Does your skin dry off easily while applying makeup or is it the acne that has kept you worried all these days? If your answers are affirmative for both the questions, it is the right time for you to add a multitasking ingredient to your skincare repertoire- and we believe it is Witch Hazel. So, what is witch hazel and why should it deserve a spot in your skincare cabinet- here’s a blog post explaining the details.

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Most of us love to try out new remedies and find ways to correct our skin woes, and we believe it is important to rely on ingredients with no side effects. This is where witch hazel fits the bill because it is a natural ingredient and offers many skin care benefits like reducing puffiness of eyes, alleviating sunburn, and treating acne marks. Besides, there is more to the benefits of witch hazel for skin than meets the eye. So, let us walk you through the details.

What is Witch Hazel? 

Witch Hazel has many species, but the Hamamelis virginiana has been used for centuries by Native Americans as a trusted remedy for many skin ailments. It is a shrub indigenous to North America, and its leaves and barks are used in teas and ointments. Praised for its ability to shrink pores and ease inflammation, this herbaceous plant offers many medicinal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Witch Hazel Uses & Benefits for Skincare

1. To Ward off signs of aging

Research indicates Witch hazel helps fight premature aging. It is rich in antioxidants that help fight and mitigate the damage caused by the free radicals and sun rays. In addition, its astringent properties help your skin appear firmer and healthier.

2. For tightening skin pores

Witch Hazel contains constricting compounds that help the proteins inside the skin cells come together. As a result, it shrinks and tightens pores to avoid visible pores. This is of special significance when treating skin blemishes and acne.

3. For calming skin inflammation

The natural tannins of witch hazel help relieve textured and blotchy skin, besides calming the irritation and redness on the skin. It may also come in handy in treating acne breakouts, insect bites, and sunburns. 

4. For regulating excess oils

This herbaceous plant is rich in antioxidants and tannins, which is why doctors recommend it for treating skin disorders. As a result, it controls sebum production in the skin and helps it stay hydrated. This is why it plays a critical role in toners and mattifying products.

5. For eliminating acne

Besides being an incredible astringent that helps with sebum production and skin redness, the antimicrobial properties of tannins fight bacteria growth on the skin. Not only does it reduce acne-causing bacteria growth, but it is also an effective ingredient for reducing irritation and breakouts.

6. To improve skin tone

Due to its ability to refine pores and reduce inflammation, it is considered a calming ingredient that defines the natural radiance by eliminating potential skin woes. It also defies dullness and helps grow new skin cells.

Mamaearth Witch Hazel-Based Toners for a spotless, rejuvenated skin

1. Vitamin C Face Toner

Made for tightening pores and purifying skin, our Vitamin C Face Toner exhibit all the beauty benefits your skin needs. It blends the richness of Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Extracts, and Cucumber. While Witch Hazel and Vitamin C refine pores and regulate oils, Aloe Vera and Cucumber nourish the skin cells to refine texture. In addition, the potent duo of Vitamin C and Witch Hazel helps you have a plump, shiny, and glowing complexion.

Vitamin C face toner

Tightens Open Pores & Restores Skin’s pH Balance

2. Rose Toner

Don’t we all adore the soothing effect of Rosewater? Keeping in mind the glow-defining traits of rose water, we added its natural goodness to Witch Hazel and Cucumber to create a near-perfect toner for all skin types. It moisturizes, vitalizes, and detoxifies the skin, giving a clean and healthy texture. Filled with antioxidant properties, this Rose Toner with Witch Hazel is surely worth trying.

Rose face toner

Detoxifies Skin & Tightens Open Pores

3. Niacin Face Toners

Our Niacin Face Toner comes enriched with Niacinamide and Witch Hazel. Niacinamide, an active form of B3, blends with the skin-soothing properties of Witch hazel, Aloe Vera, and Citric Acid, making a perfect recipe for a luminous skin texture. In addition, this toner helps in correcting uneven texture, clogged pores, and premature aging.

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks & Tightens Open Pores

What makes these toners best in the league?

  • Dermatologically approved
  • Enriched with the Goodness of Nature
  • Powered by Witch Hazel’s medicinal properties
  • Free from alcohol and harmful chemicals 
  • Approved by Made Safe and FDA
  • Offer detoxifying and hydrating properties

Switch to Witch Hazel

It is home to potent anti-inflammatory properties, which might be useful for treating many skincare conditions, ranging from skin sensitivity to acne marks. When availing the best benefits of witch hazel, it is best to start from a pea-sized amount and gradually increase the application amount.

We would also recommend staying patient and doing a bit of research about what your skin type and texture are. This would help you create a personalized CTM routine and help you use our toxin-free skincare products in the best way possible. We also ask you to avoid stress and junk food for the best results.

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  1. What does witch hazel do to your face?

    Witch Hazel is a plant that is rich in antioxidants and constructive compounds. These compounds soothe acne, inflammation, sunburn, and skin sensitivity. It also refines pores and eliminates dullness and redness from the skin. 

  2. Can I use witch hazel daily on my face?

    Yes, you can. Witch Hazel is an ingredient added to toners, making it easier for you to utilize witch hazel skin benefits on a daily basis.

  3. Can witch hazel fade dark spots?

    Yes, Witch Hazel acts as a natural astringent and has antimicrobial properties of tannins, which may help fade dark spots and lessen the bacterial growth in the skin.

  4. Why shouldn't you use witch hazel?

    There is no reason you cannot use Witch Hazel. However, it would be best if you kept it moderate at the start and it is advisable to use it in the form of toners. Witch hazel, when combined with other nutritious ingredients like Rosewater, Cucumber, or Niacinamide, works well on the skin. 

  5. Does witch hazel brighten skin?

    Yes, Witch Hazel boosts the skin's natural complexion and corrects skin woes like enlarged pores, inflammation, and acne. Simply put, it promotes healthy and bright skin texture. 

  6. Is witch hazel good for aging skin?

    Yes, Witch Hazel is a rich source of antioxidants, which help in fighting premature aging. It also reverses the damage caused by the free radicals and thus reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

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