Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt for Relaxation and Pain Relief - 200 g

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Relax and soothe your skin with Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt. Soak yourself in warm water, pour some Epsom Bath salt, and let your mind enter a meditative state as you unwind from tiredness, aches, and pains.
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Hurry! Only 17 Units Left in Stock!

Results of Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt

  • mamaearth epsom bath salt for relaxes muscles

    Relaxes Muscles

    Magnesium in the Epsom Bath Salt helps relax muscles and nerves by reducing inflammation.
  • epsom salt bath for reduces body pain

    Reduces Body Pain

    Known for its amazing therapeutic qualities, Epsom Bath Salt can help relieve muscle aches and pains of an expecting mother, leading to improved sleep and concentration.
  • epsom salt bath eliminates

    Eliminates Toxins

    Epsom Bath Sath mixed in bathwater triggers reverse osmosis, which flushes harmful toxins out of the body and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Key Ingredients

How To Use

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Why Mamaearth

Ingredients List

  • salt to relax muscles with magnesium
    Magnesium : Helps in reducing all kinds of body pain and reducing inflammation thus easing the muscles.
  • salt to relax muscles with Detoxifying Sulphates
    Detoxifying Sulphates : Detoxifies the body while easing muscle pain and helping the body eliminate harmful substances.
  • epsom salt bath  with lavender oil
    Lavender Oil : The anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender Oil make it great for soothing and healing the skin.


What are benefits of epsom salt bath?

Epsom salt bath replenishes the levels of magnesium and sulfate in the body, leading to reduced body pain. The amalgamation of lavender and sweet almond oil keeps your skin moisturized and nourished, even in harsh winters. Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt eliminates pain and toxins from your body and helps you rejuvenate.

Is Mamaearth Epsom Salt Bath good for relaxation and pain relief?

The Mamaearth Epsom Salt to relax muscles and aid in pain relief, formulated with lavender essential oil, the scent alone will calm your senses and bring peace to both your mind and body.

What does putting Epsom salt in your bath do?

When Mamaearth bath salts are added to your bath, it relaxes muscles, reduces body pain, and eliminates toxins.

Can I take an epsom salt bath while pregnant?

Yes, Mamaearth epsom bath salt can be used when pregnant. It is a pain relief bath salt that relaxes muscles and swollen feet.

Is mamaearth epsom bath salt dermatologically tested?

Yes, Mamaearth Epsome Bath Salt is dermatologically tested.

Is epsom salt bath safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Mamaearth Epsom Salt Bath is safe to be used during pregnancy.

Is Epsom Bath Salt Safe To Be Used?

Yes, it is entirely safe for everyone. However, while dipping in a hot tub, make sure you don’t swallow any water mixed with the bath salt.

How Often Should I Use It?

There is no downside to taking a warm bath with Epsom Bath Salt, although it’s important to check with your doctor first if you have low blood pressure.

As a Man, Can I Use It After Workouts?

Yes, absolutely, you can.

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Nice | Apr 4, 2021
 Verified Purchase
Yohan | Feb 24, 2021
 Verified Purchase
For skin and mind relaxation mamaearth Bath salts is the best buy. You must try it, the lavender smells divine.
Sunaina | Feb 24, 2021
 Verified Purchase
I used to go to the gym and I used Epsom bath salt for relaxing muscles. Once I got pregnant, I used it to reduce body pain. The best buy from mamaearth so far for me.
Ruchika | Feb 24, 2021
 Verified Purchase
After a long day at work I just draw a bath with mamaearth Epsom bath salt for it eliminates toxins and relaxes my mind so much.
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1.The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
2.Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
3.In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
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