Our skincare routine hugely impacts what we see in the mirror. So whether you are in your early 20s or 30s, if your skincare endeavor isn’t reaping what it is supposed to, maybe it is time to listen to what our skin truly needs. In this blog, we will bring you closer to a list of some essential products to help you curate a skincare regime and know its offerings, so stay tuned as we take you through the details!

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What is a Personalized Skincare Routine?

There could be several issues that could negatively affect your facial appearance, but skincare experts usually zero in on dark spots, dullness, and premature aging as the most obvious answers. These are the results of the triggers our skin consistently endures, and they often break through its defenses. Whether skincare routine for oily and acne-prone skin or dehydrated skin, you should be aware of a few factors that could impact your skin’s tone and texture alike. 

This change is affected by two factors:

1. How much do we care for our skin?

2. Are we using skin care products that align with our skin type and texture? 

A personalized skincare routine is a term used to describe time-based efforts to serve skin health. Whether it is a 12-step routine or just sticking to a minimal, taking care of our skin is critical at the age when our skin is exposed to pollution, UV rays, and our dietary preferences. It may thus not be necessary to paint our skin with hordes of products when it only needs a bit of moisturization or deep cleansing. 

Regular cleansing and moisturization aren’t enough; you should use sunblock treatment. Let’s understand it with an example. If your skin gets deep cleansing and regular moisturization but is not protected against the sun’s UV rays, it might get affected by sunburns and uneven sun tan. You would do well to opt for sunscreen in this scenario.

Why is a Personalized Skincare Routine Essential to Our Skin Health? 

There are five steps we should practice daily to keep our skin health in check. They are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, treating, and protecting. Some skincare experts also advise using hydrating face masks to exfoliate skin cells. However, it is also important to choose such products as per one’s skin type and texture. We have thus listed some simple yet critical steps to help you keep your woes away. 

If you have oily skin, you may make a few tweaks to your skincare routine. You may try Mamaearth Aloe Vera Face Gel for Hydrates & Soothes Irritated Skin. You can also add a SPF-based sunscreen in your daily skincare routine.. The idea is to choose one with a lightweight formula. 

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Aloe Vera Gel

Hydrates Skin | Soothes Irritated Skin

While cleansing and exfoliation are necessary, we recommend using face toner to soothe your facial pores. In most cases, oily skin tends to have visible pores; thus, using a well-formulated facial toner would help. So, be careful while planning an oily and sensitive skincare routine. 

At Mamaearth, we emphasize following healthy skincare practices and exploring every viewpoint before configuring solutions. We are a MadeSafe- and FDA-approved brand, and we are home to a wide range of toxin-free and skin-soothing products. Besides, we do not test our products on animals and are thus also certified by PETA.

A Five-Step Skincare Routine You Can Follow at home!

Now, let’s explore the essential steps for curating a daily skincare routine for glowing and radiant skin. These steps are related to a better understanding of your skin type and texture and can help you regain your long-lost radiance.

Step:1- Cleansing

Cleansing should be the first step in your morning skincare routine because it helps drive out the toxins from the skin. Doing this process in a better way paves the way for other skincare products to blend in easily. A potent face cleanser removes toxins, pollutants, dirt, and makeup residue from the skin without hurting the moisture barrier. 

  • You should try our Tea Tree Face Wash that features Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Neem to nurture your skin. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which keep itchiness and infections away. 
  • You can also try our Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash and Ubtan Face Wash to improve skin texture. You may also opt for our Charcoal Face Wash to refine your pores and keep the blackheads and whiteheads away.
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Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash

Deeply Cleanses | Brightens Skin | Makes Skin Glow

  • You may use our Rice Face Wash to enhance your natural radiance. Made with the goodness of Rice Water, Glycerin, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide, it locks in the hydration in your skin. It works well on dullness, fights free radical damage, and evens the skin.

Step:2- Toning

Like other skincare basics, toner is important in your morning skincare routine. It is important in keeping skin nourished and hydrating, apart from regulating your skin’s natural pH. However, its hydrating nature makes it an irreplaceable product, which comes in handy after deep cleansing. 

  • You can try our Vitamin C Face Toner to bring an extra glow to your skin. It is enriched with Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Extracts, and Cucumber.
Recommended Product

Vitamin C Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Restores Skin’s pH Balance

  • If you wish to revitalize your skin with gentle ingredients, Rose Toners may work in your favor. It features the goodness of Witch Hazel, Cucumber, and Rose Water.

Step:3- Treating

The popularity of face serum has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This concentrated liquid has risen on everyone’s go-to list to relieve dullness, pimples, and acne marks. Most serums come with a water-like consistency and blend with your daily skincare routine. 

Here’s how you should shortlist one such concentrated product to test your skincare woes: 

  • Mamaearth’s Skin Correct Serum with Niacinamide may serve you right if you seek anti-aging benefits. You can also buy Retinol Face serum to fight the matured skin woes. 
Recommended Product

Skin Correct Face Serum

Reduces Acne Marks | Minimizes Enlarged Pores

  • You can try Tea Tree Face Serum, Vitamin C Serum, or Rosehip Face Serum to correct your blemishes and hyperpigmentation. 
  • You can contact our Ubtan Face Serum or Vitamin E Essence Serum to brighten and hydrate your skin.

