Skincare feels too complicated lately, with various options available in the market. However, according to many experienced dermatologists, following the basics are still predominant in the world of self-care. Regular cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing SPF make your skin less likely to break out or develop severe skin conditions. In this blog, we’ll dig into one of today’s basics- cleansing. But first, let’s learn how to choose and incorporate the best sensitive skin face wash and why it is an important practice in your skincare regime.

Choosing a sensitive skin face wash can be daunting because you should know how your skin will respond to a new product. However, it will be easier to narrow down the options once you know which ingredient suits you. The best sensitive skin face wash helps maintain comfort, moisture level, pH, and overall health. In addition to a mild formula, always open your eyes to extra soothing formula and hydrating ingredients. 

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Let’s Learn More About Sensitive Skin with Us!

Sensitive skin is categorized by a tendency to respond to external factors such as pollution, frequent usage of comedogenic products, and exposure to UV rays. Additionally, genetic factors and hormonal changes are also blamed in most cases. The symptoms can also be triggered by using specific ingredients or allergies to certain food. However, the most common result of skin sensitivity is a weakened skin barrier which often catches up with environmental stressors.

If you experience itching, burning, redness, and stinging more often, you might have sensitive skin. Other symptoms include frequent rashes, dry patches, facial redness, itching, or reactions to weather conditions. If you constantly fight the urge to wipe off a layer of oil from your skin, particularly your T-zone, your skin needs a lighter formula. 

Excess secretion of sebum is usually a sign that you have oily skin, and, in most cases, this skin type becomes sensitive over time. So, when choosing a sensitive skin face wash, you should go for an oil-free, paraben and sulfate-free, and foaming formula acne glow face wash. In short, your sensitive and acne-prone skin face wash should be made of natural extracts which don’t strip off your natural moisture. However, it is recommended not to miss layering the hydrating face cream after cleansing your face because hydration helps in faster healing and repairing.

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Why Is Cleansing an Integral Step for Sensitive Skin?

Facial cleansers are designed to pull out toxins from the skin to keep pores clean and healthy. Cleansing involves removing the build-up of impurities and oils, remains of dirt and makeup, and dead skin layers from the skin. In addition, a sensitive skin face wash lays a clean canvas for other products to work thoroughly, thus, encouraging a healthy skin barrier for long-lasting radiance.

If gentle and toxin-free, these skincare products are vital in keeping pores and the topmost layer of the skin healthy and dirt-free. The pH of human skin lies from 4.5 to 6.5. However, when you cleanse your face, there occurs an interaction between the chosen product and the skin’s pH (or moisture barrier). For example, if soaps or face washes have harsh or irritable surfactants, they may affect the skin’s moisture barrier and raise the pH level. As a result, it is more likely for the skin to develop irritation, redness, and inflammation.

While soap-free, foaming, and creamy sensitive skin face washes are made with deep cleansing formulations, they are still comparatively gentler. Therefore, such a formulation would cause less disruption in the skin’s natural pH and moisture barrier. As a result, your skin will feel lighter and pure when not subjected to harsh chemicals or toxins. So, when opting for the best dry and sensitive skin face wash, check for a lightweight formula with gentler ingredients.

The Ideal Way to Cleanse Your Face for Healthy and Radiant Skin!

Step 1: Cleanse Thoroughly! 

Start the cleansing process by properly tying all your hair in a pony or bun and cleansing your hands.

Next, dampen your face with water and pump out a generous amount of face wash. Now, rub it off to make foam and massage it all over the face and neck. Ensure to massage upward for an even distribution of the foam. After rubbing the product gently on your face for about 30 seconds, wash your face and pat it dry with a clean towel. 

Step 2: Moisturize, protect, & repeat!

Once you are done with cleansing, it’s time to nourish your skin with deep hydration. Hydration is a critical step for your skin, preventing many skin conditions from breeding into the skin. So, start with toning your skin. To do so, grab a nourishing face toner with cooling agents. Now, spray it on your face and let your skin absorb its goodness. Post-toning, use treatment products like serum or ointments to treat targeted concerns. 

