Milky Soft Shampoo with Oats, Milk and Calendula for Babies - 400 ml

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Hi! I am Mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo for Babies. I know shampooing can be difficult with the little ones, so I am formulated especially for their delicate scalp and hair. Oats, Calendula, and Milk Protein will naturally balance your baby’s scalp ...Read More

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Results of Mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo

  • Mamaearth soft shampoo Gently Cleanses Hair

    Gently Cleanses Hair

    Splish splash, it’s your munchkin’s bath time. Cleanse your baby’s scalp and hair gently, keeping them healthy. Don’t worry about spill-ups either as the shampoo is tear-free. So, say goodbye to tears and say hello to clean and fresh-smelling hair.
  • Soft Shampoo Balances PH level

    Balances Scalp pH

    Flakey and itchy scalp don’t stand a chance with safe and gentle Milky Soft Shampoo! Oats, Milk and Calendula come together to nourish the scalp after every wash, leaving you with a happy baby who loves bath time.
  • Milk Shampoo Leaves Hair Soft & Smooth

    Leaves Hair Soft & Smooth

    Hair as soft as a feather and as smooth as silk! All thanks to the nourishing and conditioning natural ingredients present in the Milky Soft Shampoo. Say hello to your baby’s healthy, bouncy and silky hair.

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  • Oats for hair growth
    Oats: It conditions hair and moisturizes it, making it soft and tangle-free.
  • Soft Shampoo for hair growth with Calendula
    Calendula: It improves scalp conditions and hydrates it. With its regenerative properties, it helps hair grow thicker and longer./span>
  • Safest Baby Shampoo with Milk Prottein
    Milk Protein: Proteins and lipids in milk work to strengthen hair, while Calcium promotes hair growth. It also keeps hair soft and shiny.
  • Baby shampoo with Citric Acid
    Citric Acid: It works as an exfoliant and promotes a healthy scalp. It also soothes itchiness on the scalp and stimulates hair growth.


  • Will This Shampoo Help Treat Baby Dandruff?

Yes, baby dandruff is common and can be cured by providing the right kind of nourishment to the scalp and hair. Mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients that help cure baby dandruff.

  • Is This Shampoo Safe to Use on My Newborn?

Yes, Mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo is Australian Made Safe Certified and Certified Toxin-Free. It is a tear-free formula that is also Allergy Certified, meaning it is safe to use on your newborn.

  • What If The Shampoo Goes Into The Baby’s Eyes?

Don’t worry, Mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo is a tear-free formula and will not harm or irritate your baby’s eyes.

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Sivasankari | Dec 14, 2021
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This is an amazing product I love the brand and its chemical-free compositions of active ingredients
Shambhavi singh | Nov 26, 2021
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Highly recommended to everyone
Amilea | Oct 12, 2021
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Everyone should have it lovely
Priti tyagi | Oct 2, 2021
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Excellent product
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1.The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
2.Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
3.In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
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