Shiny, healthy, and shinier locks are a dream for many. But did you know that your hair troubles and your scalp’s health are directly related? Yes, that’s right. Among all the other skin types, we know how hard it can be to deal with oily skin. But with an oily scalp, the challenge gets three times tougher. 

While some suggest cutting down on alcohol, others may advise you to manage your junk food cravings; none can help unless you combine it with using the right hair care products! This article will discuss the details of an oily scalp, its potential causes, and some natural remedies that work well. Read along!

What Do You Mean by an Oily Scalp?

Have you ever seen your hair feel oily and greasy after washing for two or three days? Does your head feel itchy and irritated if you refrain from washing your hair for a week or less? If the answer to these questions is affirmative, you have an oily scalp. 

Simply put, an oily scalp is a condition that doesn’t keep your hair feeling fresh for long. Instead, it feels greasy and is often accompanied by dandruff, itchiness, irritation, and dry ends. You are in for a rough ride if you have an oily scalp and dry hair.  

Why Is My Scalp Oily?

As many say, ‘Wow, you are lucky you don’t have to spend time to give your hair an oil massage!’ The hair looks that way. But before you jump to finding conclusions like washing your hair every day, let’s look at the potential causes of having an oily scalp:

Seborrheic dermatitis: A skin condition that triggers inflammation and irritation to your skin. While this condition is treatable, it is visible by the appearance of pink spot-like features near your oil glands. The common name for this condition is dandruff. 

It has various causes – it may appear due to an allergic reaction, can be a resulting factor of an autoimmune condition, or maybe to indicate poor scalp health. However, it can be treated with care and gentle hair care products. 

Skin conditions: Are you facing flaky skin issues or skincare trouble that needs a doctor’s advice? Certain skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can sometimes lead to an oily scalp. Also, oily scalp treatment can be done using traditional methods too. 

We may use hair packs or natural ingredients to get some relief. But, using natural ingredients with a blend of modern techniques will bring you more effective results. Returning to the skin conditions, they are both a result of immune dysfunction. Recurring dandruff is also a prime derivative of the same. 

Poor genetics: Have you ever seen your mother or closest family members face the same hair troubles as you? If yes, then your oily scalp is a genetic issue. We inherit both qualities and problems from our families through our genetics. 

Did you know? Our genetic build-up plays a good role in determining our scalp’s health and hair texture. 

Forehead acne: Acne and oily skin are almost always hand-in-hand. Forehead acne is another reason why you might have an oily scalp. It usually occurs when the skin pores get clogged with oil or other skin substances. 

Forehead acne can sometimes also develop due to excessive oil production on the skin. This skin condition can also lead to specific acne-causing bacteria and may cause acne bumps on the face. 

Miscellaneous: Some other reasons that may lead to an oily scalp are having a poor diet or excessive junk food intake. In addition, washing your hair excessively and aggressively can also trigger oil production on your scalp. Lastly, using synthetic oily scalp shampoo or hair care products with too many chemicals can lead to an after-effect of excessive oily scalp condition. 

What’s the Road Map to Achieving a Naturally Healthy Scalp? – Ideal Hair Care Products & Regimen to Use and Follow

We at Mamaearth strive to deliver the best hair care products that solve problems like hair fall, dandruff, oily scalp, premature hair graying, etc. They are made with the best natural ingredients to bring you home to intensive hair care with supreme efficacy. Let’s look at some of them with a step-by-step routine:

#Step 1: Hair oiling therapy: Why do we suggest oiling your hair despite having an oily scalp? But you should know that giving your scalp a good massage with natural hair oil will improve its health. The oil that makes your scalp oily is your natural oil that prevents hair and scalp dryness. 

You can carefully try Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Oil to achieve a dandruff-free scalp. It is enriched with the lasting goodness of Tea Tree, Ginger, Salicylic Acid, and Bhringraj extracts to nourish your tresses most effectively. 

It possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that naturally help reduce scalp infections and dandruff. In addition, they nourish the hair follicles, improve strength, and promote healthy hair growth. You should apply it twice or thrice a week before a hair wash to achieve the best results. 

Step 2: Hair wash: Cleansing your hair with the best shampoo for an oily scalp will work well. It helps remove dust, dirt, grime, and other impurities from your tresses and scalp to ensure good hair hygiene. In contrast, several synthetic shampoos are available in the market that promise you better results in a short time but may end up harming your hair long-term. 

We suggest you try Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Shampoo for your hair. It has the innate goodness of Tea Tree & Ginger Oils, and Vitamin E extract reduces dandruff and gives your hair the care it deserves. It helps combat dryness and itchiness and promotes the healthier growth of hair. In addition, it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is not tested on animals. 

Step 3: Hair conditioning: While hair cleansing is a complex process, hair conditioning is equally nourishing and important. You should use a hair conditioner that protects your tresses from getting excessively dry and rough after a wash. In addition, it helps in hair repair by adding shine to your tresses. 

