People with combination skin know that there are many factors to consider while buying skincare. You need a dedicated, combination skin moisturizer to ensure TLC for your skin, which is oily on the T-zone and dry on the other areas. The skin feels happy when it is pampered with a moisturizer that is oil-free and still nourishing at the same time.

A moisturizer that regulates sebum production maintains hydration, and keeps it nourished for a long time is equally necessary. A mild, water-based face moisturizer is essential to boost hydration in combination skin, often shiny in the t-zone but dry elsewhere. So, skin care experts often advise liquid-consistency face gel or moisturizers to moisturize the skin without making it shine excessively. 

Smart Tip: Try our Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer for Skin Illumination and Natural Radiance. This non-sticky skincare product features Vitamin C and Gotu Kola.

A Little Bit More About Combination Skin Moisturizer

A face moisturizer is important to deliver the right nutrients your skin needs. It is applied to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, enhance tone, and retain moisture. Regularly applying a moisturizer after cleansing, your skin remains nourished and healthy. 

POV:- Here is our opinion if you need to help cultivate an efficient skincare routine for combination skin. Choosing the best combination skin moisturizer for acne-prone skin is a wise approach to finishing it all off. Its constituent ingredients will help regulate sebum production in the glands and infuse the right nourishment. 

A face lotion aims to prevent the skin from drying out or peeling. Its regular application may also help keep irritation at bay, restoring younger and healthier skin. Since we understand how overwhelming it can be to find your best pick, we have come up with a few of our best sellers. Keep reading to know our take on the best natural moisturizers for combination skin. 

Skincare Regime for Combination Skin

Combination skin has its own sets of concerns owing to oily T-zone. It might itch a little and feels dry and itchy on certain days. So, it is essential to think when figuring out your ideal skincare routine for combination skin. The good news is you don’t have to invest in many skincare products but the right ones for your skin. 

Here is what an ideal skincare routine for a combination skin type looks like:-

Step 1: Cleanse your skin: 

A sulfate-free and non-comedogenic face cleanser is the best pick to continue with your AM-PM skincare routines. A cleanser will help to remove any residue on your skin, be it from your skincare product or makeup. Dermatologists recommend sticking to salicylic acid if you have a combination skin type with frequent breakouts. 

So, we recommend you try Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash featuring Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid. Post-cleansing, you can slather your skin with Mamaearth Tea Tree Oil Free Face Moisturizer. This potent formula penetrates your skin and provides all-day nourishment, reducing the hassle of re-application. It best suits oily and combination skin. 

Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid are potent exfoliators with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The duo will help reduce active acne by regulating oil secretion on the T-zone. In addition, potent antioxidants in these ingredients will help reduce acne scars and promote even skin tone.

Recommended Product

Tea Tree Facewash

Controls Acne & Pimples | Removes Excess Oil

Step 2: Deep Exfoliation

Over time, dirt and grime accumulate on the skin’s surface. When left untreated, these impurities get clogged with sebum in the pores, causing acne and pimples. This is where exfoliation can be healthy for any skin type. It helps restore the skin’s natural shine and radiance. 

A natural face scrub enriched with gentle and mild ingredients can be a host of benefits. 

However, we recommend limiting its usage to once or twice a week, as over-exfoliation can damage the skin barrier. Therefore, pick a gentle face scrub and focus on your T-zone, where oil accumulates mostly. 

Here we recommend using Mamaearth Rice Water Face Scrub. Carrying the goodness of Rice Water and Niacinamide, it removes dead skin cells buildup and stimulates collagen production, resulting in glass-like skin. To reap maximum benefits, you can use Mamaearth Rice Water Face Moisturizer post-exfoliation. 

It is an oil-free moisturizer fortified with Black Oats to keep your skin soft and supple. Also saturated with Aloe Vera, it soothes any irritation and inflammation on the skin. The outcome? Skin that looks like glass and is always moisturized!

Recommended Product

Rice Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

24-Hour Hydration | Brightens Skin Tone

Step 3: Tone up

Toning is the next step in your skincare. Skin care experts recommend using a water-based toner to tone your unique skin type. Face toners are the finest approach to minimizing enlarged pores, regulating the skin’s pH, and preventing excess oil production. Thus people with oily or combination skin should always use them post-facial cleansing. 

