While we may be trying to act squeaky by tilting Bryan Adams’ blockbuster musical entreat, we are in no way trying to play down the issue of excessive hair control. We all live in a world where frequent and excessive hair loss is a sad reality and it has quite a lot of takers. So we shall walk you through a hair loss treatment that would help you have the best control over hair loss and have longer and shinier hair too. 

Hair loss, as a sight, is quite annoying and funny. As an experience, it is only annoying (though it can also be quite sad). Asking someone how it happened won’t take you to some earth-shattering revelations because no one can figure out its causes or predict when the onslaught would run its course. This makes people often feel like sitting ducks as the misfortune rages over like a midnight storm- being powerless in such a situation makes the entire experience too horrendous to bear. 

What is hair loss?

Hair loss is a sudden, frequent, excessive, and usually uncontrollable loss of hair from a person’s head. Alternatively known as Alopecia, it could lead to a partial or complete lack of new hair growth and thus create patches of baldness on the scalp. It is usually signified with tufts of hair lying in the bathroom after shampooing or sticking to a comb after styling.

Experts believe that we have 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 hairs on our scalp and we may lose up to a hundred of them every day. It is okay to lose so much hair too if the scalp’s cells are also being replaced at the same rate. A mismatch would surely court temporary or permanent baldness. 

What causes frequent and excessive hair loss?

Some say it is hereditary, some say it is caused due to illness or medications, while others attribute it to poor luck. However, hair care experts advise that there is always a set of interrelated factors at work regarding hair loss. We assert that you step back and evaluate your lifestyle objectively or ask someone who would do it for you. This would help you know where you are falling short of taking proper care of your hair.

Here are some popular reasons for frequent and excessive hair loss:

  1. Genetics and hormones
  2. Long-term illness
  3. Medications
  4. Lack of nutrition (specifically vitamin B and its derivatives)
  5. Improper lifestyle practices
  6. Irregular sleep cycles
  7. Psychological trauma
  8. Drug abuse
  9. Pregnancy 
  10. Autoimmune disorders
  11. Hypo- or Hyper-thyroid 
  12. Skin diseases
  13. Sebaceous cysts
  14. Obesity
  15. Diabetes
  16. Inflammation 

We recommend going for medical tests to determine which factors are driving you closer to hair loss and which treatment plan you should go for. Several proven hair loss treatment plans for men and women offer positive results, though the latter may also depend on one person to another.

Hair Loss Treatment Plan for Men and Women

The above sections have underscored how you should go ahead with a medicinal hair loss treatment plan. The upcoming sections will describe how you may top it up with a personalized and super-effective set of hair care products to achieve the best results. 

Here is a simplified hair care routine that you may follow at home:

  • Stay away from stress
  • Start with using some home remedies 
  • Massage your hair with lukewarm oil (preferably almond or bhringraj)
  • Soak and drain a towel in hot water. Now wrap it over your head
  • Apply a hair mask for a few minutes
  • Wash your hair with toxin-free shampoo
  • Apply a hair conditioner
  • Stay away from blow drying your hair too much
  • Avoid coloring dyes and synthetic colors
  • If possible, trim your hair
  • Make sure your tresses are not “too oily” or greasy
  • Give your hair some steam

Eating a nutritious diet and avoiding fast foods and cola drinks are just as important. We also recommend using only toxin-free hair oil instead of synthetic ones. You should also get yourself checked for any underlying medical condition that may be causing you to experience excessive gain or lose weight in a shorter duration- such causes often go undetected until it is too late.

PS: The above hair loss treatment plan applies equally to men and women of all age groups.

How to prevent hair loss using safe and gentle hair care products?

It should be noted that hair loss often results from a combination of several factors, as mentioned above. Consulting a doctor or healthcare professional is thus very much in order, though you could also back up his good work by using good-quality hair care products. 

We recommend you opt for safe, gentle, and toxin-free hair care products to provide the best grade of hair care experience at home. At Mamaearth, we take pride in making some of the best hair care products to reduce issues like Alopecia and pattern baldness using the Goodness of Nature. 

We thus welcome you to try our Essential Anti-Hair Fall Kit. This stellar product comprises Onion Shampoo, Onion Conditioner, Onion Hair Oil, and Onion Hair Serum. Using these products helps reduce hair loss, boost growth, and smoothen the hair. It also helps strengthen hair and promotes blood circulation in the roots, thus making the latter better prepared to deal with hair loss. 