We suggest you try Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Conditioner to reduce your oily scalp problems. It has the innate goodness of Tea Tree, Ginger, and Almond Oils to nourish your tresses effortlessly. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help reduce lice and dandruff naturally.

It helps in combating dryness and soothes itchiness on your scalp. In addition, using it after washing your hair helps make it soft, smooth, and naturally silky while reducing your hair woes.

Step 4: Hair serum: While a conditioner helps make your hair free from tangles, a hair serum helps in adding the bounce your tresses deserve. It makes your hair look smooth, soft, and naturally healthy. You should opt for a natural hair serum like Mamaearth Onion Hair Serum. It has the goodness of Onion & Keratin to help your hair stay free from hair loss and dryness with every application!

You should apply hair serum on towel-dried hair after a good wash. It adds strength and shine to your hair, making it look as beautiful as possible! Using it twice or thrice a week can bring effective results. 

Apart from the traditional hair care routine, you should also apply a hair mask on your tresses to quickly replenish essential nutrients and nourishment. In addition, trying ‘Reverse Conditioning Therapy’ can work wonders and make your hair look healthy and hydrated in no time! 

One such hair mask for the oily scalp can be Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask by Mamaearth. It has the long-lasting nourishing qualities of Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Lemon, and Argan Oils that help reduce dandruff, balance the scalp’s pH, and add nutrients to your hair. It controls the oil production in your scalp and minimizes hair fall and itchy feeling naturally. It is toxin-free and not tested on animals. 

Apart from these bestsellers, you can also try our Mamaearth Onion Hair Care Range. It consists of a hair growth oil, a shampoo, a conditioner, a serum, and a hair mask. Together, they combat hair loss troubles, fight oxidative stress, and add a protective barrier to your hair strands. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties that calm your scalp from irritation or itchiness and help in nourishing your hair follicles naturally. 

Some More Natural Remedies – Lifestyle Changes to Ensure a Healthy Scalp

Our quality of life has much to do with our skin’s and hair’s natural health. So apart from following a dedicated hair care regimen using the right hair care products, here are some important tips to follow:

  • Eat a balanced diet: Food intake determines your hair’s and skin’s health. The better you eat, the better they look, and vice versa. You should eat a diet of proteins, vitamins and minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates. Don’t miss your greens, and eat in proportionate amounts. 
  • Stay hydrated: Water or fluid intake is a need. You should drink at least ten glasses of water every day. Also, have fruit juices or protein-rich shakes that help you stay hydrated all day. It helps in preventing dryness in your hair strands too. 
  • Sleep well: Your sleep cycle is an important factor that affects your hair and scalp health. When you sleep, your body begins the self-repair process to prepare you for the next day. It fights the damage from the external environment and makes you look healthy. So, ensure you get at least eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Work-life balance: A stress-free life comes from striking the right balance between work and personal life. Yes, we hustle every day, but if we do not separate the two or take a break occasionally to rejuvenate, it adversely affects the scalp’s health.
  • Follow a workout routine: Exercising at least four to five days a week helps you stay fit internally and externally. It keeps your body fat in check, improves body growth, and boosts serotonin. It also enhances blood circulation within the scalp and keeps your hair growth intact. 
  • Quit smoking: We all know this habit has after-effects on our bodies. Apart from harming our respiratory system, it also dries the natural oils on our scalp that prevent dry hair. Hence, you should stop smoking, as it might help curb the deteriorating health of your hair and scalp.


Your scalp’s health is delicate and needs proper attention and care. An oily scalp is tough to deal with as it has problems like greasy hair, dandruff, itchiness, and irritation. It may also lead to inflammation and redness on your scalp skin. 

While several causes lead to an oily scalp, some of the most common ones include genetics, acne troubles, hormonal changes, and dandruff. In addition, you should use the right hair care products and a healthy lifestyle to minimize the harmful after-effects of this scalp type. 

Natural solutions stand the best chance as they come with no side effects. They offer optimal nutrition and care to you in the gentlest way possible. With us, you can take the leap of faith as we have something to offer to everyone. Following a solution-oriented approach, we at Mamaearth wish to make every day a good hair day for you! 


  1. How to get rid of an oily scalp?

    Oily scalp has recurring problems like dandruff, hair fall, greasy hair, etc. Try toxin-free and nourishing hair care products from Mamaearth to cure and keep your scalp naturally healthy. They help treat these problems without compromising the natural health of your hair and scalp. Apart from that, you need to quit unhealthy habits like smoking, eating junk food, too much screen time, etc. You should also eat a balanced diet, maintain a work-life balance, and have a proper sleep schedule to achieve your hair goals.

  2. Which shampoo is best for an oily scalp? 

    We suggest you try Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Shampoo for your hair. It features the natural goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Ginger Oil, and Vitamin E Extracts that reduce dandruff and strengthen your hair. This toxin-free hair shampoo also helps reduce dryness and itchiness to promote healthier hair growth. In addition, it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is not tested on animals.

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