Nipple Butter Cream for sore and cracked nipples, 50ml

Heals Cracked & Sore Nipples | Lanolin-Free
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Product Description

Nursing your baby is the best way to establish a healthy bond between you two. Make sure that these moments are memorable with Mamaearth Nipple Butter Cream for Sore and Cracked Nipples. Our cream comes with the goodness of Coconut Oil that helps in nourishing the skin of the nipples. Shea Butter helps moisturize the skin and provides a protective layer to heal sore and chapped nipples faster. Calendula Extract provides a soothing effect to cracked nipples. Other ingredients like Vitamin E and Beeswax moisturize the affected area and help in faster recovery. What’s more interesting is that you can also use this cream to help heal your little one’s chapped cheeks. Since our Nipple Butter Cream is made with 100% natural ingredients, buy it to use daily without worrying about chemicals harming you or your baby.

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Results of Mamaearth Nipple Butter Cream

  • Heals Cracked & Sore Nipples

    Shea & Cocoa Butter as its main ingredients help in healing cracked and sore nipples.
  • Lanolin-Free

    Made with Organic Calendula, Cocoa, and Shea Butter, it is Lanolin-free and safe for both mama and baby.
  • 100% Natural

    The de-stressing aroma of coffee & chocolate helps you feel rejuvenated and lets you start the day on a happy & positive note.

Key Ingredients

How to Use

Who can Use

Why Mamaearth

Ingredient List

  • Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil : It is known for its hydration properties. It also helps in healing cracked and sore nipples.
  • Shea Butter
    Shea Butter : It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that help heal sore and cracked nipples while soothing them.
  • Calendula Extract
    Calendula Extract : It stimulates collagen production, and it also reduces the occurrence of dry skin.
  • Apply after each feed and as needed on dry breast patches. You can also use this as a face cream for your little one’s dry cheeks.
  • Lactating Mothers
  • Anyone with Cracked Nipples
  • Kids with Dry Cheeks
  • Natural Nipple Butter
    • MadeSafe Certified
    • 100% Natural
    • Contains No Harmful Chemicals and Toxins
    • Safe for Lactating Mothers
    • No Preservatives
    • No Artificial Fragrances
  • Why Is Mamaearth Nipple Butter Better Than Other
    • Contains Harmful Chemicals
    • Loaded with Toxins
    • May Not Be Safe for Lactating Mothers
    • Contains Preservatives
    • Contains Artificial Fragrances
Ingredient Type Where Is It From How It Helps?
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Natural Olives Moisturizing Agent
Virgin Coconut Oil Natural Coconut Hydrating Agent
Beeswax Natural Honey Bees Anti-Inflammatory
Calendula Oil Natural Flower-Based Heals Wounds and Dry Skin
Shea Butter Natural Nuts of Shea Heals sore and cracked nipples
Natural Vitamin E Natural Plant-Based Nourishing Agent


My son has dry cheeks Can I use this mamaearth nipple butter cream on him?

Yes, without a doubt you can use cream to soothe dry cheeks of your little one. The All-natural formulation makes it great for anyone’s use.

I have extremely dry skin. Can I use this mamaearth breast tightening cream?

Mamaearth organic nipple butter is the 100% natural cream is the perfect bet for dry skin. You can use this Mamaearth nipple butter without a doubt to reduce dryness and itchiness, whether on breasts or any body part.

What is the use of Mamaearth Natural Nipple Butter?

Mamaearth Nipple butter helps in nourishing the skin of nipples. Shea butter helps the mosturize skin and provides a protective layer.

