ME Aqua Eau De Parfum For a Wave Of Freshness - 50 ml

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Meneka GoswamiMar 24, 2023
Verified User
The natural fragrance is crisp yet fresh and toxin-free. I love how gently this Aqua Eau Parfum goes on the skin. It instantly uplifts your mood with its cool marine vibes and beachy fragrance, you can buy this aqua parfume without any second thoughts
Ambika ShreeMar 24, 2023
Verified User
One of the best Eau De Perfumes I have got my hands on. It beautifully captures the essence of the calmness and delight of the sea, this must-try Aqua Parfum elevates your smell and energizes your mood
Naitik nadiadwalaMar 24, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth Aqua Perfume for women and men is one of the most elite fragrances you can wear on any occasion, the freshness it carries will remind you of the beach or sea breezes
Dheeraj guptaMar 24, 2023
Verified User
Anybody who likes aqua fragrances must own the Mamaearth Aqua Perfume, the scent is light and energizing, with a hint of maritime undertones. I enjoy that this scent is not overpowering and also stays all day, this aqua in perfume is perfect if you want to smell good and feel positive, anybody looking for a pleasant scent should check out this perfume
Rahul SethiMar 24, 2023
Verified User
I recommend this Aqua Perfume for men and women if you're searching for a pleasant smell, my go-to summer smell is the Mamaearth ME EDP Aqua. It has a touch of floral and citrus fragrances and is light and fresh. I adore how light it is while maintaining all-day wear, everyone who enjoys a fresh, crisp smell will appreciate this perfume
shristi sapanMar 24, 2023
Verified User
I'm in absolute love with this aqua fragrance! Anybody who likes crisp, clean scents will adore the ME Eau De Parfum Aqua, the fragrance lasts all day without harming the skin, as it is light and energizing, the day I started wearing this perfume, I got many compliments, and I enjoyed how adaptable it is to wear throughout the day or at night
Krishna Mohan PandeyJan 12, 2023
Verified User
One of the best aqua perfume for men. It has a fruity and refreshing scent that stays the whole day long. I also got many compliments for it.
Rahul AroraJan 12, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth Eau De Parfum Aqua lasts long enough, and the smell lingers for 10 hours. The smell is irresistible and appropriate as it freshens you. Best buy to date.