Root Restore Hair Oil for hair fall reduction, 100ml

Root Restore Hair Oil for hair fall reduction, 100ml

It is extremely important for the roots to be healthy in order to have good looking and healthy hair. Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil has a combination of the most efficient natural ingredients that will nourish your scalp and hair from root to tip. It has a therapeutic blend of 8 Herbal Oils which promotes scalp health and strengthens the hair roots. Rosemary Oil prevents premature hair greying and helps offer relief to dry scalp. Bhringraj Oil strengthens the roots while Vitamin E gives your hair a natural shine and reduces dryness. It is free from harmful chemicals like Mineral Oil, Alcohol, SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, Synthetic Colors & Artificial Fragrances.

Results of Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil

  • Helps Strengthen Hair Roots

    The unique herbal blend of Essential Oils can help reduce hair thinning, prevent split-ends and provide natural shine and luster while increasing the strength of hair roots.
  • Deeply Nourishes

    It deeply nourishes hair from root to tip. This blend of Essential Oils stimulates the scalp and hair follicles while increasing blood circulation.
  • Helps Revitalize Hair

    It is specially formulated to effectively reduce thinning & damage while promoting texture, softness, manageability, & shine to hair.

Key Ingredients

  • Bhringraj Oil : It aids in blood circulation which promotes hair growth, and prevents hair fall. It works as a natural conditioner for your tresses because of its moisturizing properties.
  • Rosemary Oil : It works great to restore scalp moisture, stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin E : The natural anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin E help make the hair and scalp healthy.

How to Use

  • Step 1 : Apply oil on the scalp
  • Step 2 : Massage the scalp gently in a circular motion
  • Step 3 : Use fingertips to let your scalp completely absorb the oil
  • Step 4 : Leave for 30 minutes before washing

Who Can Use Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil for Hair Fall Reduction?

  • Men & Women above 15 years of age
  • Those with dry, damaged, colored & chemically treated hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

Why Is Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil for Hair Fall Reduction Better Than Other Options Available in the Market?

    • Deeply Nourishes Hair
    • Strengthens the Hair Roots
    • Adds Shine to Hair
    • Does Not Nourish Enough
    • Does Not Make the Roots Strong
    • Does Work on Damaged Hair

Ingredients List

Ingredient Type Where Is It From? How It Helps?
Coconut Oil Natural Coconuts Stimulates Hair Growth
Almond Oil Natural Almonds Nourishes & Strengthens Hair
Olive Oil Natural Olives Moisturizing Agent
Orange Oil Natural Orange Peel Moisturizing Agent
Rosemary Oil Natural Leaves of Rosemary Plant Stimulates Hair Growth
Palmarosa Oil Natural Stem of Palmarosa Reduces Hair Loss
Evening Primrose Oil Natural Seeds Of The Evening Primrose Plant Reduces Inflammation
Jojoba Oil Natural Jojoba Plant Moisturizing Agent
Cinnamon Bark Oil Natural Barks of Cinnamon Tree Stimulates Hair Growth
Bhringraj Oil Natural Leaves of Bhringraj Plant Stimulates Blood Circulation To The Scalp
Vitamin E Natural Plant-based Antioxidant


How Often It Should Be Used?

It is recommended to be used at least twice a week.

Do I Need to Use A Shampoo To Wash It Off?

It is recommended to use a Sulfate-free Shampoo to wash it off. You can use Mamaearth Happy Heads Shampoo for better results.


1.The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
2.Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
3.In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
4.All images shown are for illustration purpose only, actual results may vary.
5.For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place.

Rating and Reviews

Hairfall reduced
Very good oil it's work
It's very nice and best oil

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