Ubtan Body Lotion with Turmeric and Kokum Butter for Glowing Skin - 400 ml

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Meenu SainiDec 13, 2022
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Ubtan body lotion is amazing and a must have product in winters......My mamaearth ubtan body lotion review is my exp for this brand....Lotion gives perfect moisturization on my just proper does not feel sticky.....I use it daily after shower...and m done for the day....ubtan in this smells so good!
Kush Bharakhda Dec 5, 2022
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My skin, especially during the colder months, tends to get all dry and flaky. I've tried a bunch of lotions, but most just sit on the surface. Then, my mom, always with her beauty tips, suggested this ubtan body lotion. First application, and wow, instant hydration! And that classic ubtan scent? It's like wrapping myself in a cocoon of comfort.
Meenu SainiNov 23, 2022
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moisturise skin for longer time than any other products i have ever used
Mukesh Oct 1, 2022
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Richa GoyalJul 8, 2022
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Awesome product
ChanchalJul 3, 2022
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Ubtan face wash really gud and gel
Arnav Chauhan Jul 1, 2022
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Too Good Body Lotion ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hansa mundraJun 19, 2022
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This lotion is so effective. After applying my skin feel hydrated. Frangrance is to good and the texture is also good. Even The Mamaearth ubtan body lotion price is also Okish according to it's quality.