Vitamin C is a highly regarded ingredient in skincare. Therefore, if you have combination skin, it is often recommended to opt for toners enriched with vitamin C, aloe vera, cucumber, etc. This will help achieve a soothing effect on your skin throughout the day. 

Here, we recommend trying out Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Toner and Mamaearth Vitamin C Oil-Free Face Moisturizer. Using these two skin care products will help tighten pores, restore the skin’s pH, and provide deep moisturization for a long time. 

Recommended Product

Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer

Non-Sticky Moisturization | Restores Radiance

This Vitamin C enriched Face Moisturizer quickly gets absorbed into the skin and provides deep nourishment. It is a non-sticky moisturizing lotion enhanced with Vitamin C, Gotu Kola, and Vitamin E, specially formulated for Indian skin. 

Vitamin C’s antioxidants lighten dark spots and improve the skin’s elasticity, while Gotu Kola profoundly moisturizes the skin. Together, they encourage the creation of collagen and prevent skin sagging. In addition, the Oil-Free Moisturizer hydrates the skin all day for a healthier glow.  

Additional Tip: A natural and safe face mask once a week is highly recommended for glowing and healthy skin. 

Step 4: Moisturizer Well

We have provided various nourishing and hydrating face moisturizer recommendations for glowing and healthy skin. However, we still have some more recommendations for combination skin. So, we recommend looking for mild ingredients for a combination skin moisturizer.

For oily or sensitive or combination skin, ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, and Cetearyl Octanoate work well. Additionally, ensure your skin receives its regular moisture dosage without feeling oily. We have two more bestselling recommendations to help you achieve healthy, soft, and glowing skin. 

1. Mamaearth Aqua Glow Gel Moisturizer– The various nutrients in Himalayan Thermal Water help moisturize and protect skin and reduce inflammation. On the other hand, Hyaluronic Acid strengthens the skin’s barrier function and binds water to skin cells to prevent moisture loss. This water-based moisturizer for combination skin is extremely lightweight because it has the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid. 

As a result, aqua gel moisturizer makes the skin looks moisturized, bright, and plump all day long. People with sensitive or combination skin frequently experience the impacts of India’s hot, humid weather. So, we advise opting for Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer, one of the good moisturizers for combination skin.

Recommended Product

Aqua Glow Gel Face Moisturizer

Gives 72-Hour Hydration | Lightweight Gel Formula

2. Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer- You can also check out Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, another best-selling moisturizer from our skincare range. This Oil-free moisturizer features Apple Cider Vinegar to maintain the skin’s natural moisture content while providing long-lasting hydration. As a result, the skin feels soft and smooth after application. It combats current acne and pimples and eliminates oil from deep within pores. 

Recommended Product

Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

Prevents Acne & Pimples | Non-Greasy|Hydrates Skin

Step 5: Don’t forget your daily dose of SPF

No matter how much time and money you put into your skincare routine, it won’t yield much results if you don’t use an SPF. The skin must be guarded against UV ray damage whether you’re resting outside or indoors. Here the best pick would be choosing a non-comedogenic, gel-based sunscreen that won’t clog your pores.

5 Benefits of Using Combination Skin Face Moisturizer Regularly!

1. Prevents Dry and Dull Skin

Face moisturizers help protect the skin barrier against irritation. Dermatologists claim that it also helps treat or prevent dry skin. In addition, an excellent combination skin moisturizer rescues your skin from infections and breakdown during harsh weather conditions.

The face creams that prevent your skin from drying out are called moisturizers. The changing weather, hot showers, or regular cleansing can dry up your skin and lead to issues. Daily moisturizing can lessen the chances of developing skin issues by reducing the effects of daily routines and environmental factors. 

Dermatologists always advise people to moisturize after cleaning their faces. It maintains the moisture within the facial pores and avoids drying up. It also helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance while promoting optimal health for your skin type. 

