Amidst a sea of ingredients capturing the skincare aisle, Collagen has a different fan base. The reason? It makes up a third of your body’s protein composition, making it an integral ingredient in the entire skincare sphere. Therefore, it would be an understatement to say that its place in skincare is irreplaceable. First, let’s know what is Collagen in skin.

Our skin is made of proteins, one of which is Collagen. Responsible for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, it is extremely critical for skin health. Collagen in the skin means it comprises 75% to 80% of its composition. Collagen levels are usually negatively affected by the environment and aging. In this article, we will dig into its key benefits to configure its need for the skin.

Noteworthy benefits of collagen in the skin

  1. Improved skin elasticity

Collagen is responsible for preserving the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. With time, collagen levels decline, leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, it is advised to supplement with Collagen through topical products to improve the skin’s elasticity, making it appear more youthful.

  1. Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines

Collagen yields a positive influence on skin cell functioning. The skin becomes more susceptible to developing wrinkles and fine lines as collagen levels decrease. This is why more people are turning to products to increase their collagen intake for a healthier skin barrier. So, add collagen-based best skin care products to your routine.

  1. Improved skin hydration

Collagen is critical for sustaining the skin’s hydration levels. It aids in strengthening the skin’s barrier, contributes to healthy cell functioning, and helps prevent water loss. Including Collagen in your skincare routine improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture, leading to soft, hydrated, and supple skin. 

  1. Aids in wound healing

The healing ability of the skin often slows down with time. Our ability to produce collagen declines, triggering many skin troubles. Collagen is a rich source to encourage cell proliferation and migration, supporting the repair of damaged skin. Additionally, it also helps calm inflammation, thus assisting in lessening the appearance of scars.

  1. Firms the skin

A persistent loss of Collagen is a major reason for dullness and skin sagginess. Whether topical products or oral supplements, increasing collagen levels by various means is necessary for skin health. It can be especially advantageous for those with sagging skin, especially those who have undergone significant weight loss.

  1. Brighter & evened skin complexion

Collagen is said to aid in the reduction of hyperpigmentation and improve overall skin complexion. It helps to inhibit melanin production, the pigment responsible for discoloration and stubborn acne scars. Including Collagen in your skin aging regimen will benefit your skin by delivering a brighter and even skin complexion over time.

  1. Protection against UV damage

Healthy collagen levels protect the skin against damage by harmful UV rays. It acts as the skin’s natural defense mechanism, nullifying free radicals and inhibiting oxidative stress in the skin cells. While Collagen cannot substitute for sunscreen, it can deliver an additional layer of shield against UV-induced skin damage.

Collagen-based Products to Add to Your Skincare Routine 

  • Green Tea Face Toner

Provide your skin with that additional dosage of hydration with our Green Tea Face Toner. It combines the richness of Collagen, Green Tea, Coconut Water, and Niacinamide. All these ingredients yield a soothing effect on the skin, assisting in minimizing open pores. Additionally, it firms the skin and fights free radical damage.

Mamaearth Green Tea Face Toner

Green Tea Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Maintains Skin’s pH Levels

  • Green Tea Face Serum

Give your skin a surge of hydration and nourishment with our Green Tea Face Serum. Made with Green Tea, Collagen, Black Oats, and Rosehip, it increases cellular turnover and repairs the skin barrier. Fast absorbing and non-greasy, it helps lessen open pores while reviving your youthful glow.

Mamaearth Green Tea Face Serum

Green Tea Face Serum

Increases Cell Regeneration | Hydrates Skin

  • Green Tea Day Cream

Let your glow be glowing with our Green Tea Day Cream. It is fortified with the nourishment of Niacinamide, Collagen, Rosehip, and Green Tea. Rich in essential nutrients, it strengthens the skin barrier, boosts skin elasticity, and gives you 24-hour hydration. Using it regularly helps banish dullness and premature aging.

Mamaearth Green Tea Day Cream

Green Tea Day Cream

Boosts Skin Elasticity | Gives 24-hour Hydration

  • Green Tea Night Cream

Wake up to a well-rested, youthful glow every morning with our Green Tea Night Cream. It amalgamates the richness of Green Tea, Collagen, Citric Acid, and Yarrow Extract. It restores moisture in the skin, helps reduce wrinkles, and soothes skin sensitivity. Packed with Collagen, this night cream targets open pores, leaving you with soft, smooth skin.

Mamaearth Green Tea Night Cream

Green Tea Night Cream

Boosts Skin Elasticity | Nourishes Skin

In conclusion 

Collagen delivers a multitude of skin benefits, from boosting hydrating to promoting skin repair. Even though you cannot measure the collagen levels in the skin, a few signs can notify you about its declining levels. It can be aging spots, skin sagginess, and dull and weathered skin. Thus, it is important to be cautious of your skin’s health to protect it from external damage. 

At Mamaearth, we have crafted an incredible range of Collagen based products that target hordes of skin concerns. From face serums to face moisturizers, fill your skincare kit with products that put you ahead in your skincare game.


  1. What is Collagen in the skin?

    Collagen is a protein in the skin, making up a third of your body's protein composition. It is the primary building block of your skin and is responsible for maintaining its function and structure of the skin. Additionally, it also helps lubricate our joints, keeps our skin young and healthy, and reduces capillaries permeability.

  2. Does Collagen lighten skin?

    One of the critical benefits of Collagen is delivering a healthy glow to the skin. More importantly, it boosts skin elasticity, improves the moisture barrier, speeds up skin cell functioning, and enhances cell turnover. As a result, Collagen helps delay aging, thus keeping skin bright, nourished, and youthful.

  3. Can Collagen make skin glow?

    Yes, it can. Collagen can heal, hydrate, nourish, and tighten the skin. In addition, it promotes cell regeneration and elasticity while safeguarding skin against oxidative stress and free radical damage. So, it is a proven ingredient to make your skin healthy and glow.

  4. Can Collagen give glowing skin?

    Yes. Collagen boosts skin hydration and elasticity while protecting skin barriers against free radical damage. In addition, it encourages cell turnover and healthy skin cell functioning and strengthens the moisture barrier. As a result, it delivers a healthy glow to the skin.

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