causes skin pigmentation?

    Melanin is produced by specialized cells in the skin that are known as melanocytes. Melanin production and distribution differ in individuals, and this variation results in the skin and other features like freckles, moles, and sunspots that are visible on the skin.

  3. How can I remove my pigmentation?

    To reduce the intensity of pigmentation naturally, you can use a skincare range with ingredients that lighten the skin naturally while protecting it. Selecting these skincare products as per skin type, tone, and issue can help lighten sunspots. Persisting carefully with a well-thought-out skincare regimen can make your skin even toned.

  4. Is pigmentation good for the skin?

    Pigmentation is a natural characteristic that is part of your skin. Pigmentation is neither good nor bad for the skin because it is normal to have pigmentation. The trouble is hyperpigmentation that makes the skin darker in color in some parts. While it may be treated with safe and gentle skincare products, you may need to undergo skin pigmentation treatment if the pigmentation is severe.

  5. Is there skin pigmentation in babies?

    Yes, skin pigmentation is present in babies too. Babies can have varying degrees of melanin production, which gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes.

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