Note: If you have oily skin and are experiencing unusual shine and clogged pores, you should try these serums. The Skin Correct Serum with Niacinamide is considered one of the best oily skin treatments. 

Step:4- Moisturizing

The next step would be moisturizing. Moisturizers are those non-negotiable products that our skin cannot survive without. Moisturizers regulate the water loss in your skin and repair the moisture barrier, keeping it shiny and glossier. 

If you are concerned about a greasy appearance or are keen to boost your skincare routine for combination skin, here are the product that may help: 

  • Try our wide range of Oil-Free Moisturizers if you have acne-prone skin. They are formulated with high-end ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Ubtan, Rice, Vitamin C, and Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • We recommend using Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream to reduce blemishes and dark spots. It comes enriched with Vetiver Oil, Mulberry Extract, Geranium Oil, and Daisy Flower. 
Recommended Product

Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Evens Skin Tone | Non-Greasy | Reduces Dark Spots

Note: Moisturizers should also be added to your night skincare routine. Apply a thick layer of night cream/ moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized overnight.

Step:5- Protecting 

The last in your skincare routine is protection. Sunblock creams or sunscreen help protect us from sun damage and keep issues like dark spots and blemishes away. If you haven’t found your perfect sunscreen yet, you should try our toxin-free sunscreen- Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen with Carrot Seed Oil, Turmeric, and SPF 50 PA+++

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Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen

Packed with SPF 50 | Long Lasting Sun Protection

  • Turmeric and Orange oil contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that shield the skin against infections, making this sunscreen ideal for all skin types. In addition, it doesn’t leave a white cast or layer on the skin after application.
  • It also features Carrot Oil and Cananga Oil, ensuring that your skin imbibes adequate moisturization and remains protected from sun rays.

Weekly skincare routine: Facial Masks 

Facial masks help boost the skin’s moisture content and promote a healthy glow. Hydrating facial masks are best for pursuing a dry skin care routine at home that calms irritated barriers. In addition, they provide deep moisturization and drive seasonal dryness away, thus making the skin stay moistened.

Here are our best face packs that you may add to your skincare routine for oily skin (or dry skin):

  • Tea Tree Face Pack features Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Apricot Oil, and Mulberry Oil. They work on acne and pimples and help with fine lines and dullness.
  • If you are looking for a gentle yet effective solution for your dull and irritated barrier, the Ubtan Face Mask might be helpful. It features Saffron, Apricot Oil, and Turmeric that help drive skin blemishes and dryness away.
  • You may try a Retinol Face Mask to fight your matured skin woes like fine lines, smile lines, or wrinkles. It blends Retinol, Bakuchi, and Mulberry, which help reduce skin blemishes and help you look younger. 
Recommended Product

Retinol Face Mask

Minimizes Signs of Aging | Brightens Dull Skin

So, these are some quick and basic skincare routine steps for a healthy, glowing skin barrier. If you are looking for skincare steps, particularly for teenagers, we have provided a quick rundown for your help. 

Teenage skin care routine you should know about:

The hormonal changes in teens are known to everyone. Apart from the body, their skin also feels different. Such skin challenges may vary from person to person. Thus, it is better to plan your skincare regimen accordingly. There are some skincare rules which are equally applicable to everyone, regardless of age and skin type. 

We are mentioning some essential skincare steps for a typical teenage skincare routine below:

  • A thorough cleansing is critical for every skin type. Get a sulfate-free face wash with a deep cleanse formula and wash off the deep-seated dirt from the pores.
  • The second step is moisturizing. A well-moisturized skin barrier is a sign of a healthy state of skin health. So, keep your skin soaked in a hydrating moisturizer.
  • The last step that every teenager should swear by is protecting. Use SPF-based sunscreen to prevent damage caused by UV rays.

In addition to these minimal skincare steps, you may indulge in weekly masking therapy. If you are up for healthy skin care at home, you may use some easy home remedies. Remember to exfoliate weekly to get rid of dead skin cells and germs accumulated in your pores.

Summing up!
Skincare experts advise that discipline and consistency are the keys to any routine’s success. This holds in skincare too. Whether your winter skincare routine or summer, being punctual, consistent, and patient with your skincare routine will always help you achieve happier and well-rested skin. Using safe, toxin-free, good-quality skincare products would also help greatly.


  1. What is the best skin care routine?

    The best skin care routine steps include cleansing, toning, moisturizing, treating, and protecting. You should thus add a face wash, toner, face serum, moisturizer, and SPF to your daily skin care routine for glowing skin. In addition, you should also exfoliate your facial skin using a nourishing facial mask every week. 

  2. At What age should you start a skin care routine?

    You may introduce basic skin care routine steps to your daily life in your teens or early twenties. However, face cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF can be practiced in your early teens. In addition, these active-based treatment products should be used by adults according to their respective skin care concerns.

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