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My first order from Mamaearth was for the TUFF product (Ubtan Face Wash) because I wanted to give it a try. I like the product quality, and the best part was it was free from any chemicals or toxins. I still use their products regularly for my skin and hair. Due to its all-natural ingredients, I now have healthy skin and voluminous hair. Thank you, Mamaearth, for such great quality products!

Vedika Kumar
Vedika Kumar

I always wanted to try something natural for my skin. I’ve heard a lot about the no chemical and toxin-free products of Mamaearth and hence ordered their TUFF product to give it a try. I fell in love with the Ubtan Face Wash and now have become their loyal customer. All thanks to Mamaearth!

Sameeksha More
Sameeksha More

Many of my friends and colleagues have recommended Mamaearth’s hair products as I struggled with hair fall. I wanted to try their products first before using them regularly just to check whether they will suit my hair type or not. I got to know about their TUFF offer and immediately ordered their onion hair oil to give it a try. I am in love with its results and will use it regularly from now on. Mamaearth’s TUFF offer is great for new users like me. Kudos Mamaearth!

Veronica Johnson
Veronica Johnson


  1. Who Can Buy TUFF Products?
  2. Who Can Buy TUFF Products?

  1. How Many TUFF Products Can I buy?
  2. You can buy only 1 TUFF product. The minimum order value should be Rs. 99. The coupon is only applicable to TUFF products.

  1. Can I Buy TUFF Products Along with My Purchase of Other Products?
  2. No, when buying TUFF products no other products can be added to the cart.

  1. Can I Buy More than 1 TUFF Product?
  2. No, you can only buy one TUFF product.

  1. Does the Cashback Have An Expiry Date?
  2. Yes, the cashback will expire in 90 days from the date of order.

  1. Where and When Will I Receive My Cashback?
  2. The cashback will be credited into your Mamapay wallet that can be used for future purchases. You will receive the cashback post successful delivery of your order.

  1. Will I Get a 5% Prepaid Off When Buying TUFF Products?
  2. No, 5% prepaid off is not applicable for TUFF products.

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