Ubtan Nourishing Hair Removal Cream With Turmeric & Saffron for Hair Removal- 100 g

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poojaJan 28, 2024
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Very nice and easy to remove all hairs within 5mins I used for underarms so must buy
Payel Sasmal Jun 13, 2023
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If you are looking for a natural and safe women’s and men's hair removal cream, this Ubtan Hair Removal Cream is ideal. I have been using this cream for the past two weeks, and I love the results this gives me. My husband also loves this product as it gently helps him clean his hair and feel fresh, and softens the skin. My family’s favorite body hair removal cream is safe, toxin-free, nourishing the skin and keeping it smooth and hydrated.
Dwitiya AroraJun 3, 2023
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Although this is not a permanent hair removal cream, you can incorporate it into your regular body care regime and use it once or twice a month for best results. I have been using this product every month as my growth is very much, and this product has always ended up giving me nourishing and smooth skin. In just some time, I get a cleaner and shinier look. My go-to product before I am in a hurry or even on my beautiful self-care days.
Vaishali RaghuvanshiMay 28, 2023
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It is a perfect underarm hair removal cream, especially when you are lazy to go for a waxing session and need immediate results. It nourishes my underarms and gives me smooth, soft skin with no black spots. I switched to this, one of the best hair removal cream for the face and body, and I have never looked back.
Rupinder Kaur May 17, 2023
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This natures hair removal cream has changed my body care regime and made my insecurities my strength. I have been using this boys' hair removal cream as a part of my weekly routine and have started feeling more hygienic and have soft and smooth skin after every application. Great product!
Anshul Arora May 13, 2023
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Ubtan nourishing hair removal cream- is good. 7 - 8 mins me sare hair remove ho jaate hain skin bhi shine karti hai.
Priti KhannaApr 29, 2023
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The cream is nice, it takes approx 8 mins to remove the hair properly. Try it!
Latika NairApr 29, 2023
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All I can say is that this cream is just WOW! It makes my skin really soft and lovable!!! Do give this a shot!!