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Devika | Jan 25, 2023
 Verified Purchase
My mamaearth nipple butter reviews is incredible, my nipples were dry, dead, cracked and sometimes itching on the area, I used to use normal products present on the shops but that wasn't helping much. But this mamaearth product worked like wonder, use it after every feed and they are no longer cracked/dry which feels so nice. The company natural ingredient policy is true, which can be seen after using the products. I liked this stuff and will surely buying again!
Lakshi | Aug 23, 2022
 Verified Purchase
As a new mother....I was very worried about painful nipples.......tbh this has gave me tears.....but this nipple butter from mamaearth has put on a smile on my face by giving relief to the area. Provides moisturization and keeps them. this natural nipple butter is just a blessing.
Rittika Chopra | May 31, 2022
 Verified Purchase
If I say I read some mamaearth nipple butter reviews...then ordered plz believe me ....hahhahah...this product has been very helpful.....moisturizes the skin very well and keep it free from cracks and irritation.....texture is very light.....dosen't seem heavy or sweaty....I like it...
Kanishk Thakur | May 30, 2022
 Verified Purchase
Mamaearth nipple butter was purchased as a gift for my sister, who is a new mother. So, this Mamaearth nipple butter cream review is all from her side. She began using it after I told her that Mamaearth products are safe and natural. She has developed a taste for butter. In fact, she told me that she has begun using this butter on several areas of her skin and has noticed a positive difference.
Manavi Sethi | Apr 27, 2022
 Verified Purchase
In my first pregnancy.. I had no knowledge that even nipples may crack. I found mamaearth breast tightening cream on the internet one day and decided to give it a try; it worked like magic on my hurting nipples in less than a day! I have extremely sensitive nipples that become inflamed frequently; whenever I have inflamed nipples, I apply it and it heals in less than a day!! I give this product a thumbs up and wish I had heard about it sooner.
Rashmi | Apr 8, 2022
 Verified Purchase
I want to give this mamaearth nipple butter cream review and it is going to be honest...I started using this after my pregnancy and it helped me a lot....totally natural and free from toxins....healed me from so much pain..totally recommended to new mothers.
Nandhini | Mar 3, 2022
 Verified Purchase
Nice product...useful for new mom..
Reshma | Nov 27, 2021
 Verified Purchase
Very effective and good product
Reshma | Nov 19, 2021
 Verified Purchase
Excellent product ,price could have been little more pocket friendly considering the quantity.
Nandhini | Oct 26, 2021
 Verified Purchase
Very nice..excellent results...
Excellent result for cracked nipple. | Jul 3, 2021
 Verified Purchase
Very good result
Anandhi | Feb 20, 2021
 Verified Purchase
Good product
Raichu | Nov 2, 2020
 Verified Purchase
It is a verygood product. I m using it from last 4 months. Very helpful for cracked nipples.
Asha Gupta | Jul 31, 2020
 Verified Purchase
This nipple cream is really very good. It effectively helps heal sore and chapped nipples faster and also gives soothing effect to cracked nipples. Its totally organic and toxin free and effective.
teja ashwine | Jul 19, 2020
 Verified Purchase
I bought this by reading the reviews and rating since I have very bad cracks on my nipple. I m happy that the ingredients are 100% natural but disappointed with the cream texture. It was not creamy it was flowy like oil consistency. And the bottle is not tight enough to hold the cream. so within 2 weeks It got completely without using much all went on floors by dropping from the bottle.
Saloni Arora | Jul 12, 2020
 Verified Purchase
It helped me a lot in giving relief from sore , cracked and painful nipples.
kanika gupta | May 21, 2020
 Verified Purchase
A must have product for all the new moms.It helps heal cracked nipples faster and also very useful for sore nipples. Overall it is the best and natural product for sore and cracked nipples.
nadia kohli | Apr 23, 2020
 Verified Purchase
it works like magic. this is like vardaan for breastfeeding moms who gets crack & dry nipples. works superbly & effectively in day 1-2. plus safe for kids too. moms can use as lip balm as well.
dinobotmail | Feb 28, 2020
 Verified Purchase
Really great for breastfeeding mothers. I found it also helped my daughter's cradle cap and dry skin when gently rubbed on dry areas.
Pratharathi Palanisamy | Feb 28, 2020
 Verified Purchase
I bought mamaearth nipple butter to gift to my cousin who is a new mother. At first she was not sure as she has sensitive skin and never use any cosmetic item. But I assured her that mamaearth products are safe and natural and so she started using the nipple butter. Guess what! She loves the butter now. In fact she told me she has started using this butter for various areas on her skin and is seeing a good change. She thanked me for the gift and I am very happy I could help a new mother who is very close to my heart. Thank you mamaearth!
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1.The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
2.Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
3.In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
4.All images shown are for illustration purpose only, actual results may vary.
5.For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place.