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Onion Hair Serum with Onion and Biotin for Strong, Frizz-Free Hair - 100 ml

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Shehla KhanSep 7, 2023
Verified User
I've dealt with perpetually dry...frizzy hair forever that tangles and snaps off so easily! I was ready to shave my head before my sister convinced me to try this onion serum she swears by. I'll admit I thought she was totally crazy for suggesting it lol! But I'm so glad I trusted her...because its made such a huge difference for my parched hair! Using it on the lengths a few times a week leaves my ends silky and smooth now instead of crispy. Its so much easier to detangle and style after using the serum too! Who knew onion could be the answer to my dry hair woes? I'm a total believer now...don't knock this serum until you try it yourself if you have brittle or damaged locks! Total game changer :)
Rajat KumarSep 7, 2023
Verified User
I've always struggled with short...brittle hair prone to breakage no matter what I used on it! I was researching natural solutions and found great reviews for this onion serum for reducing hair loss and breakage. I wont lie I was super hesitant to use an onion product at first lol! But wow I'm so glad I gave it a chance because my hair is shedding wayyyy less now after using this serum a few times a week! It has worked wonders at nourishing my follicles and reducing breakage all over my head. My hair looks so much shinier and healthier now even my stylist noticed! Dont let the onion scent deter you - it fades after rinsing! This serum has been amazing at reviving my brittle strands...I won't hesitate to recco it for repairing damage!
Tarun GangwaniSep 7, 2023
Verified User
I've always had such perpetually dry and brittle texture no matter what I hair never grew long before the ends would split and break off! I was about to just chop it all into a pixie before my stylist convinced me to give this onion serum a go for deep conditioning and repair. I totally thought she was crazy suggesting onion at first lol! But omg...I'm so glad I listened because it has done wonders at nourishing my damaged hair! Focusing it on my ends and lengths a couple uses a week has reduced my split ends dramatically and lessened breakage so much! The onion extract must really seal and reinforce the cuticle. My hair finally air dries smooth and frizz-free now! Don't knock the funky onion serum until you try it for repairing damage! This stuff has been a game changer for my brittle strands!
Riya SharmaSep 7, 2023
Verified User
Uggh I've ALWAYS struggled with super thin, limp hair that falls out so easily no matter what I try. My friend actually told me I should look into hair serums with onion extract to help with growth and shedding. I'll admit I was skeptical AF at first about using an onion product in my hair lol. Sounded weird. But I was desperate so I ended up trying this onion hair serum and I'm honestly so glad I did! I've been using just a few drops on my scalp couple times a week before bed and I swear I'm losing so much less hair now and it looks wayyy thicker. Something about the onion extract must really nourish the follicles and stimulate growth cuz this serum has been amazing for my thinning hair! The smell totally goes away after rinsing too so no onion head lol. I'm not afraid to try funky stuff now if it helps my hair. If your dealing with shedding and limpness def give this onion serum a go!
Preeti SainiAug 31, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth onion hair serum is good for hair fall control. It makes hair very silky and smooth. Who is suffering from hair fall should be used this onion hair serum.
Divya GinotraAug 31, 2023
Verified User
I am just loving it, its too good and effective, controls my excess hair fall and also boost hair growth.
Tarun KoratAug 24, 2023
Verified User
It's a very good product for hair fall problem. I always suggest to use the product.
Gurleen kaurAug 13, 2023
Verified User
Its helps in my hairfall reduction. THANKU MAMAEARTH FOR BEST PRODUCTS