2. Provides Youthful Skin

Your facial skin will look younger, softer, and more elastic if you moisturize it regularly. You can maintain a youthful appearance for years by making a small effort. The essential protection against early skin aging is regular face moisturization. 

You may use more anti-aging products to target certain wrinkles and fine lines. However, you may not be able to experience significant changes in your skin if you don’t moisturize your face. It’s because people with dry or combination skin are highly prone to develop cracking and flaking skin. 

Hydrating and moisturizing your skin may increase its ability for self-healing, collagen production, vibrancy, and youthfulness. 

3. Achieve Healthy & Vibrant Skin

It is common for the skin to start losing its ability to repair itself, generate collagen, and replace dead skin cells with aging. As a result, it becomes lifeless and saggy and develops wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, the appearance of the skin may suffer from internal physiological processes. 

Acne breakouts, discoloration, and other serious damages become more complicated by genetics, hormonal fluctuations, a lack of nutrition, dehydration, stress, and other situations. Daily moisturizing can help with many symptoms and improve skin texture and appearance. 

You’ll notice a difference in the appearance of your skin, which will no longer appear flaky, lifeless, and dull. Additionally, adequate hydration enhances blood circulation and will give your skin an effortless glow. 

combination skin moisturizer

4. Faster Cell Turnover

Enhanced cell function and quicker cell turnover are advantages of getting a good moisturizer for combination skin. The skin continually produces new skin cells deep within the dermis to replace aging or damaged ones. However, this regeneration process slows down with aging, making the skin’s flaws more evident. 

The good news is that Vitamin C Face Moisturizer brightens your skin tone by boosting the cell turnover cycle. Vitamin C can promote rapid cell turnover through skincare products used topically. 

Numerous nutrients, including minerals, important fatty acids, and vitamin A, have been associated with enhanced cell turnover. Therefore, it’s ideal to use a nutrient-rich moisturizer to nourish the skin and help it retain its youthful appearance. 

5. Say No To Blemishes

You have a youthful, vibrant appearance when your skin gets all the required moisture. Moisture helps balance your skin tone and cover up minor skin flaws. In addition, several moisturizers have self-tanning and tinting ingredients that can hide redness, blemishes, and dark patches. 

Therefore, the correct formulation contributes to an even skin tone, making your skin softer and shinier. Regardless of your choices for cosmetics, moisturizing is necessary for your skin, even if you use treatment products that target blemishes and discoloration.

Summing up!!

An effective skincare regimen should be simple, effective, and customized according to your skin type. Your skin’s health is greatly impacted if you constantly forget to moisturize it. Also, make sure you are aware of the ingredients and how they will affect the texture of your skin. For example, to achieve radiant skin, we advise choosing a water-based moisturizer for combination skin due to its lightweight consistency.

In addition, a broad-spectrum sunscreen, a mild cleanser, and a hydrating toner are some must-haves to maintain the overall health of combination skin. Now that you are familiarized with the integral role of combination skin moisturizers, grabbing one for yourself will likely act in your favor.


  1. Which is the best moisturizer for combination skin?

    It is crucial to use a mild, water-based moisturizer to restore the health of combination skin, which is typically shiny in the T-zone but parched elsewhere. Therefore, it is recommended to use a natural and safe moisturizer that will help achieve healthy and nourished skin for a longer period. We recommend using Mamaearth’s Aqua Glow Gel Moisturizer to help moisturize, protect skin from UV rays, and lessen inflammation.

  2. What is a combination skin type?

    Combination skin has dry and oily patches, with the T-zone often being oily and the cheeks either dry or normal. This skin type can alter throughout the year and across different seasons due to several factors, including stress and hormone variations.

  3. How do I know if I have combination skin?

    When you have combination skin, your T-zone, which is your forehead, nose, and chin, usually feels oily, while the rest feels dry. You likely have combination skin if you observe two or more distinct textures on your face. It can also be oily and dry in separate places.

  4. How do you treat combination skin naturally?

    The best way to treat combination skin naturally is by following a customized AM and PM skincare regime with quality skincare products. Start with a mild and gentle face wash for combination skin and follow it up with a hydrating face toner for your T-zone area. Then, end your skincare routine with an oil-free face moisturizer.

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