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Onion Shampoo with Onion and Plant Keratin for Hair Fall Control - 250ml

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Rishab JainSep 7, 2023
Verified User
After just a couple uses, my hair felt soooo much softer and smoother. Like I can't even believe how hydrated it feels now! The onion extract in this must seriously help seal in moisture or something. Cuz now my hair actually air dries nice and sleek instead of a frizzy poofball like before! Don't be afraid of funky ingredients - this onion shampoo has been an absolute game changer for my damaged hair! and also it is free from all the harmful chemicals so it does not harm your hairs
Sidra RahmanSep 7, 2023
Verified User
Okkk so I've literally always had the driest, frizziest hair ever that never grew past my shoulders before splitting off. It was so damaged! I was thisclose to just chopping it all off into a pixie cut before my hairstylist begged me to try this onion hair shampoo first to see if it could help nourish my parched strands. I totally thought she was crazy suggesting onion lol! But let me tell youuuu, I'm so glad I listened to her because this shampoo has done wonders for my hair!
Rajat KumarSep 7, 2023
Verified User
I've always hadddd the thinnest, limpest hair ever that legit falls out by the handful no matter what I've tried! I was so desperate for anything to help with the shedding and add some thickness. My friend actually told me to look for shampoos with onion extract that can help with growth and loss. I'll admit I was super skeptical about using an onion shampoo at first lmao. Sounded weird AF. But let me tell you, I'm so glad I ended up going for it cuz this stuff has worked magic on my hair! I've been using this onion shampoo just a few times a week and swear I'm losing soooo much less hair now when I wash and brush! My hair overall looks and feels way thicker and healthier too. Something about the onion in this helps thicken up strands! And the smell totally goes away after rinsing don't worry lol. So if your dealing with thinning limp hair def give this onion shampoo a go! I'm never going back to anything else now.
Jagguu RajSep 7, 2023
Verified User
I've been applying just a few drops of the onion hair serum onto my scalp and roots before bed, then washing it out in the morning. After just using it a couple times a week for about a month, I swear I'm losing sooo much less hair in the shower now when I wash! Its amazing! My hair overall feels thicker and looks way more voluminous too. The onion scent totally goes away after rinsing as well. I'm so happy I took a chance on this serum instead of just dismissing it for the onion. Its made a huge difference for my thinning hair! Would definitely recommend giving it a try if your dealing with shedding or limp locks like me. Just stick with it for a bit to see the results.
AjinderSep 6, 2023
Verified User
Best onion shampoo and best onion hair oil combination
SamikshaAug 31, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth's onion hair shampoo is amazing amazing best results its been almost 2 years m using the same and happy with the product quality and results
TejJul 19, 2023
Verified User
I've been struggling with hair thinning for some time and I was desperate to find a solution. After hearing about the benefits of Onion Shampoo for promoting hair growth I decided to give it a shot. I'm thrilled with the results. Not only has my hair become thicker and fuller, but it also feels much stronger. I love that this shampoo contains natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals.
Megha Garg Jun 30, 2023
Verified User
Mamaearth onion shampoo is really good and effective....this shampoo is really good for the one facing excess hairfall and have damage hairs i would recommend this shampoo to them....This is my honest mamaearth onion shampoo review...bcz this has helped me alot