Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy

From a mama to another mama. We understand if you are not happy with our products or find something damaged on delivery. Each and every request for refunds or returns will be carefully examined. For quick returns/refunds or cancellations, go ahead and call our customer care number at +91 844-8444-875 Monday through Friday (9 am to 6 pm) or drop us a mail at [email protected].


Return Policy

Time taken for returns

In case a product/products are not up to your satisfaction and you need to return them. The customer service department may take up to 24 hours to pick up the product/products. This is followed by 2 days to initiate the refund which is subject to the state of the product when it is returned. However, if the product is sent through a courier service of your choice, the delivery time will be longer or shorter. After the product is received at the loading depot, a physical inspection will be done for about 2 days. Following which, the refunds will begin to be processed within 2 days of the product being received. The receipt of the product depends on the payment mode you choose.

How to return the product(s)?

Before you courier the product to us, please be sure that it has been packed properly without any gaps or unsealed areas. You can call the logistics service through which the courier was sent or send an email at the id given below:

[email protected]

Remember to keep a copy of the purchase bill for yourself so that we are able to contact you when the returns and refunds process is started.

Where can the product get returned?

All the product(s) purchased will have to be couriered back to our warehouse with proper packing and sealing done to avoid leakages or spills while in transit.

Refund Policy

As the refund process takes a day or two after the product inspection. Any receipts sent will be accepted according to the mode of payment by you. If payments have been done by debit or credit card, then it rests on the time taken on the bank to return the amount paid. Also, returning the paid amount is subject to the bank through which it will be paid. However, it may get delayed due to nationalized holidays.

Cancellation Policy


If you are in need of quick cancellations, then you can reach out to our customer care team so that you are able to raise a cancellation request. This process might take a day or two to occur. You can also call up the customer care number right here:

+91  844-8444-875 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm)

Or you can also mail us at:

[email protected]


In case of prepaid orders, refunds will be processed as per the return policies stated before.