The kit’s products comprise the following ingredients:

  • Onion:

    Enriched with Sulfur and Potassium, onions reduce frequent breakage and improve the blood supply to the hair cells. 
  • Niacinamide:

    It promotes faster absorption of other nutrients in the hair roots and helps make the hair smoother.
  • Keratin:

    It comprises 18 essential amino acids that help maintain the hair’s natural moisture content and thus keep the hair shinier.
  • Redensyl:

    As an option for hair transplant, it helps improve the hair density and make the tufts resilient to seasonal changes.

These products are made using only safe and gentle ingredients. They contain no toxic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils. This makes them fit for regular use, regardless of your hair type or texture. 

The best hair loss treatment plan starts with you!

There is no distance too large when taking the right steps for hair care at home. Several experts around the world advise opting for safe and gentle means to get the job done and we’d believe that our products fit the bill quite nicely. We thus welcome you to opt for the Goodness of Nature to avail of some visible benefits in weeks to come and thus enjoy better control over Alopecia.


  1. Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

    Frequent and excessive hair loss is often caused due to a deficiency of Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Biotin, and Folate. These are all vitamin B derivatives and are found in fruits and vegetables.

  2. How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

    Cleansing the scalp and providing the hair roots with adequate nutrition is the simplest way to reduce frequent and excessive hair loss. In addition, we also recommend following an active lifestyle, taking proper sleep, staying stress-free, and using toxin-free hair care products for the best results.

  3. How to stop hair loss in teenage guys?

    Answer: Teenagers may often be more inclined to include fast foods and cola drinks in their daily diet, which negatively affects hair growth. So, opting for a healthy diet with proteins, fruits, and vegetables helps reduce excessive hair loss. It is important to go for gentle and plant-based hair care products and avoid using blow-dryers or irons on a regular basis. 

  4. How to regain hair loss from stress?

    Stress-inducing hair loss usually takes several months to recover from but it is treatable. If you have been facing extreme hair loss, you should meet a dermatologist for a detailed analysis of hair health. Besides, there are three major ways to curb hair loss caused by stress: eating healthy, taking supplements to combat nutritional deficiency, and following stress management techniques like Yoga, meditation, counseling or therapy, etc. You may note that stress-related hair loss is temporary and goes away once the triggers diminish.

  5. Q.5. How to control hair loss?

    Answer: Controlling hair Loss and combating its causes may take several months or years. Therefore, it is best to ask for medical attention if the hair loss is extreme. However, changing lifestyle and switching to gentle and plant-based hair care products usually shows positive results on hair health. One should also take health supplements to fulfill nutritional needs, add protein to one’s diet, and stay hydrated, healthy, and stress-free to control hair loss.

  6. What is the reason for hair loss?

    Answer: There are many causes of hair loss. Some underlying factors that cause hair loss include hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause. There are certain medical conditions like Chemotherapy, genetics, Medical conditions like Thyroid or Fungal Infections, Mental Stress, and Excessive exposure to styling products or coloring that could also affect hair growth.

  7. How to stop genetic hair loss?

    Although genetic hair loss can’t be cured completely, certain medications can help slow it down. It is best to consult a doctor for a thorough analysis of hair health. In addition, one should not aggravate the condition, and taking proper care of hair and curating a healthy hair care routine are the most recommended ways to do so. 

  8. How to prevent hair loss in men?

    Preventing hair loss in men may require assistance from a dermatologist and several lifestyle changes. The effective solution includes adding protein Biotin and irons to the diet, reducing the intake of alcohol and smoking, talking therapies or counseling to manage stress, taking supplements to reduce male pattern baldness, etc. Besides, one should stick to healthy habits in daily life, such as avoiding brushing wet hair, excessively coloring or styling the hair, or keeping scalp oil and sweat-free.

  9. What causes dandruff and hair loss?

    Dry hair, excessive styling products, lack of cleansing, and unhealthy scalp and roots are major reasons for dandruff. On the other hand, hair loss can be caused due to severe medical conditions, genetics, stress, lack of hydration, unhealthy sleep cycle, and hormonal chang

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