Finally, apply a thick face moisturizer or face gel layer to keep skin tissues nourished, hydrated, and protected. Lastly, top off with sunblock to complete the process. If you are a newbie to skincare, we recommend starting with the basic rules of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting. Then, give some time to your skin to adapt to the basics, and as soon as it does, gradually expand your skin to toning, healing, and treating. 

Remember to layer any serums with a face moisturizer or face cream if you have added any serums. However, if any product shows allergic reactions, waiting three to four days is suggested before attempting to use it again.

Note: Weekly routine is as critical as basics. So, remember to add a relaxing face mask and face scrub to your weekly routine for holistic skincare.

sensitive skin face wash

Benefits of using a Sensitive Skin Face Wash in India:

1. Create a protective barrier around your skin- It is a mere fact that the skin is the largest organ that acts as a protective barrier. Lack of cleansing invites irritants, grime, and pollutants to get trapped beneath the pores. As a result, it becomes prone to sensitivity and dullness. Using a sensitive skin face wash dislodges debris and dirt from the skin, allowing it to be free from acne-causing bacteria.

2. Boosts collagen production- With time, our skin loses its ability to produce a healthy amount of collagen. Conversely, unhealthy collagen production leads to sagginess, wrinkles, and skin thinning. Regular and deep cleansing by sensitive skin face wash in India (that’s made with antioxidants and moisturizing agents) helps improve collagen production and promote cell turnover.

Little tip: A healthy cleansing routine is a mini facelift that makes the skin young and radiant.

3. Brightens skin tone- A gentle face wash for sensitive skin wards off dullness effectively by shedding dead skin cells. A nourishing formula promotes mild exfoliation while cleansing, helping the skin unveil new cells beneath. Thus, a gentle formula with the goodness of natural extracts is recommended. It leads to a healthy skin barrier, blood flow, and cell renewal.

Note: Add a well-formulated face scrub to encourage healthy exfoliation. Exfoliation and cleansing are the key steps that aid in welcoming brighter skin.

4. Helps to control oil production- The overproduction of oil is the major reason our skin looks unusually greasy and dull. Excess sebum triggers acne, breakouts, skin congestion, and the appearance of blackheads. In addition, if the skin is not cleansed thoroughly, the sebum gets mixed with dead skin cells, resulting in a scaly and lumpy texture. Thus, a deep cleansing is advised to combat such a skin condition.

5. Keeps skin free of toxins- Whether pollutants or UV exposure, our skin becomes a favorable home to irritants and dirt that accumulate in the pores. The advantages of cleansing are not limited to removing impurities from the skin’s surface; it also helps prevent skin congestion. In addition, it also plays a great role in improving lymphatic drainage, thus, detoxifying the skin and making it appear healthy.

Choosing the Face Wash for Sensitive and Dry Skin! 

1. Mamaearth Aloe Vera Face Wash- Cleanse, hydrate, and replenish your skin with the healing goodness of Aloe vera and Ashwagandha. Mamaearth Aloe Vera Face Wash offers a deep cleansing, relaxing experience for your skin by assimilating the richness of Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, and Glycerin. Due to environmental stressors, our skin becomes weary and sensitive over time. 

Aloe vera and Ashwagandha’s therapeutic qualities help your skin eliminate toxins, allowing its inner tissues to retain health. Loaded with mighty antioxidants, it fights oxidative stress, targets spots, and frees the skin from acne-causing bacteria. In addition, the presence of Glycerin restores your moisture level, leading to healthy and plump-looking skin. So, let your skin radiate its shine without toxins and dirt.

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Aloe Vera Face Wash

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2. Mamaearth Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash- What better way to treat sensitive skin than using the popular tea tree and salicylic acid duo? Here’s a concrete and calming blend of Tea Tree, Salicylic Acid, and Neem to tackle oily skin troubles. The clogging of pores often makes our skin less absorbent, dull, and tired. Salicylic acid is one of the best ways to offer skin mild exfoliation so it remains unclogged and free from dead skin cells. 

Neem and Tea Tree help soothe skin with their antibacterial and antimicrobial content. In addition, these acne-fighting ingredients help heal and repair skin, making it strong to fight pimples, unusual shine, and spots. Thus, if you wish to cleanse your skin and offer optimal healing and hydration, here’s what you should opt for.

