Benefits of Charcoal Based Face Washes

charcoal face wash

Do you know the benefits of Charcoal Based Face Washes? Activated Charcoal face washes, much like the Korean DIY masks took the internet by storm. Facebook and Instagram are flooding with images of men and women advertising charcoal face masks and face washes. But what are these charcoal based face products and how do they help the skin?

In simple term, activated charcoal means heated charcoal, which helps in trapping chemicals and oils from the pores, leaving the skin glowing. Face wash get deep into your skin pores and replenish it by washing away the microparticles and bacteria.

Benefits of Activated charcoal based face washes

  1. Acne treatment

    Charcoal treatment is believed to be one of the best treatments for Acne. Since charcoal face wash help in sucking out the impurities from the skin, it gets rid of the germs that are causing acne. It also helps in reducing inflammation, leaving the pores clean and free from acne.

  2. Seeps away excessive oil

    With the daily dust and pollution, our skin has to face, especially in the cities, it is very easy to develop oily skin. Charcoal based face washes can really help here. It washes away the excess oil from the skin that is stuck in the pores, leaving the face clean and moisturised.

  3. Detoxification of skin

    Make up, oil or dirt accumulated in the skin pores, leaves it dull. And if an ordinary face wash is not giving that glow to your face, then try out charcoal based face wash. With its deep cleansing, it is sure to rejuvenate your skin, giving it instant fairness and glow.

  4. Gets rid of the dead cells

    Charcoal based face washes also have the characteristics to remove dead skin cells and clean the skin to the core, thus leaving the skin flawless.

  5. Cleans blackhead

    Blackheads are irritating aren’t they? They cling on the skin so tight and you dread the clean-up sessions in parlours. For this very reason, charcoal based face washes are here to the rescue. Since charcoal based washes have the ability to sink deep into the pores, they also suck out all the bacteria and blackhead.

  6. Tighter and firmer skin

    Besides giving you a flawless skin, charcoal based face washes are also known to aid in tightening and firming the loose skin. It helps reducing wrinkles and fine lines, thereby prevents your skin from premature ageing.

Though charcoal based products such as masks and face washes have been flagged by criticisms, still the popularity of this product is only increasing. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy Mamaearth Refresh Oil Control Facewash For Men With Charcoal And Walnut. It goes deep into your pores, absorbs impurities, oil and grime, leaving your skin refreshed and clear. It is dermatologically tested, pH balanced and contains no harmful chemicals.

You can also try MamaEarth C3 Face Mask, which contains Charcoal, Coffee & Clay, along with mulberry, cucumber, and papaya fruit extracts. The Kaolin clay and activated charcoal in the mask help to remove dead skin cells and reduce pimples, redness, and acne from the face.

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