Your big day is just a month away and you spot those uninvited horrible pimples. They would perhaps fade away but leave scars and black spots, and make your skin look lifeless and dull. But what if we told you there is an effective way to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally? 

Now that we have your attention, let’s explore some of the many ways that can help to get skin that is clear and helps you to get radiant when you follow a regular skincare regime. This article will explore the proper skincare regime to tackle acne and breakouts and tips on naturally removing dark spots caused by pimples. First, let’s read up on how to remove acne pimples and dark spots at home without buying any expensive skincare treatment procedure. 

Worried about acne and pimples? Try our Tea Tree Face wash– it also features Neem and Aloe Vera that help drive excess oil and bacterial infection out!

What are Dark spots?

When the pimples on your skin heal, your body sometimes produces cells with extra traces of melanin to replace the skin the acne outbreak has damaged. Excess melanin results in a skin condition called hyperpigmentation, which looks like a dark spot on the skin. The more acne or pimples you have on the skin, the more chance it leaves a dark spot. 

Skincare experts agree that it is best to use a face cream that’s rich in antioxidants and skin-enhancing ingredients in such cases. If coupled with safe and toxin-free skincare products (like face washes and face serums), it can help reverse hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It can also provide the facial skin with a radiant and blemish-free appearance. 

Natural Ways to Remove Pimples and Dark Spots

One of the healthiest ways to remove pimples and dark spots is to use a simple turmeric and saffron face mask. Our Ubtan Face Mask is an enriching mask that relieves dullness and tanning. The face mask can be used once a week to give your skin a fresh look. In addition, it helps remove toxins and impurities and control the excess oil production that causes breakouts and acne. 

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should let the pimples dry naturally and not pop them. Doing so will leave behind scars and dark spots on the skin that can take a long time to fade. 

What kind of cream should you use to remove dark spots caused by pimples?

Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Blemishes facial skin cream has been specifically formulated to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally. Packed with toxin-free ingredients, this dark spot removal cream perfectly fits your regular AM and PM routine and clears the blemishes. Using it twice a day helps you have clear and radiant skin.

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Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

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Let’s look at some of the star ingredients in this product:

  • Mulberry: Mulberries are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals to promote clear skin. It is a potent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and carotenoids that help reduce the appearance of scars caused by breakouts. It is also a great anti-aging ingredient that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Geranium Oil: Geranium oil is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil that gives your skin a natural glow while supporting optimum skin health. It conditions your skin to keep it soft and supple. It is an excellent ingredient that soothes inflamed or irritated skin and helps lessen the breakout’s intensity. When used regularly, it promotes naturally radiant skin. 
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is packed with the goodness of antioxidants. Because it is an anti-inflammatory nutrient, it can help improve the texture of your skin tone while reducing the visible signs of aging. It also helps protect your skin against skin damage caused by harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants. 
  • Vetiver Oil: Vetiver oil is loaded with antioxidants and hydrating qualities that help fight the signs of premature aging while making your skin feel plump and nourished. In addition, it helps to accelerate the skin regeneration process and provides intense nourishment to the skin, making it look healthy and clean.
  • Daisy Flower: While you may love adorning some daisy flowers in the vase in your home, you should know it has its roots (and petals) steeped in skincare too! It contains a naturally occurring substance called L-arbutin that can help to lighten the skin. This remarkable ingredient helps lighten the skin tone naturally by reducing the appearance of dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation.

It also contains malic and tartaric acids that promote skin cell turnover rate and help lighten the skin naturally. In addition, these ingredients help to fight free radicals and protect your skin against environmental pollutants and harmful UV rays. 

How does Bye Bye Blemishes Skin Cream work?

When these ingredients are combined, they promote skin that is soft, supple, and glowing. In addition, the unique combination of these ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by excess melanin production. As a result, it gives your skin a flawless look by removing traces of uneven skin tone. 

Each of these ingredients is packed with antioxidants and has antibacterial and antifungal properties that further help to reduce the intensity of breakouts and acne. A lightweight and non-greasy formulation, the cream is easily absorbed into the skin and is perfect for all skin types. Above all, it has no harsh chemicals, toxins, or artificial ingredients and is free of SLS, parabens, and mineral oil. So, no toxins, just the goodness of nature that your skin needs!

How to use the Bye Bye Blemishes skin cream?

Use the cream in your AM and PM routine after you have cleansed your skin with a sulfate-free face cleanser. You may use a nourishing toner before putting this cream on your face. In addition, it can be used after using a face gel and before applying any makeup on the skin. In the PM routine, use a generous amount of the cream to work on your skin as you catch up on your sleep. Adhering to your skincare regimen helps you remove pimples and dark spots in a jiffy.  

To use the cream, take a pea-sized amount and dab it on the face and neck. Then, use gentle upward strokes to let the cream absorb completely. A gentle massage also helps to boost blood circulation, which aids in faster absorption and gives your skin a natural glow from within. 

What Skincare Products Can Be Used as a Regime to Remove Traces of Dark Spots and Pimples?

