Rose Face Toner with Witch Hazel and Rose Water for Pore Tightening - 200ml

Detoxifies Skin | Tightens Open Pores
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They say good skin comes to those who tone regularly with a natural toner and we couldn’t agree more. Supercharged with the goodness of Rose Water and Witch Hazel, our Rose Face Toner targets open pores while detoxifying skin and giving it a natural glow. Cleanse your face, follow it up with our soothing rose water toner and you’ll be perfectly prepped for serum and moisturizer. We are sure, you’ll be hooked from the very first swipe. Mamaearth Rose Face Toner is suitable for all skin types & free of alcohol & harmful toxins such as Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones, etc.

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Results of Mamaearth Rose Face Toner

  • Mamaearth Rose Face Toner for Detoxifies Skin

    Detoxifies Skin

    One of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets - rose water gives you an even skin tone while hydrating and detoxifying your skin for a healthy look. This rose toner has calming effects that make this face toner great for sensitive skin as well.
  • Rose Face Toner for Tightens Open Pores

    Tightens Open Pores

    The alcohol-free face toner made with natural ingredients like Witch Hazel and Cucumber helps in tightening open & enlarged pores.
  • Mamaearth Rose Water Toner for Enhances Natural Glow

    Enhances Natural Glow

    Rose water helps to hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin giving it a refreshed look while imparting a healthy and natural glow.

Can rose water be used as a toner?

Yes, Rose Water Toner helps increase the natural radiance of the skin, and can be used as a toner. Mamaearth Rose Toner has cucumber extract and Aloe Vera in the composition that will hydrate and revitalize your face from within.

How to use rose water as a toner?

Start with washing your face with Mamaearth Foaming Face Wash. Rinse it off and pat it dry. Next, take a few drops of Mamaearth Rose Facial Toner on a cotton pad or your palm and dab it all over your face and neck. Follow it with a gentle moisturizer to lock in the hydration.

How to use rose water?

To get the maximum benefits of this rose water toner, you should use Mamaearth Rose Face Toner. Pour a few drops of rose water on your face and neck. Then, pat it on your face till it gets absorbed thoroughly on your skin.

Is Rose Water Good for the face?

Mamaearth Rose Water Toner is enriched with cucumber extract, aloe vera, and witch hazel extracts. Its natural and gentle formulation offers a healthy glow by detoxifying, hydrating, and soothing your skin.

How to use rose water for oily skin?

You should opt for a product that contains natural rose water ingredients like witch hazel and cucumber extract. People with oily skin should include this toner in both AM and PM routines before layering the skin with moisturizers and serums. It should be applied on a clean face to boost the moisture content in skin cells. This is the best way to use a rose water toner for oily skin.

Is Rose Water Toner good for oily skin?

A rose toner enriched with rose petal and witch hazel extracts could positively change your skin composition by improving skin tone and removing extra oil and dirt. If you are looking for a natural product, Mamaearth Rose Toner can help you get the job done. It is the best Rose Water Toner for open pores and oily skin in India.

What are the benefits of applying rose water on the face?

Mamaearth Rose Toner is an alcohol-free toner and it is made from natural ingredients. It offers a healthy glow by tightening the pores and pulling the blackheads away from the skin. It also hydrates the skin deeply and paves the way for moisturizers and serums to blend in. To reap the Mamaearth rose toner benefits, you should add this to your AM and PM routine.

I have dry skin. Will this toner dry my skin even more?

The toner contains natural moisturizing agents, and unlike other alcohol-based toners, it will not dry your skin out at all.

Can the Rose Water Face Toner be used on acne? Will it irritate my acne?

No, the toner will not irritate your acne. On the contrary, Aloe Vera & Cucumber will help soothe it.

Can my teenage daughter use this Rose Water Face Toner?

yes, anyone who’s 15 years old and above can apply the Rose Water Face Toner.

Can we use Rose Face Toner Daily for Skin Care?

Yes, Mamaearth Rose Water Face Toner can be used in your everyday skin regimen.

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LokeshJun 5, 2023
Verified User
First ond sunscreen daily use and my open pores are slowly closing i used 3months and it's slowly closing my pore happy with this products...this mamaearth gulab jal worked like magic....keeps my skin refreshing for the whole day....using it twice a day.... my mamaearth rose water toner review on the basis of my experience
JagaratiAug 23, 2022
Verified User
This rose water toner gives refresh feel to my skin and keeps the skin alive throughout the day!.....detoxifies the skin and reduces open pores...This toner is the second step in my skin care routinue and I love it!
Anshul Arora Aug 20, 2022
Verified User
Rose water toner- it's so refreshing and gives a radiant look to my face compared to all the other tonners that I've used so far. Gonna continue using this rose water for face and make my skin healthy and shiny.
Anshul Arora Jul 7, 2022
Verified User
Mamaearth Rose water toner is so refreshing and gives a radiant look to my face compared to all the other tonners that I've used so far. I'll highly recommend this product to all of you for your face.
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