Honey Malai Face Wash with Honey & Malai For Nourishing Glow - 100 ml

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Deepak jaiswal Jan 4, 2024
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This fact wash is loving
omkar ranjanJul 3, 2023
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Good product ,ekdm Lena bhai .Dil khush ho jaega .
Subhra NathMar 14, 2023
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After listening to so many Mamaearth Honey Malai Face Wash benefits from my friend, I decided to buy it. It works great. First, it doesn't create any patches on the skin or dry it out after cleansing. So, as a dry skin sufferer, I am completely satisfied with the formulation
Tanvi PatelMar 14, 2023
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I have been using this face wash of honey and malai for face, and the results are positive and noticeable. It showed great results on my dry skin as it did not cause any itchiness or flakiness during and after cleansing. This Face Wash with Honey and Malai is safe, gentle, and effective.
Yukta UpadhayaMar 14, 2023
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After reading Mamaearth Honey Malai Face Wash reviews, I decided to buy this cleanser home. Now, my husband and I prefer it for its toxin-free formulation. A very great skincare purchase in a long time. Great work, Mamaearth!
Joyeeta KrishnanMar 14, 2023
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It has been around four weeks since I started using this Mamaearth Malai Face Wash, and my skin has never looked this healthy. I recommend this amazing face wash for people with dry and irritated skin barriers.
Sujan AnandMar 14, 2023
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After using Mama earth Honey Malai Face Wash, I can see improvement in my skin texture. Best face wash so far for my not-so-perfect skin.
Kaweri SunandaMar 14, 2023
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This product is so nice