When it comes to soothing our senses and treating various health concerns, some fragrant oils present themselves as the best go-to options. One such fragrant oil that offers these therapeutic benefits is Lavender Oil. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and can thus help heal the skin of minor cuts or burns. It also reduces anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression- and here’s how you may also use lavender oil benefits for your skin too. 

Interestingly, lavender has been used for centuries. Its medicinal values have been known to mankind for thousands of years, and some historic scriptures trace it back to the rise of Ayurveda in India. Ancient Egyptians also believed that using lavender oil for hair offered medicinal properties, while the Romans used it for healing and bathing.

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What is Lavender Oil?

Derived from flowers of Lavandula angustifolia, lavender oil is extracted with the help of a steam distillation process. The process involves capturing steam, separating oil, and collecting the vapors from the residual mixture. 

Although lavender is grown globally, it is native to the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, and Russia. It has a sweet smell that instills a warm feeling of relaxation and calmness, thus promoting a superior sense of wellness.

Did you know?

Lavender oil is often used in aromatherapy and can help boost hair growth. With its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic properties, lavender oil benefits our scalp by providing deep nourishment and protecting the hair follicles from environmental damage. 

How is Lavender Essential Oil good for hair?

Lavender is that silent, evergreen medicinal flower that works equally well for everyone. You may note that many body care products enriched by its oil also help relieve postoperative pain and anxiety disorders.

Lavender oil

Using lavender’s essential oil for hair offers medicinal benefits like keeping the scalp healthy and strengthening the hair roots. It also ensures protection against environmental triggers. Its regular application ensures a healthier hair texture too. 

Lavender essential oil: What makes it beneficial for hair?

Most hair care issues arise due to the instability of three doshas in the body: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Maintaining a relative stability of these doshas is crucial to achieving good hair health. The soothing and relaxing nature of lavender oil benefits us by reducing the intensity of these doshas and keeping many hair problems at bay. 

Here are some benefits of lavender essential oil:

Strengthens hair follicles

Several research studies show that applying lavender oil for hair growth regularly strengthens hair. It helps avert issues like seasonal dryness and split ends that make the hair brittle and prone to damage.

This oil offers powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help improve blood circulation and treat bacterial infections. Its topical application also strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Maintains healthy hair

A regular application of lavender oil for hair improves hair texture by conditioning the hair follicles, reducing frizz, and making the hair shinier. This fragrant oil also helps averts hair loss by treating dandruff and reducing pattern baldness.

Combats scalp infections

The damaging environment we live in may take a heavy toll on our skin and hair health, causing various fungal infections such as yeast infections and dandruff. Lavender oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep our scalp free from infections. 

A sane and regular use of lavender oil benefits hair care by removing dandruff and bacterial infections such as head lice and fungus. Also, its soothing nature helps reduce inflammation and soreness left due to regular scratching.

Destresses your tresses

Prolonged exposure to stressful environments could make us anxious, and it starts showing up in our health sooner or later. Headaches could be one obvious observation. A simple head massage with the best lavender oil in India helps relax the brain and improves its cognitive ability to focus and recollect. 

Induces deep sleep

Many people have insomnia, a condition that keeps them awake thinking about irrelevant situations that may have happened in the past or may arise in the future. Loss of sleep causes an imbalance of certain neurotransmitters in our minds. Massaging one’s head with lavender oil benefits by lowering cortisol levels and inducing peaceful sleep. 

Improving your hair care routine with lavender oil benefits

Even before we list some of the most common uses of lavender oil, it makes sense to know how we can incorporate it into our daily hair care routine. Hair care experts believe this fragrant oil can be added to various hair care products such as hair oils, hair masks, hair serums, and conditioners.

A similar supportive argument also holds for baby care too. For example, one can use this oil  as a baby hair oil. At Mamaearth, we offer a Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies, and it features the natural goodness of Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, and Avocado Oil along with Lavender oil too. 

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Lavender essential oil

4 Expert tips to get the best of lavender oil for routine hair care

Here are four expert tips to help you get the best of this hair oil, especially if you are planning to use it every day: 

  1. One should not inhale lavender oil in large amounts because it may cause vomiting, nausea, and other related symptoms. Drinking it is also not advisable.
  2. People with sensitive skin or combination skin should conduct a patch test before applying lavender oil directly onto the skin. 
  3. Keep in mind to use lavender essential oil with a carrier oil. 
  4. Avoid contact with the eyes because it may cause burning or irritation. Rinse gently with cold water in case of any accidental contact. 

There are many uses of lavender essential oil, and they all become better with a thoughtful and consistent application. The key is to opt for a safe, gentle, and toxin-free product that helps provide the best of Mother Nature without any adulertations. Did you know? Following these tips would also keep you away from the possible side effects of lavender oil that may occur with an incorrect use.

Opt for the Goodness of Nature

Lavender oil is a soothing oil that has gained much popularity due to its refreshing fragrance. If you are searching for a proven remedy for your hair or headache, there is nothing better than this oil. This toxin-free lavender oil benefits your hair care plans by enhancing the hair's thickness, texture, and shine.

Mamaearth's MadeSafe-certified product range comes powered by carefully chosen natural and toxin-free ingredients that are safe for regular use. In addition, our hair care products will help you achieve lustrous and stronger hair and alleviate the signs of premature aging from your hair and scalp.

  1. How to use lavender oil for hair?

    There are numerous ways to use and apply lavender oil to achieve healthy hair. Generally, you can dilute it with your carrier oil or shampoo, and build up a variety of hair masks at home that will help you achieve healthy hair.

  2. Is lavender oil good for hair?

    Yes. Lavender oil helps you achieve thick, lustrous locks and protects against environmental damage. Regular application ensures healthy hair texture, leaving them smooth and silk all day.

  3. How to make lavender oil?

    Lavender Oil is extracted from lavender flowers named Lavandula Angustifolia. Its extracts are processed through water using a steam distillation process.

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