If you wish to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally, you need to have a skincare regime that targets them. You can use the tenderness and gentleness of products specially made to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally. Here is a list of products you can include in your skincare regime.

1. Face wash: The first step to good skin is to cleanse it of dirt, dust, and grime. Clean skin equals clear skin. You can use a specific face wash that can help with acne breakouts, especially when you have a sensitive and compromised skin barrier. Here are some options you might wish to explore from our beauty collection:

  • Tea Tree Face Wash and the Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser once a week, which targets reducing the intensity of acne and breakouts.
  • Activated Charcoal Face Wash helps to pull out the toxins from the skin that cause breakouts and acne.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash reduces the intensity of breakouts and acne and controls the oil production that causes acne and breakouts.
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Tea Tree Facewash

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It is important to wash your face at least twice a day. It is essential to clean skin to strip it of the impurities that may have accumulated through the day. Cleansing becomes non-negotiable especially when wearing makeup on a daily basis or remaining outdoors most of the time. It is suggested to begin your skincare regimen with cleansing, so include it in your AM and PM routine.

2. Face toner: Use the Niacin Face Toner that helps to reduce the acne marks after you have cleansed your skin. Packed with Witch Hazel, it also helps tighten the skin and open pores while locking in moisture and maintaining the skin’s pH balance.

3. Face gel: For oily skin, opting for face gels or oil-free creams instead of thick moisturizers is best. Oil-based face creams might be filled with hydrating agents and natural emollients but can lead to breakouts if you have oily skin. You can use Mamaearth’s Aloe Turmeric Gel that naturally soothes inflamed skin. 

Turmeric is an antibacterial ingredient that helps keep acne and breakouts at bay. This fast-absorbing gel is one of the best bases to use before applying makeup.

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Aloe Turmeric Gel

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4. Face moisturizer: Opt for oil-free moisturizers for your skin if you are prone to acne and pimples. Some major options you can look for are:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Oil-Free Moisturizer – Perfect for oily and sensitive skin, it helps to reduce breakouts and control excess oil production. This toxin-free moisturizer also has Betaine that also helps lighten wrinkles.
  • Tea Tree Oil-Free Moisturizer – The antibacterial properties of Tea Tree purifies the skin to ensure that the breakouts are lesser. It also has Salicylic Acid that clears clogged skin pores and prevents blackheads.
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Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

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5. Face scrub: Limit the use of a face scrub to twice a week for skin that is sensitive and prone to breakouts. Some options you can consider are: 

  • Tea Tree Face Scrub gently exfoliates that skin to reveal new skin underneath while the healing properties soothe the skin to ensure fewer breakouts and acne. Tea tree has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help cleanse skin deeply.
  • Activated Charcoal Face Scrub is yet another scrub to consider, as it helps to draw out the toxins in the skin that cause pimples and acne. The presence of Walnut Beads removes dead skin and tan, and makes this scrub more effective.
  • Green Tea Scrub helps promote visibly smoother skin when used regularly, and it helps to reduce the dark spots caused by acne. This scrub also has Collagen that boosts skin elasticity and tightens the pores.
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Charcoal Face Scrub

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6. Face mask: A face mask must be used once a week to give your skin added TLC. Opt for a face mask packed with clays and skin-purifying ingredients like neem and tea tree. Packed with antibacterial properties, it cleanses your skin by drawing out the impurities and toxins that cause breakouts.

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Tea Tree Face Mask

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Wrapping it up

Skincare requires patience and awareness about the ingredients you use for maximum effectiveness. It would be best if you steered clear of any product that promises results overnight. Often the best results can show up after at least three to six months of consistent usage and application. 

The most advised practice in any skin care regimen is following a routine that targets problematic areas and offers healthy skin cell rejuvenation. Additionally, it is better to trust gently made products free from harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients, and mineral oils. These nasties cause more damage to your skin than doing any good. Moreover, if you are experiencing any allergic reaction, you should always consider visiting a qualified dermatologist.

Now that we know how skin care helps reduce dark spots caused by pimples naturally, let’s trek towards healthier skin and happier life!


  1. How to remove dark spots of pimples from the face?

    The best way to tackle this skin condition is to use a regime that helps to reduce the breakouts. Use products with ingredients like tea tree, saffron, turmeric, and neem for best results. Moreover, you may try home remedies to treat the dark spots. It is highly recommended to apply Turmeric and Curd face masks on the affected area to disinfect the spread of bacterial attacks. This would help heal and nourish the skin cells and reduce dark spots. Additionally, it is advisable not to pop the pimples and let them dry naturally. Popping the pimples can lead to unwanted scars and dark spots on the skin. 

  2. How to remove dark spots caused by pimples for men?

    Answer: The skincare regime for men will be the same as for women. Use the Bye Bye Blemishes cream and other skincare products regularly in your AM and PM routine to remove dark spots caused by pimples. It heals naturally, giving you clear and visibly softer, smoother, radiant skin. In addition, you can also use a soap that can remove pimples and dark spots. For example, you can use Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Soap that naturally purifies the skin and helps to remove impurities. Activated Charcoal is another clear skin option that helps remove toxins from the body while reducing breakouts and acne.

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