Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall Control with Redensyl, 150ml

Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall Control with Redensyl, 150ml
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Stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to many hair troubles - hair fall being the most common one. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil helps you combat this problem. Onion Oil, rich in Sulphur, Potassium and antioxidants, reduces hair fall and accelerates hair regrowth. One of the newest breakthrough ingredients in hair regrowth, Redensyl, unblocks hair follicles and also boosts new hair growth. Safe for coloured and chemically treated hair, the Oil is free of harmful chemicals and toxins such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Dyes & Synthetic Fragrance.

What To Expect From Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

  • onion oil for boosts hair growth


    Onion Oil, in combination with Redensyl, reduces hair fall and promotes regrowth of lost hair.
  • onion hair oil adds STRENGTH and SHINE


    Full of nature’s goodness, a blend of nourishing oils such as Sunflower Oil, Amla Oil, Hibiscus Oil, etc. makes hair strong from the inside & shinier on the outside.
  • onion hair oil for balance scalp


    Bhringraj Oil is known to balance & nourish the scalp. Rich in Vitamin D, Almond Oil provides nutrition to scalp, making hair healthier and stronger.

Hero Ingredients

  • Onion Seed Oil
    Onion Seed Oil : Onion Oil increases blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn improves hair growth. It also prevents hair loss.
  • Redensyl
    Redensyl : The newest breakthrough ingredient against hair loss, and the best alternative to hair transplantation, Redensyl can significantly boost hair density, thickness, fullness, strength and overall health.
  • Almond Oil
    Almond Oil : Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E, and magnesium present in Almond Oil nourish and strengthen your hair, and are optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair.
  • Bhringraj Oil
    Bhringraj Oil : It aids in blood circulation, promotes hair growth, and prevents hair fall. Since it is also deeply moisturizing, it works as a natural conditioner for your tresses.
  • Amla Oil
    Amla Oil : Amla Oil promotes overall health of hair & scalp, and prevents premature greying.
  • Castor Oil
    Castor Oil : Castor Oil strengthens hair from the roots, and nourishes the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Directions for Use

  • Step 1 : Apply a few drops directly on scalp & massage with fingertips, to help the Oil penetrate into roots of your hair.
  • Step 2 : Leave it overnight, or for few hours.
  • Step 3 : Wash off with a sulfate-free shampoo

Who is it for?

  • Men & women of all ages.
  • Dry, damaged Hair

Why is Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil Better Than Any Other Hair Oil?

  • onion hair oil reduces hairfall
    • Reduces Hairfall
    • Promotes Hair Growth
    • Nourishes Hair
    • Suitable For All Hair Types
  • Other Hair Oil
    • Does Not Work on Specific Issues
    • Does Not Nourish Enough
    • Contains Harmful Chemicals
    • Contains Parabens & Silicone

Ingredients list

Ingredients Type Where Is It From? How It Helps?
Sunflower Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair Nourisher
Jojoba Oil Natural Plant-Based Prevents Hair Loss
Almond Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair Strengthener
Bhringraj Oil Extract Natural Plant-Based Boosts Hair Growth
Amla Oil Extract Natural Plant-Based Hair Strengthener
Gurhal Oil Extract Natural Plant-Based Boosts Hair Growth
Brahmi Oil Extract Natural Plant-Based Hair Strengthener
Olive Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair Moisturizer
Onion Extract Natural Plant-Based Prevents Hair Loss
Natural Vitamin E Natural Plant-Based Boosts Hair Growth
Sesame Oil Natural Plant-Based Boosts Hair Growth
Castor Oil Natural Plant-Based Boosts Hair Growth
Redensyl Natural Plant-Based Boosts Hair Growth
Onion Seed Oil Natural Plant-Based Prevents Hair Loss
Lime Essential Oil Natural Plant-Based Promotes Hair Health
Ginger Essential Oil Natural Plant-Based Soothes Dryness & Itchiness


Who can use this Oil?

Both men and women, above 15 years of age, can use this Hair Oil.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Yes, it suits all hair types.

Does it have any artificial fragrances?

No, it is made of all natural ingredients, and is completely free of artificial fragrance.

Can Mamaearth Onion Oil Reduce Hair Fall?

Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil contains onion seed oil, which increases blood supply to hair follicles, improving hair growth and stop hair loss.


1.The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
2.Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
3.In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
4.All images shown are for illustration purpose only, actual results may vary.
5.For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place.

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