Note: Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash works even better for people with oily and acne-prone skin.

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3. Mamaearth Rice Face Wash- Do you want a healthy skin texture with a spotless appearance? Our Rice Face Wash promises healthy cleansing and intense nourishment for sensitive skin. It amalgamates the goodness of Rice Water, Niacinamide, Glycerin, and Vitamin E, all known for their skin-brightening abilities. The calming formula of this face wash travels deep into pores to liberate it from toxins and other impurities. 

Besides deep cleansing and hydrating, this sensitive and acne-prone skin face wash fights free radical damage and brightens the skin from deep within. Furthermore, Niacinamide in the ingredient list helps reduce dark spots and acne marks, resulting in an even clearer skin complexion. In addition, Vitamin E and Rice Water are rich in antioxidants, thus, keeping skin nourished and youthful.

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4. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash- It’s time to turn the brightness on with our Vitamin C Face Wash. It is a perfect dose of nourishment and protection and is blended with the goodness of natural antioxidants and brightening agents. Vitamin C helps brighten the skin complexion while fighting sun damage and promoting collagen synthesis in your skin. Thus, it helps with dark spots and aging signs and also helps significantly improve your skin barrier. 

On the other hand, turmeric evens out the skin, and aloe vera traps the moisture in the skin, leaving a soft and plump texture. In addition, it is dermatologically tested and MadeSafe certified, meaning it is free from aggressors, suiting every skin type. So, enrich your skin health with the optimum Vitamin C and Turmeric richness.

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5. Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash- Awaken your skin cells with our age-old glow recipe – Ubtan! Blending Turmeric, Saffron, Carrot Seed Oil, and Walnut Beads help revive the skin’s natural glow by shedding off dead skin cells. In addition, the calming duo of saffron and carrot helps fade spots and tan while turmeric detoxifies skin naturally. 

In addition, Walnut Beads encourage mild exfoliation of dead skin layers, revealing a glowing, radiant complexion. The natural formula of this dry and sensitive skin face wash in India helps maintain the skin’s pH and nurtures the moisture barrier. As a result, it keeps the skin cells moisturized. So, wear your glow every day and let your skin rejoice in the goodness of Ubtan! 

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Ubtan Face Wash

Removes Tan | Repairs Sun Damage | Brightens Skin

Concluding Words!

A face wash should primarily cleanse the skin by removing dirt, sweat, and bacteria from the pores. However, countless microscopic activities are happening on the uppermost layer of the skin, which are not detectable to the human eye. Those tiny particles, including pollutants, dead skin cells, or traces of makeup, tend to clog the skin pores. As a result, it may give rise to various skin concerns such as acne, pimples, dullness, or dark spots. 

Therefore, face cleansing is a drill you cannot let go of if you wish to have a healthy skin barrier. But, more importantly, choosing natural sensitive skin face wash is advised to maintain a sensitive and acne-prone skin barrier. For people with sensitive skin, the possibilities of developing any skin condition are more than for any other type. 

Owing to their weak outermost layer, issues like blemishes and inflammation usually find their way to sensitive skin types. Besides dullness, sensitive skin can host far more critical skin conditions. Thus, it is important to care for your sensitive skin, which you can do by cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and protecting. 


  1. Which face wash should I choose to wash my sensitive skin?

    A sensitive skin barrier is susceptible to damage caused by UV rays, environmental aggressors, harsh skincare products, etc. Due to its fragility in reacting to any environmental triggers, it is advisable to use gentle products with a weightless formulation. Thus, choosing a face wash for sensitive skin barriers is best. Check for mild ingredients, moisturizing agents, and natural extracts to prevent clogging of pores. Additionally, ensure the face wash is free from sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or toxic ingredients.
    You may try Mamaearth's Honey Malai Face Wash. Featuring the goodness of honey and Malai, it offers deep nourishment. It also has Coconut Oil and Vitamin E that moisturize the skin cells and protect them from free radicals. We advise you to use it twice a day for the best results.

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