A radiance that stays and an attitude that slays is a rare combination. While attitude and personality need much work, your skin’s health requires immediate yet equal attention. Did you know several skincare ingredients benefit your skin, but you aren’t aware of their presence? Yes, that’s right. One such ingredient is Nymphaea Alba. 

While flowers like Sacred Lotus and Daisy are getting popular for their long-lasting skin benefits, it is time we give a genuine chance to someone new! Explaining the diverse concept of skincare, this blog will discuss all Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract for skin, its benefits, and its uses in making effective skincare essentials. Read along!

What Is Nymphaea Alba?

Nymphaea Alba comes with the generic name of White Waterlily. It is natively grown in Europe, North Africa, and Tropical Asia. In India, it is known as Nilofar and grows in Kashmir. 

It comes from the aquatic flowering plant family Nymphaeaceae and, as its generic name suggests, is white and looks similar to a lotus. It has been used across continents for its medicinal benefits and for manufacturing wellness products. 

Checking out The Nymphaea Alba Benefits for Skincare 

Every natural ingredient has certain benefits that make it essential for manufacturing skincare products. White Waterlily has a diverse range of perks along with its characteristics. Let’s take a look at them all:

  • Skin moisturizing agent: Hydration is key to achieving happy and healthy skin. While there are several ways to achieve that, Nymphaea Alba is a potent natural giver of this benefit. It helps give your skin sufficient hydration without making it greasy.
  • Treats hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition where melanin production is high and uneven in your skin. It gives you an uneven skin tone and makes it look patchy. Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract works towards regulating melanin production and reducing hyperpigmentation effortlessly. 
  • Brightens skin: Who doesn’t wish for radiant skin? We all do. But, sometimes, no matter what we use, the results are not as expected. With Nymphaea Alba, things are different. It works towards illuminating your skin by enriching it with vital nutrients that promote a healthy appearance of your skin. 
  • Fights signs of aging: Your skin tone improvement would look less effective if fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging fail to disappear. Nymphaea Alba comes with amazing skin-uplifting benefits that help improve your skin’s elasticity and fight the signs of aging to give you naturally youthful and timeless skin in no time!
  • Soothes skin: Some ingredients may harm the skin by causing rashes, blisters, redness, or even infections. Nymphaea Alba has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits that help in soothing the skin. It would calm your skin and keep it free from sensitivity with proper care. 

Inculcating Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract in Your Skincare Routine

We all have simple or extensive skincare rituals that we follow diligently. But sometimes, a tiring day or a stressful week can make you forget about them in a jiffy. Here are some basic steps that you should follow:

1. Wash your face: Cleanse your face with a mild, natural face wash. It is important to begin your skincare routine on a clean slate. The first step of skin cleansing helps in removing dirt, dust, and impurities from your face and makes your skin receptive to other skincare products. 

We suggest you try Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash from our Vitamin C Radiance Combo. It has the essential goodness of Vitamin C and Turmeric to give your happier and healthier skin with every wash. It is gentle, toxin-free, and suitable for all skin types. 

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2. Exfoliate your skin: Use a good face scrub to relieve your face from the pile of dead skin cells. It would help make your skin feel fresh and revitalized as it helps in unclogging facial pores, removing oil and stubborn dirt from your face, and giving you a brighter complexion. 

3. Use a face toner: A face toner helps in giving your skin the uplift and instant nourishment your skin needs after cleansing. You should use one which is natural and gives your skin the care it needs. 

4. Apply a moisturizer: A face moisturizer replenishes the nutrients your skin loses during the exhaustive cleansing. It makes your skin look healthy and hydrated and appear plump naturally.

5. Use sunscreen: You should always use broad-spectrum sunscreen to give your skin the protection it needs from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. It would help complete the skincare routine and add total care to your skin without any hassles.

Also, if you wish to use something lighter than a moisturizer, you can always opt for a face serum. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum should be your pick as it is enriched with Turmeric and Vitamin C to help you achieve your skincare goals. It moisturizes and illuminates your skin and fights the signs of aging. It is toxin-free and works well for all skin types. 

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White Waterlily Extract, a.k.a. Nymphaea Alba Flower extract for skin, is an amazing skincare ingredient that offers multiple benefits for your skin. Using natural skincare ingredients and products that come with their benefits should be your pick because your choice builds a safety net for other generations to come. Let self-care be an act of love and care, not just about spending money. Happy skincare!


  1. What is Nymphaea Alba used for?

    Nymphaea Alba is also called the waterlily. It is widely popular for its medicinal properties and is used in preparing medications to relieve anxiety and depression. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties to help calm your skin from irritation and any sensitivity. 

  2. What are the benefits of Water Lily Extract?

    Water Lily Extract has amazing skincare benefits. It helps accelerate the cell regeneration process with great ease. Apart from moisturizing your skin gently with care, it helps brighten and improve your skin tone. It enhances the overall appearance of your skin by fighting off the premature signs of aging. It also helps soothe skin irritation and rashes and treats infections diligently.

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